Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snowy Mutterings For Chuck

Holy snowfall, Frosty! It snowed almost all day yesterday... must've snowed all night long. Just woke up and this morning it's 19° (-7° C) outside and totally beautifully overcast; a light but steady snowfall still coming down. Is it April or is it December?
2 or 3 inches out there. Such a quiet and peaceful Spring morning. Spring?

Well, that excitement is short-lived...

Charlton Heston - National Rifle Association

I just heard about
Charlton Heston passing away.

It was inevitable, of course, but now a true legend is gone.

Charlton Heston as Ben Hur
Turner Classic Movies, I'm sure, will run a marathon in a week or so and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they gave it royal attention as Heston was truly one of the greatest actors to ever appear on the silver screen. No one today has the presence that he did -- not Clooney, not Harrison Ford, no one. There are great actors in the 21st Century but Heston was different. There were a handful or two from the 30s through the 50s and 60s who I am absolutely mesmerized by. Certain stars -- Heston, Lancaster, Henry Fonda, Gable, Spencer Tracy, Gary Cooper and some others -- I can't take my eyes off them when watching a film they starred in. Obviously, since I'm a man, I'd rather have my eyes on a beautiful woman... but these actors, they just have an amazing presence that can totally draw a person in... and sometimes I've got to remind myself to pay attention to the rest of the movie!

Some films of today can be great works of cinematic art, but I think to truly see acting in some of it's most genuine form, watch almost anything with this great man.

He already had been missed but now He's Gone. As the music of Jerry Garcia will timelessly live on, so will the magnificent films of Charlton Heston!


from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say... and you think ... ?

1. Nutritious :: healthy ... but isn't unhealthy food so much better to eat? Who wants to take the time to prepare nutritious, healthy meals from fresh foods that won't harm you?!? Not many people, sadly. But I do. Nope, I ain't gonna be a burden to America's healthcare system. Then again... if we elect a Democrat president who will raise our taxes to put into place a stoopid socialized healthcare system where we all pay for everyone else's medical bills, then I'm gonna figure out a way to quit work, become a lazy slob who eats junk food all day, every day, I'll get diabetes... and I'll have everyone else pay for my medical bills... and I'll write a book about how I'm making money from my book while everyone paid for my diabetes. Yay.

2. Graduate :: movie with Dustin Hoffman

3. Tonight! :: Tonight! Tonight! ... song by Genesis from their ultra-successful album Invisible Touch in the mid 80's. I'd put up an mp3 to listen to or find a link from Rhapsody but I'm uploading some other music at the moment. So sorry.

4. Located :: area ... central Alaska, Long Beach Island (New Jersey,) White Mountains (New Hampshire,) Bergen County (New Jersey,) Bitterroot Valley (Montana) ... I'm in the first one, wouldn't mind being in any of the rest.

5. Weapon :: "stop using sex as a..." -- from an 80's song by Pat Benatar.

6. Jumper :: wasn't that the name of recent movie with... Christian Bale? I'm not sure but I'm guessing that it pretty much flopped at the box office. (I could look up a link but I'm not gonna for this one and you can't make me.)

7. Collectibles :: I wonder why people collect collectibles... I just don't get it. Is it a need to have something? Why not put your money towards helping children who will die of starvation while you read this? Or maybe towards cancer research? Or to help clean up pollution in a river or other natural place you enjoy? Question: wouldn't one of those things (or all 3) make more sense than having a roomfull of collectible dolls or cookie jars or something?!? Well, maybe I'm just a dumbass for thinking such a foolish thing -- help people?!? What am I thinking?!?!?!

click to go to the Network for Good website, find a charity, give!

8. Dennis :: The Menace ... movie with Walter Matthau.
Dennis The Menace (1993, with Walter Matthau) movie poster

9. Hostile :: situation ... how come so many liberals are so hostile towards a conservative viewpoint? (Rhetorical question.)

10. Vivid :: dreams ... i almost never have vivid remembrances of dreams, they generally vanish from my consciousness the moment I'm awake. Some people can remember many of their dreams vividly and even write then down in detail? Hmmm, they're either lying or their mind just works in a way mine doesn't, that's for sure.

Charlton Heston & President George W. Bush - Medal of Freedom honor

Charlton Heston & President George W. Bush - Medal of Freedom honor


Kwizgiver said...

I don't usually remember my dreams. I've never been interested in trying to interpret them, either.

Christy said...

My first thought was dreams for vivid as well. We had a few in common. Great minds!

Anonymous said...

Nice mutterings. I see we had a couple in common. And I agree about Charlton Heston - he was undeniably one of the greats. His presence on the screen will be missed.

Sam said...

Undeniably indeed. He will be missed.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated