Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not truly a Jerry band

Here's one of those shows where I barely have a clue what to say about it. This is the debut of Reconstruction here on Inspiration, Move Me Brightly. This is one Garcia band that I don't listen to that much. Compared to knowing dozens and dozens of Jerry songs so well, some of these I barely know at all. Still great music!

April 8, 1979 -- Reconstruction

Cotati Cabaret
Cotati, California
Jerry Garcia (1979? - photographer unknown)

1st Set: What You Won't Do For Love, Soul Roach,
Lovely Night For Dancing, Another Star, It's No Use

Set 2: I Just Want To Stop, Lyinda, Do I Move You?,
Strugglin' Man, Make It Better, Long Train Running

For anyone who doesn't know, this wasn't intended to be a band that Jerry was going to be a part of. Supposedly the guy who started the band is John Kahn as something to do when he wasn't on the road with the Jerry Garcia Band. John got together with Merl and include some horns and they've got this jazzy funk kinda thing goin'. Jerry's place in the band? Well, he's not even truly the leader, no way. He's like a poor man's Bob Weir at times. I have no idea what that means and no disrespect to Bobby but Jerry just sits back and plays what could be considered rhythm to all of the other music that's being played here. At times his guitar is barely audible and that's even with this outstanding soundboard recording. Horns and keys play a much more important role than Jerry's guitar. Seriously. Drums even do. Even when Jerry is on a sweet, sweet roll, the other music is so up front and in your face while Jer is just part of it and again, not even that important. Finally for the last song of the first set we get Jerry on vocals for It's No Use. This one strays from the main jazzy funky feel and bends a little towards the blues. Jerry is so right at home here and he wails more than he has all night so far.

The first song of the second set is a bit... adult contemporary sounding but Jerry adds a sweet solo during Lyinda that helps make that tune so nice. More good Garcia greets us with Strugglin' Man. This is only the fifth time Jerry had played this song. It went into hibernation during the 80's and when it returned in 1990 it definitely got better than this very early version. Still not a bad listen because once again Jerry has the spotlight and those moments are few and far between for this show.

Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
Ed Neumeister - trombone
Ron Stallings - tenor saxophone, vocals
Gaylord Birch - drums

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Source: shnid=9608 Audio Quality: SBD
Lineage: Soundboard Master Reel PCM DAT CD SHN
4/8/79 - Reconstruction - 1st Set
Set Two - Reconstruction - 4/8/79
4-8-79 aka 04-08-79 aka 4/08/79 aka 04/08/79 aka 79-04-08 Cotati


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