Friday, April 11, 2008

Boil me up some crawfish, Emeril, it's a Big Easy Photo Hunt!

Just after 8:pm as I type this and I've got to go to work in a little while. Who works on a Friday night?!!? I'll let you in on a little secret -- people need medical care 24 hours a day. So be thankful I'm goin' to work!

But first I wanted to get this done. Why? I'm not sure why.
I just wanted to. OKAY?!?!?! [ha ha]

PhotoHunt is a good excuse for me to post something other than music/running. Photography's not a passion of mine but taking pictures is something that I used to casually enjoy. Kind of amazingly, these days I don't have a digital camera (yes, I'm behind the times ... sue me) and not having that many photographs from through the years, pickins are slim. Mayhaps one of these days I'll git me one of dem fancy electronic picture takin' machines and I'll be able to post some better shots. But it looks like I came up with something...
PhotoHuntthe theme for this week:

The stated rule for Photo Hunt is:
"Post a photo, on your site, that best represents the theme."

This was tough. Diggin' through what I've got from through the years I found a couple handfuls of shots from New Orleans. I absolutely do not remember taking this... then again I don't really remember taking any of my pictures... I remember being there but I don't remember this spot or the exact day. All I can say about it -- New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras time 1988.

Parole Manson -- that's twisted!

Parole Manson?
now that's Twisted

(all images below: click to see bigger, if you wish)

abandoned building somewhere in New Orleans with graffiti: Parole Manson
an abandoned building somewhere
in New Orleans, 1988

some more shots from that visit...

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, 1988Bourbon

and some
of the nightlife one can enjoy... or enjoy in the morning... or the afternoon...

a typically ornate balcony
in the

New Orleans 1988 -- balcony in the French Quarter

Creole Queen, another riverboat on the Mississippi River, New Orleans, 1988riverboat
on the

Saint Louis

taken from
St. Louis Cathedal, New Orleans -- from the Mississippi River, 1988

Since my mom is from New Orleans, and that's where her family lived,
twas a city I often visited. Guess I was kinda lucky.


Criz Lai said...

Wow... New Orleans is pretty impressive with all the interesting sights around. Parole Manson? Now that got my mind squeezed and twisted on how it should be spelled :P

Sarge Charlie said...

I like New Orleans, we are going there next October, I was there once in July and it was too hot.

Hootin' Anni said...

The mighty Mississippi definitely twists through the countryside!!

I'm Twisted! Drop by if you can. Happy Hunting.

John said...

Great post!

vw bug said...

Very cool pictures. And very twisted.

mike-floyd said...

Nice picts.
Been in New Orleans in 1987 and liked it very much, when travelling the States.

Cool blog by the way.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated