Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everyone's a Captain Kirk on Electric Avenue

Sugarmag and I, over on her blog, did a meme last night called Unconscious Mutterings... it's a Word Association thing we try to do every Sunday and one of the words was...

Electric ::

Mucho classico!!! I remember that from way way back in the earliest days of MTV, yeah, back when they actually used to play videos!!!!

After seeing that vid on Youtube, I happened to see another classic...

Please, if you wish, have a look at the German version:

Here's a cool Updated Version from 2002...

Wanna see a live version from Nena? Click here.

I love German New Wave!! Well, at least this song.

Man, these are like two of the greatest songs ever!! Stoopid Youtube... I should be sleeping, instead I'm spending like an hour checking out old videos. Good stuff, though!


Anonymous said...

Hey Zooma, are you at all familiar with a German band from the '80s that went by the name of Spliff? Apparently they were Nina Hagen's backing band and resigned en masse to play together, and they did this hilariously cynical project called The Spliff Radio Show, all about how the rock'n'roll industry packages dreams for the market and screws them up. It's nothing like the innocent tragedy of 99 Luftballons, but the live YouTube reminded me, and I thought I'd mention it to you (since I'm an occasional reader who never leaves comments, and I owe you). Cheers!

Zoooma!! said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, whoever you be. Nope, I haven't heard of Spliff. Only thing I know about German New Wave is 99 Red Balloons. I'm more of a British New Wave guy (outside of the Grateful Dead.)

The rock 'n' roll industry packages dreams and screws them up? Nooooooooo, certainly that's not true. Hollywood does that? Noooooooo. LOL. Sometimes, though, artists can make a comeback as Nena did in Germany in 2002... and I think that one song I put up a video for sounds GREAT! Made me want to buy and listen to a German-language CD. Then again, part of the reason why is my girlfriend has close connection to Germany otherwise I might not be leaning towards listening to German-singing Nena.

Anyway, thanks again, see ya!

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