Thursday, November 13, 2008

A P&F Xmas Hike

Thursday Morning Hike ~ just under 3 hours
9 a.m.- Noon ~ Air Temp: upper 60's to about 71°

It occurred to me that it's been way too freakin' long since I've been on a proper hike. I kinda sorta hike all the time, well I do sometimes, on my way back from running; I run out, hike back. That's not really on a true hiking trail, though. It's nice, it's a trail, but not a narrow footpath meant for hiking. So I had decided that this morning I'd head out for a proper hike on a proper hiking trail. Okay, well, since this here's the Lowcountry of South Carolina there are no proper hiking trails according to me, Mr. Mountain Man, so I decided I'd do what I could.

FrancisMarionNFsign I drove outta town up towards to the town of Moncks Corner and near there is the Palmetto Trail, a soon-to-be 425 mile trail from the sea to the mountains. I didn't conquer all 425 miles today, only a few hours worth, but it was great to be out there. From the parking area, I headed north to the edge of a giant reservoir -- Lake Moultrie. Backtracking, I headed down on the Swamp Fox section of the trail into the Francis Marion National Forest. Not exactly a mountainous area, not even hilly, but the pines make it pretty enjoyable. The peacefulness was intoxicatingly mad... so at some point I took out my mp3 player and listened to some tunes. Music on a hike? What am I? Mad? Hey, sometimes music can enhance certain things, like a Playing In The Band Reprise at just the perfect time! Or some P&F on a stroll in the forest. Besides, ain't exactly like I had to be on the lookout for a grizzly bear.

Anyway, mayhaps it twas't the best hike on an amazingly scenic trail, but it felt great to get out there. Normally, t-shirt weather in November would make me want to migrate to Antarctica but it was actually kind of nice. I'm sure it won't stay like this but hmmm, maybe some somewhat warm-weather vacations in cold-weather months might be nice someday.

In any case -- a very cool hike. It's not the exercise that's great for the heart but I'm glad I got out there! And maybe someday I'll actually join the 21st Century and get a digital camera so's I can take and add some pictures of my own. For now -- Google it.

Trail Tunes, Part 1:

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face - infrared design100 Days of the Dead
Day 51

Phil Lesh & Friends
November 13, 1999
the former Brendan Byrne Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey

(Continental Airlines Arena, The Meadowlands)
Warren Haynes (guitar)
Derek Trucks (guitar)
Rob Barraco (keys)
John Molo (drums)

Jam-> The Wheel Jam-> Jam-> Get Together, Dear Mr. Fantasy,
Cryptical Envelopment-> The Other One-> Days Between->
Blue Train-> The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment,
Help On The Way-> Slipknot-> Franklin's Tower

(Bob Dylan headlined)

It's pretty interesting right off the top of the show to have like 20 minutes of a tuning jam. Well, they probably got most of the tuning done right away and then they just jammed. Not a sing lyric for well over 20 minutes. That's pretty freakin' cool.

The Wheel Jam? At times I thought someone musta been tripping to name it that because maybe I hear hints of The Wheel a couple times near the beginning but for the most part it's just a great jam without there being anything Wheel about it.

The Youngbloods' Get Together. Odd, at first, to hear Phil singing this but I warmed up to it. The music is outstanding. It's definitely not like a Get Together that most people've heard on the radio a hundred times.

Dear Mr. Fantasy, sung by Warren... ummm, well, it's better than by Brent, I think. Not that there's anything wrong with the Grateful Dead and Brent singing this great song... but Warren Haynes & Friends here might have the edge. So nice.

Nicer is hearing the first notes of Cryptical. But Phil singing Bobby? What the??!!? That ain't right. It's not bad, I like it... but... I dunno, just after hearing around 42,000 Other Ones through the years (give or take a few,) hearing Phil sing it is a little strange. The way these guys jams, though, more than makes up for that. Perfection.

Not true with the next song. I don't believe Jerry's songs were untouchable but Days Between sung by Phil? Eh. It's such a gorgeous song... and Phil's voice... eh. Whatever. I didn't hate it... just... eh. I wonder if Warren's ever sung it. I wonder if they tried it out for Warren. Maybe it was too personal for Phil (him being so close to Jerry and Days Between being one of Jerry's last songs) and he really wanted to sing it to help keep Jerry alive. Yeah... that's the answer. Nice call, Phil. (That sounds so sarcastic in my head but I swear it's not!)

Actually, on my second listen of this show now, I like it more. That tends to happen sometimes with stuff. It's really not bad and Phil does a nice job. You can tell he really cares about doing the song justice and honoring Jerry.

A nice little bit of Coltrane is thrown in there before a quick O1 ending into Cryptical again. What a great bit of music and so beautiful at times. Who needs to listen to John Coltrane when you've got Phil Lesh & Friends?! Is this what the Grateful Dead would have possibly progressed into? I want to sound like I'm denigrating their music but this is leaps and bounds beyond 1995 Grateful Dead. Who knows.

I can only imagine the 16-minute Help->Slip->Frank had the fans dancing like crazy. It's really nice but not ultra-magical and I'm not gonna make any comparison to the Grateful Dead here. Just... not bad and fun. This I can say for sure -- being there I woulda loved every second of this show!

Sound quality isn't bad. Vocals/instrumentation aren't too distant or thin and are pretty clear sounding. It's not a bad source for an arena and microphone's hidden in a hat!

Source: Audience

Audio Quality:
P&F 11/13/99 @

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