Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Goin' WAY Back In The Time Machine For This Gem!

Intro, intro, intro. No intro. Slow-speed uploading... man, for like 300 MB of Dead, that's almost a day's worth of uploading. Serious. But I do it. Why? A) I'm insane. and B) There's people out there who are lookin' for this stuff. C) Do I really need a reason? D) Hey, am I buggin' you?! Didn't mean to bug ya. Okay, Jerry, play the Blues...

Wait... I got off track there. 300 MB -- huge ass upload with slow speed terrapin crawlin' internet... but then there are the simpler things... like this. And just 'cause it was a rather quick upload, that doesn't mean it's any less cool than anything else. Hell, to me, this is just another beautiful piece o' the puzzle that makes up this whole wacky thing we like to call... uhhh, what do we like to call it?! The world of the Grateful Dead... and family... or something like that. Sure. Whatever. Hey, I have a freakin' idea -- I'll shut the darn heck up now and allow this dealie to proceed... but proceed with Caution... and Do Not Stop On The Tracks 'cause, well, we all know what happens when that happens, right? Mighty Casey Jones and that Monkey sittin' on the stool ... crazy things could happen,
I'm tellin' ya.

Chris -- SHUT UP!


The Warlocks (The Grateful Dead) in 1965 by Herb Greene
The Warlocks

before they were
The Grateful Dead

November 3, 1965

Golden State Recorders,
San Francisco, California

Can't Come Down
Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)
The Only Time Is Now
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)
I Know You Rider
Early Morning Rain

Autumn Records demo

Seriously... I really don't have anything to say about this. It's just... whew. I mean, since this is basically the start of it all (as far as recordings go,) there's nothing to really compare this to. It's ages upon ages away from 30 minute Dark Stars and Touch Of Grey. Half the time it's not even clear who's singing because the voices are... man, barely out of puberty it seems. That's an exaggeration but... it's just different! There are some shades here of what's to come with the Dead ... but just a whole 'nother universe almost. Still, a groovy little listen; I can so very easily just let these songs run on Shuffle/Repeat for hours.

It should probably be noted that, while they were The Warlocks, apparently Phil signed the band into the studio as "Emergency Crew" because of another band with the Warlocks name. Something like that, I forget the exact details. And also this demo didn't even get them signed. I guess, in a way, this music was a failure?

Hardly a failure. An interesting bunch of tunes, that's for sure. They weren't even the Grateful Dead yet and it would be another month before their first gig with the GD name. Hadn't even played The Fillmore yet... Saturday Night Live was nowhere on the horizon... but I guess before you get to do a 9-show run at The Garden, ya gotta start somewhere!!

Source: Master Soundboard Reels>???>DAT>CD

Sound Quality: because of the historical value,
it really doesn't matter... but it's a good solid A

11/3/65 at Archive.org:
the soundboard for listening only.

The Warlocks 11/5/65 - Autumn Records demo
11-5-65 aka 11-05-65 aka 11/5/65 aka 11/05/65 aka 65-11-05 320 kbps mp3 download and setlist
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Sonorakat said...

Thanks for putting this up! I'd heard OF this but actually never heard it. The comments posted at archive.org were worth the price of admission. Excellent work, Inspiration.

Sugarmag said...

Cool, thanks :-)!

rundangerously said...

okay, w/out trying to hijack this post - thought you might get a kick out of these opening day photos from shea:




Anonymous said...

Have to say a BIG THANX for this. Haven't heard "can't come down" for years. You just made Illinois a little brighter!! Thanx again Warlock

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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