Friday, April 17, 2009

Who needs Hendrix?


Señor said...

Who needs Hendrix?

Me me me me me!

Anonymous said...

Jimi Hendrix had more talent in his big toe's than Ted Nugent will EVER have.Ted Nugent is a ignorant,arrogant person.
Michigan is now a better state with out him,Texas can have the RED-NECK.
the guy from INDY,IN

Hans-Joachim said...

Thanks Anonymous - you took the words right out of my mouth! Don´t watch this f***ng stuff.

Jerome said...

The Nuge is a patriot beyond measure. He believes in THE CONSTITUTION. Ignorant and arrogant? Nice of you to give examples.

And while it might be YOUR OPINION that Hendrix has more talent (I probably agree with you) you still CANNOT deny that this is an AMAZING version of our national anthem.

And how left wing CLOSE-minded of you to say that just because you dislike Ted Nugent then you can't watch this video.

Sugarmag said...

Hey Senor, agreed for sure. Hendrix is amazing. But hey Guy from Indy and Hans Joachim, I have not listened to much (actually really any except for this video) Ted Nugent but I thought the guitar playing in the video was pretty good. If you don't watch the video, how will you know if it's good or not? Open your mind.

I am not really aware of Ted's politics, I guess he is a wingnut? I am not a wingnut (I used to be a leftist but I have decided that extremists on either end of the political spectrum are the same-totalitarian-extremes scare me) but I can watch the video and listen to the song and appreciate it on it's on merit. Agree with his politics or don't but maybe you can leave that stuff behind and judge his guitar playing on it's own merit? Well, it's up to you. Whatever. Peace

Dogstarz said...

I prefer Jimi's Star-Spangled. Not that The Nuge's wasn't good. It was actually a lot better than I remember him being (Damn Yankees his short lived supergroup). As for the politics of The Nuge interfering in listenin or watching something is lame. If I did that I would only stay in my house and never talk to anyone, all because I might run into someone I disagreed with. Grow up already and listen to some sweet guitar.

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