Thursday, April 16, 2009

Springtime on Market

Man, I loved JGB shows at The Warfield. That was such a long friggin' drive for me from Salt Lake City to San Francisco but so worth it every time I made the journey across the desert and over the mountains. Friends and I did that a good couple dozen or more times to see Jerry in SF or the GD in Oakland or at Shoreline or Cal Expo. So many miles, So Many Roads, so much great music. Sometimes I really miss those days. It's always in a parking lot, of like a grocery store, in the morning or evening, when that feeling sweeps over me, that feeling of being in a different place, or wanting to be, on a road trip seeing Jerry or the Grateful Dead, traveling somewhere in America, a stop for food in some random strip mall where there's a grocery store, maybe grab a bite at a nearby Burger King or Wendy's before heading out of town. I don't like being stationary. Four years in Alaska was fine for me, my butt parked in one place for the most part. Content I was. But now that I've returned to the Lower 48, I'm itching to go... anywhere. State park campgrounds, National Forest campgrounds, the occasional KOA, the couch of a fellow Deadhead met at a show... the road. I can't imagine living a life any other way than how I did. So many miles. So many roads. So much good music. And America! Oh, and Jerry!

Jerry Garcia Band - Cats Under The Stars logo emblem dealie

Jerry Garcia Band -- April 14, 1990

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

1st Set: Cats Under The Stars, Mission In The Rain,
Forever Young, That's What Love Will Make You Do,
Knockin' On Heaven's Door, My Sisters And Brothers

Set 2: I Second That Emotion, Dear Prudence,
Mississippi Moon, Waiting For A Miracle,
Tore Up Over You, Russian Lullaby, Tangled Up In Blue

A decent show. Jerry's into it vocally and hitting some heights here and there that put a charge into the crowd. At times, Melvin soars on keys, playing an amazing lead while Jerry plays perfect rhythm to accompany him. Jer's lead guitar is smooth throughout and he certainly has a few of those extra special moments when he lights it up, particularly in Dear Prudence.

The recording isn't the hottest. It's a little crowdy at times and the vocals are a little distant. There seems to be little bass and the keys are only prominent when Melvin's playing picks up the pace. Jerry's guitar seems to be fairly loud and clear the whole time, though. It's decent and listenable. And we should be thankful for this 'cause it quite possibly could've been confiscated -- after Mississippi Moon, you can hear the taper being asked if he's taping! Soooo close. Whew! And the next song? Waiting For a Miracle! HAA!! Tore Up after that SMOKES. Maybe the highlight of the show for me. So good!

Tangled to close is a great way to end a night of Jerry, especially at The Warfield. I'm not blown away from this show but definitely thoroughly satisfied.

Jerry Garcia Band wrinkled ticket for 4/14/90 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco [borrowed from]

Source: Audience> DAT Master
(Nak 700s by Bill Reutelheuber)
> DAT>

Audio Quality:
Jerry Garcia Band 4/14/90

as of April 16, 200
9, there's
still NO Garcia at The Archive.

4-14-90 aka 04-14-90 aka 4/14/90 aka 04/14/90 aka 90-04-14

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Hey Zooma,

I just have to say thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog.

I've been checking out the Dead from last night, while stepping back in time d/l this sweet Jerry show.

Thanks. You've put a great smile on my face as always.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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