Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Excess of 19 Minutes with INXS

MORE snow all night long, all of this morning, and into the afternoon. Man, yesterday twas suhhhhhhh-nny -- sunglasses all day for everyone, I'm sure. No one needs shades today... unless you just wanna look cool, that is. But you'd also look lame considering how wicked overcast it is. There are some serious snow clouds up there. It's not dumping but steadily lightly falling enough to, so far, in the past 12 hours, accumulate about an inch+. Ain't no sign of lettin' up either. Makes for some fun drivin'! And I've gotta say, snowstorms like this when it's 24° above zero (about -4° C) really ain't bad. When it's 24 below zero -- uhhh, that's a little crazy. But this is nice and even enjoyable.

Another night shift last night. That's okay, I volunteered for two weeks of 'em -- 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. with 36 hours off in between.

Went out to breakfast after my shift this morning... an immensely rare thing for me as it's just a waste of money when I can eat breakfast for a buck or two when cooking in my kitchen. Got some chores done and then finally at noon I hit the University for a run... had to work off all those friggin' calories and carbs from pancakes plus all the fat in the tons o' bacon I consumed. Mmmmmmm..... baaaaaa-con.

Now after my run and like 4 hours now since my shift was over, I'm wide awake but I need to be catching some Zzzzzzzz's instead of sleeping, you know, at night. Day = sleep. Night = awake for work. No work tonight but yes on work tomorrow night... so I've gotta stay on the same sleeping schedule. Oi!

The North Face trail running shoe -- good for use in the Appalachian Mountains ... but seriously, they are rather small compared to the Rocky Mountains ... Sierra Nevada are sweet, too.  Would definitely use 'em in the Alps, that's for sure.  One thing's for sure -- Jerry Garcia or Bob Weir or Phil Lesh or Blaise Compaoré probably never went running in Colombia, Paraguay, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Pyongyang, 평양 직할시 조선민주주의인민공화국 平壤直轄市 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國, Türkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Кыргызстан, Киргизия, Uzbekistan, O'zbekiston, Ўзбекистон Республикаси, Tajikistan, Тоҷикистон.  Probably the same with Brent Mydland.  At least that's my gut feeling.  I could be wrong.  I mean, there were a lot of drugs at Grateful Dead shows and the good Lord above, He knows I did my share!

Thursday Noontime Run: 19 minutes 1 second+3 sec
· indoors ·
XXXXXXXX+++++++ 36 sec +++++++XXXXXXXX
Run Time March:1 hour 15 minutes
March:3 hours57 minutes
February:3 hours11 minutes

4th run in 10 days. Good but bad. Good but not good enough. At least I decided to get there! Kinda feels like my drive to get runs in is down this month compared to last. Feelin' good though. I always feel good after running but I don't think I can even remember the last time I've had a bad run! That's a good thing! I love exclamation marks. (Even though I didn't use one there.) Anyway... lookin' forward to my next run, as I usually always am! I don't know why more people don't wanna be healthier... if they only knew the benefits and had the drive to actually do it. Too bad.

CD AND MUSIC NOTERunning tunes came
from my album of the day...

INXS: self-titled debut [cover] (1980)INXS

self-titled debut


On A Bus
Just Keep Walking
Learn To Smile
In Vain
Roller Skating
Body Language
Newsreel Babies
Wishy Washy
INXS band photo from inside the liner notes

It was all downhill after this for INXS! Well, maybe not really. Often a debut album is a band's best work and then anything that follows, even if it's great, can never really top that first collection of tunes. Not true for INXS but what is true about this album is -- man, it's different! Most people know Kick and X from the late 80's-early 90's: great albums those are, thought by many to be the best INXS ever got. This 1980 debut is so far away from that! Some tunes here have very much of a Ska sound along the lines of English bands Madness and The Specials from the same era. This early stuff is also a lot more New Wave than what INXS would later turn into. I wish I coulda been on the Sydney scene back then to see them in small pubs... what a difference than in front of 12,000 people in an American arena.

INXS - self titled debut [CD] (1980)dload @ 320 kbps
INXS: self-titled debut (1980)
mp3 download 320
INXS: self-titled debut [rear] (1980)

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