Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Humboldt Nugget

11-13-76 aka 11/13/76 aka 76-11-13 East Gym, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California SBD mp3 download 320 kbps not FLAC/SHN/lossless
Jerry Garcia (Band) - Portland, Oregon 3-5-76 by Tim Silven, found at http://home.earthlink.net/~deadtraders/

Jerry Garcia Band -- November 13, 1976
East Gym, Humboldt State University
Arcata, California

Early Show
Sugaree, After Midnight, Who Was John, Mission In The Rain,
Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Late Show
Friend Of The Devil, Stop That Train, Tore Up Over You,
A Strange Man, Midnight Moonlight

Encore: Ride Mighty High

From the The Jerry Site: According to someone in attendance,
there were separate Early and Late shows for this date.

Four songs, that's all that exists for this night of the Jerry Garcia Band at Humboldt State U... a whopping 35-40 minutes of music. Why this is? No clue. But at least it's a nice soundboard recording. There's a little hiss during quieter moments but it ain't too bad. If this was in the days of analog cassette tapes, so many people would have a 3rd or 4th or 5th generation copy (or worse or completely unknown) and the hiss would be compounded and it just wouldn't be much of an enjoyable listen. Not true here in this groovy world of digital tunes where the original reel(s) can be digitalized cutting down on the hiss annoyance. How we ever put up with that noise is now beyond me!

Nice little performance here. The beautifully mellow Stop That Train has a lot of nice Keith Godchaux on piano. I love this year for that song so much. Add the fact that it's 13½ minutes plus Donna's backing vocals and it's just magnificent. More great playing on Tore Up. It might not be easy to find a bad version of that! Jerry's 4-man band -- Jerry, John, Keith & Ron Tutt on drums -- is perfect here and makes me wonder if the Dead could do any better. Maybe this song is just perfectly suited for the simplicity of the JGB.

Unfortunately Midnight Moonlight cuts only a few minutes in and that's it. I suppose listening to only these tunes from this date in Humboldt is better than listening to no tunes from this date in Humboldt.

Source: Master Soundboard Reel> DAT> CD> SHN

Audio Quality:

As of 11/18/2008 there is no Garcia at Archive.org...
no downloading, no listening. Still a bloody shame.

TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Ron Tutt Download It Right Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE


Timmy said...

Does this mean we are only to get the songs written in green? Hmmmmm, I'll have to investigate, since this isn't clear.

Timmy said...

You needn't list all those other songs we CAN'T hear on this posting, need you? I am very disheartened to discover that we shant be hearing them. SHOCKING! APPAULING! anyhoots, thanx, I guess...

Anonymous said...

nice Stop That Train....

bet the venue smelled nice that evening.

Thanks Zooma!

Adam said...

This is quite the little nugget. I bet this was great filler material somewhere in the annals of time being about the perfect length to fill a 45 minute cassette tape side. Thanks Zoooma. Adam

Oh, and thanks for making me feel okay for not listening to some of those "rough" tapes in my "for completists only" collection!

Zoooma!! said...

You're welcome, you're welcome.

I know I didn't have to list all the songs that were not played ... but if anyone checked The Jerry Site for a setlist, they'd be able to see all those other songs anyway, just as they're seen here.

As far as not hearing those other songs, oh, you shant go without forever, well, you can't hear the versions that were played on this night in Humboldt unless you get that Time Machine workin'... but what I'm a-sayin' is there'll be other shows, hopefully in a decent Soundboard, that will feature everything in this setlist.

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