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City of Brotherly Love or Grateful Love?

Grateful Dead dancing bear [Inspiration, Move Me Brightly design 001]100Days---Day066--middle
setlist & soundboard mp3 download
Grateful Dead -- March 16, 1992
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3-16-92 a.k.a. 03/16/92 aka 92-03-16 - Philly
1st Set: Let The Good Times Roll, Franklin's Tower, Friend Of The Devil,
C.C. Rider-> It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry,
Black-Throated Wind, Ramble On Rose, Let It Grow

2nd Set: Corrina, Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain->
Estimated Prophet-> Drums// //Space-> The Other One->
All Along The Watchtower-> Morning Dew

Encore: Johnny B. Goode

Interestingly, the Audience source does this show some justice that I didn't fully get in the Soundboard. I'm not big on Auds but I generally don't mind them, especially now in the digital age when there aren't several cassette generations muddying the sound and also especially when a SBD isn't in circulation. But I've gotta say that I really appreciated the crowd's response here on this first night of three in Philly on the '92 Spring Tour. At times the Heads were so excited for the music, so thankful -- and you know this 'cause they roared their approval.

I got nothing from the LTGTR when listening to the soundboard but the Aud gave it the excitement of being at a Dead show and the opening song just makes you wanna dance.

Franklin's I dig a lot. It's not especially smokin' but it has a kind of nice jazzy feel to it. Nice touches by Bruce and Vince and Jerry feels free to play while the rest of the band plays around what he's doing until it's brought back down. Doesn't last too long but pretty groovy.

C.C. Rider -- sooooo nice. Bruce on piano is a highlight much like Vince's keys on Friend Of The Devil. The soundboard here is preferred but to be a part of the crowd at the seamless transition into Train To Cry -- mmmmmm. This was Jerry's first set Gold Star. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Thank you, Bob Dylan! But why, oh why, did this vanish from the Dead's repertoire? This would be the final time played for C.C. Rider and Train To Cry.

BT Wind -- holy cow. It might be rather brief but Bob works up quite a frenzy and the band follows. The first time I heard it was with the soundboard and it blew me away. The Aud is just as good only because of the crowd also getting worked up at the same time.

It's been awhile since I've heard a Ramble On Rose that was from a 90's Aud. Of course there's the ultimate "leader of the band" moment but even through seeing it probably dozens of times live, I'm not sure I ever realized what a crowd (sing-a-long) favorite it is/was. I'm also not so sure about Jerry playing with his MIDI here. But hey, if it gives him inspiration to be passionate and energetic, that's a good thing. A fine performance!

When I first heard Let It Grow on the soundboard, I wasn't too enthused. Subsequent listens have not given me much to shout about here. Some nice licks from Jerry, some nice tickling of the ivories from Bruce, Vince has a cool moment, too... but overall it's just okay and not exactly the wicked high I like to end the first set with.

Corrina, to begin Set 2, is an early version and still somewhat of an undesirable infant. There is fan appreciation, though; the song isn't totally despised. Scarlet is loved 10 times more. Lots of MIDI from Jer here, nice and solid but not sparkling.

Where things really get crankin' is in Estimated. Whew. An energetic jam, to be sure! And then there's a nice jammy, jazzy (thanks to Bruce) slide into Drums. Phil is also nicely noticeable here.

There's a significant cut not long into Drums but aside from that, this is a pretty good recording. A little low on the decibel level, very minor hiss during quiet moments, but not bad.

Space is very percussion-ish for awhile before we hear something that resembles what guitar and piano normally sound like. A judgment call needs to be made at the end. Does Space go into -> The Other One, The Other One Jam, or should it not even be noted? Clearly that's heard before changing course into Watchtower. Whatever ya wanna call it, Watchtower features, perhaps, the best-of-the-night of Jerry on guitar.
This is actually kind of mellow, like perfect for driving down the interstate in a driving rainstorm. Aside from brief spot of feedback, it's just gorgeous. Vince adds an interesting keyboard rhythm and when he stops Bruce takes over on piano... then back to Vince again. Lots of Phil here, as well, making this pretty cool. It winds down into a Dew that has a flubbed line or two but Jerry pumps plenty of emotion into it, both lyrically and musically, with picture perfect lead guitar that we know and love. Once again -- mmm.

Johnny B. Goode leaves everyone happy. Not a show that's gonna blow your mind but it's efficient enough and had some nice moments to it. Totally worth it.

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Stefan said... long as we're talking brotherly love, I have a sugestion for this site: more Dead, less politics. Can't we focus on what we have in common?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Philly Dead-Nick

Deadman said...

Stefan - EXACTLY the point that Zoooma and I try to make all the time.

FYI - when I first started blogging there were only two Dead-related blogs I could find. I slowly managed to add an extensive list to my blog as time went on and more of us took to blogging. But I was constantly amused buy the lack of reciprocity and sometimes downright animosity fellow Deadheads had for me because of my politics.

The gal who had one of those two original blogs is as far removed from me politically as is possible but she has become like a sister to me. She's abl;e to look at me from all sides, as I try to others.

I personally se no reason why politics can't be discussed respectfully, but even members of my own family, Dems all, refer to me as "stupid", and worse, for my political stance. It's really quite sad but rather them than me.

Deadman said...

So I give you my eyes, and all of their lies
Please help them to learn as well as to see
Capture a glance and make it a dance
Of looking at you looking at me.

And listen to the music play...

Zoooma!! said...

Nick -- you're welcome!

Stefan -- I wish I could do more Dead, less politics. From election day onward, for almost two weeks, I tried to play the part of the ignorant American. It didn't last. It couldn't last. That's not me.

I suppose I could just keep politics out of this blog but again, that's not me. This isn't just a music blog. It's not just a Dead blog. It's whatever I want it to be/it is what it is/it's organic, it's gonna go wherever it goes.

I'm an opinionated person who tries to make a diligent effort to know what's going on around me, around all of us. I'm also not timid, not scared to open my big, fat mouth about any of it. If someone comes here just for music and can't tolerate the politics, that's their problem. If they don't want to see politics from time to time, they shouldn't ever come here. But if they do come here then perhaps we can still focus on what we do have in common.

To all the rest, and Deadman knows this so well -- fuck 'em!

To those who can be respectful and tolerant -- Let's just listen to the music play!

Stefan said...

Here's my suggestion: start a different blog for your political opinions. GD and politics don't mix.
As far this site goes, I don't need to know anyone's politics or read their arguments. I'd rather spend my time reading politics on NYT and Huffingtonpost and looking for Dead shows elsewhere.
Thanks for the music and try to be open minded about Obama.

Sugarmag said...

Hey now Stefan, thanks for stopping by and commenting. The thing about this blog is that it is a personal blog that has music on it. People can come around or not, and if they do not like the politics they can ignore that part if they want. I generally don't agree with Zoooma's politics, for me it's just a sex thing;). Well,,, and we both like The Dead so there's that.

Deadman said...

"try to be open minded about Obama."

Try to be open minded about the fact that some people need killing.

It cuts both ways...

Stefan said...

Ok, I was going to be civil. I was going to stop visiting the site, but I checked back on my comment.
Deadman, 2:03 pm: "I personally se no reason why politics can't be discussed respectfully.."
Deadman, 9:23 pm: "Try to be open minded about the fact that some people need killing."

Ok; this brilliant commentary speaks for itself, I don't need to ever come back to this sad little corner of the Dead world.
Forget what I said earlier about being open minded-just continue to be assholes. It suits you.

Timmy said...

Hmmmm, well, now! I don't usually get in between such an outpouring of arguing, BUT, I can't resist this one. Stephan, try telling The Good Old Grateful Dead survivors about not getting politics involved with thier OWN music. And, Zoomer, I guess I can only say, who cares what others say, it's YOUR blog, right?

Deadman said...

Yeah, trying to see how my comment was disrespectful.

All I mean is that "peace at any cost" people need to get a little more open-minded about the fact that some people don't WANT peace. But again, what the fuck ever.

If it isn't your way, it';s wrong, blah, blah, blah.

Screw you Stefan.

Sorry Zoooma, these people are assholes.

Zoooma!! said...

New York Times and Huffington Post -- now there's some good non-biased opinion. HAHAHAHA! Let me guess, you watch Jon Stewart and MSNBC also? Keith Olbermann!!!! (God, I just love blind hatred & propaganda. It's so beautiful.)

As far as being open-minded - I'm really trying to be. So far the president-elect is kind of staying Bush's course so all hasn't gone to hell... yet. We'll see. There's still time.

But listen, Stefan, if you wanna dig the Dead & Jerry that's here but you also wanna skip the other stuff, you can try coming here using the link to the list of shows. It's an easy in to Deadheads who just want music and nothing else. I try to update the list after every new show or two.

Hey Sugarmag -- if you ever stop liking the Dead, we can still have the sex thing? Yeah?! Please?!

Deadman -- no worries!

Timmy -- Thanks, man! Next time I'm around your neck o' the woods (wherever that may be in this country) beers are on me!

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite shows are 70's Spectrum tapes. Something special about the Dead and Philly.

Many, many thanks for the show.

Anonymous said...

Hi,this is one of the last great Grateful Dead Blogs on the www. But this post is dead! Too bad! Some others,too!
Anyway,thanks for all the fantastic Soundboard recordings. Don`t know why the Grateful Dead members won`t allowed downloading soundboards. We are the last who will listen to them and second we are the last, who can tell about them & the forever gone days.
great blog!

Zoooma said...


Thanks for the comment. Listen, I'd like to help you get hooked up with this show and others, my motivation, sadly, unfortunately, just ain't quite all there anymore. But I haven't given up. I'll see if I can re-up this. When I do, I'll make a brand new post as an announcement so hopefully you'll see it.


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