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"Kick out that politic bullshit"


Grateful Dead 4/13/71 Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, PA - SBD (soundboard) Download (320 kbps) and setlist (of course.) (Bertha Skull & Roses dealie)Grateful Dead -- April 13, 1971
Catholic Youth Center
Scranton, Pennsylvania

1st Set: Casey Jones, Mama Tried, Loser, Big Boss Man,
Me & Bobby McGee, Bertha, Cumberland Blues, Big Railroad Blues,
Playing In The Band, Hard To Handle, Sugar Magnolia

Set 2: Truckin' Drums Good Lovin', I Second That Emotion,
Greatest Story Ever Told
Johnny B. Goode, Uncle John's Band

This is something sweet. Sound quality is mostly excellent, sometimes right on perfect... but it fluctuates a little here and there with the minorest of distortion at times. But seriously, for the most part, this is freakin' sweet!

The mix is wicked Phil heavy which will please a lot of people. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems like Bobby McGee is where that starts so wait for it. Five Pennsylvania shows in six days and this is the middle show.
You can definitely tell the boys are havin' some fun and playin' so well. Phil's bass is outstanding and helps turn some of these tunes from great to required listening. Hard To Handle for one and here he is again matching Jerry during Good Lovin'. Man, the guy is on fire. And the rhythm work from Weir throughout ain't bad either, especially on Good Lovin'. Holy moly. Inside of 3½ minutes and I'm blown away by how awesome they are playing. That's gotta be one of my highlights of the show. The other highlight would be the 2nd performance by the Grateful Dead of I Second That Emotion. They would only do this song 8 times and all in April of 1971. Of course Jerry played it over 200 times from July of '72 until 1994 but hearing Phil's bass here with the GD is so nice for this tune. Mmm!

The second set's a little short and I think the entire show itself barely cracks the two-hour mark. There's very little spaceyness here, not even a whole lot of jamming. A show, though, doesn't have to be a marathon jam-fest to be outstanding and for my money, this one sure is... and blessed by The Pope, too?

ARCHIVE HEADPHONESGD 4/13/71 @ the Internet Archive
the SBD for Listening Only
Download The Show Here

Audio Quality: Source: shnid=32077 (Bertha Remaster)
GD: 4/13/71 - Part 1Part 2 GD: 4/13/71
Part Three - 4/13/71 - Scranton
4-13-71 aka 04-13-71 aka 4/13/71 aka 04/13/71 aka 04-13-71 Scranton, Penn


Anonymous said...

Thank you many times over Zooma!

This is indeed a great show in its own way. The "Good Lovin'" alone is stellar and the entire show has wonderful energy. One thing I love about 1971 is how the band rebounds from the loss of Mickey - it's like they heal up by rediscovering themselves through good old rock and roll (Dead-style of course.) Then later in the fall they pick up Keith and slowly move back toward deep exploration again.

Another great thing about this show is how much fun is in the music. It's hard to listen to this concert (particularly Phil's playing) without imagining the band really enjoying themselves.

Sandwiched between two awe-inspiring years 1971 sometimes doesn't always get it's fair share of respect (kind of like the Dead at Monterey stuck between the Who and Hendrix.) But I'll always have a fondness for this period.

Much love for the posting,


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sean said...

thanks for the music

Ron H. said...

Thanks Zoooma!

I raise a cup of T.E.A to you!

Ron H.

Adam said...

Nice choice Zoooma! How can you go wrong with ANY Good Lovin' in April '71. While this version is not as well known as the "Brooklyn Bridge" version on 4/17, it's another fantastic example of just how hot Pig and the band are during this tour. And this show is pretty darn unknown (no list/tape in The Compendium and there is only a date listed in Deadbase IX). I always love to get new stuff, and this is just "the touch I like!" Thanks Zoooma!

Anonymous said...

hey good choice this...71 gets a bad rap from some folks cause there ain't so much jamming but the quality of playing is supreme and delux...pristine...they were getting off on all the songs at their command and there was so much great new stuff...thanks dude this made my day...a vodka shot in your general direction...good work!

Anonymous said...

once again another out-standing show, THANKS.this show SMOKES,and too the one's who dont leave a comment,shame on you all.
this guy Zooma is doing this out of the love of the music,so leave a comment if you take it.

the guy from INCY,IN.

Johnny Fever said...

Looking forward to checking out this show...looks fantastic! As always, thanks for the killer tunes, Zooma.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great music from a tiny venue in NE PA

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated