Wednesday, April 9, 2008

China Sucks, Volume 1

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Wayward Bill said...

Hello Chris,
The whole Tibetan situation sucks. Fortunately it comes at a time that the whole world is watching. I wrote the White House today requesting that His Highness not attend the upcoming Olympics. Got the usual bounce back stating the due to the amount of electronic mail that they didn't have time to respond. I am going to approach it a different way tomorrow. Condi Rice's office.
Have a grateful weekend!
Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,
Wayward Bill
Deadheads United

Zooomabooma said...

Heya Wayward Bill!

Ya know, I thought of going to China for the Olympics. I love the Winter Games but really don't care too much for the Summer Games... but I wasn't gonna be there for the events anyway -- I wanted to protest... but ya know, I don't think I wanna spend years in a forced labor camp (prison) in China.

****** anyway... PEN TO PAPER, 41¢ STAMP on an actual ENVELOPE.

E-mail sucks when it comes to reaching out to important people on important matters.

I hope W. doesn't go either. I support the athletes participating in events but if I was there as an athlete I'd skip the "ceremonies." China should not get any glory. Getting and hosting the games is MORE than about sports. When deciding on a place to host the Olympics according to the venues they can provide, there can be a separation of Sport & State ... but after that? No... not when matters are so heavy and involved like they are now.

I mentioned in a comment on someone's blog that if Canada was doing the torch relay for the Summer Games in their country -- no one would pay attention! Snoooozzzzzze.

But with China -- wow, real state-sponsored human suffering on a MASSIVE SCALE that expands from Beijing to Tibet to Burma to Darfur. That can't be ignored.

I'll cover this and more in some future China Sucks volumes... that's why this is #1, I've got more planned.

But my main point right here and now -- WRITE (or type & print and sign your name to) an ACTUAL LETTER the OLD-FASHIONED WAY!!!!!

E-mail can so easily get deleted at the reading of the Subject without ever opening it -- NEVER EVEN READ BY ANYONE!!!!

But an actual letter will get read. An actual letter, depending on how you voice your opinion, has a chance to not only be read by the President... it can even go to the Presidential Library someday. That might not be an honor to many but the point is -- One person's voice CAN make a difference... but not with an e-mail.

If one person has the power to make a difference -- imagine if 100,000 people sent a letter to say "Dear Mr. President, please don't go!"

What if a million people sent a letter?

Politicians and others in power (CEOs, etc) often do not do what The People want them to do ... but we MUST hope that they will.

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