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Maine-ly Meticulous

What's the deal with the weather?!? It's mid-No-freakin'-vember, right? Coulda fooled me -- it's 74°(F) outside. (I guess if that was 74° Celsius, the Earth would about be on fire? Something like that. Anyway...) THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!

I wanted to go for a run but you've got to be kidding me. I've been used to mid-60's and lower and now we're 10 degrees warmer today? HA!
11/9/93 aka 11/09/93 aka 11-9-93 aka 11-09-93 aka 93-11-09 setlist and mp3 download.

no FLAC files here... mp3 serves everyone, lossless does not.
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Jerry Garcia Band -- November 9, 1993
Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, Maine

1st Set: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Stop That Train,
Let It Rock, Forever Young, Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox,
My Sisters And Brothers-> Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

2nd Set: Shining Star, Russian Lullaby, Tore Up Over You,
Rubin & Cherise, Wonderful World, The Maker, Tangled Up In Blue

When most of us listen to a show that is from an Audience source, the first thing we hear is the quality of the recording. With a nice soundboard we can get immediately into the music. Not so true for shows like this. Some listeners can ignore the audio quality and get right into the music... but those are the rare few. I'm not sure whether to admire them or think they're nuts (I don't wanna call my Sugarmag nuts, she's one of the rare few.)

A show like this one, those rare few can get right into whereas I'm sitting here kind of disappointed at the sound. But ya know what? It's not terrible. It's average but nothin' to get too excited about. It's a bit distant sounding ... but not too bad. There are better recordings, I am sure, for Jerry's '93 Fall Tour. The thing is, if I put those up first, that would mean everything else that would eventually follow (from the same tour) would pale in comparison. The way me sees it is sometimes it's good to Save The Best For Last. Ya know? Build up to the better stuff.

As far as the performance on this night in Maine's principal city -- niiiiice. There's a way too brief but way beautiful little solo by Melvin in Stop That Train that should definitely be listened for. Let It Rock has a bunch of nice Jerry! He absolutely LOVES playing this song and you can totally tell it. His charge in the solo near the end totally drove the band to work much harder and put their all into it, as well... and the crowd responded! So sweet!

Forever Young here is another beautifully perfect version. So far Jerry's on here. By this point in a '93 Grateful Dead show he probably woulda blown 4 or 5 lines of lyrics already. Right through Breadbox he's on a roll and Everybody Needs Somebody To Love is such a cool alternative to Deal. Deal can smoke but this had a great jam that absolutely rocked.

Another song this evening that Jerry is so into is Shining Star. This was such a beautiful addition to JGB setlists when it debuted a couple years earlier... and it did nothing but grow on Jerry so well. Not only did it grow on Jerry, but the crowd interaction pushes him to a level that's a bit above and beyond what there is during most of the other songs. Gorgeous!

Such a common song in a Jerry setlist Tore Up is but it can definitely still awaken the senses! Wow! Melvin and Jerry are just smokin'!! And then Reuben & Cherise is outstanding. Just a great show. Seriously. I'm not sure there's a bad song here! I know that Wonderful World was sometimes a challenge for Jerry to get all those lines right but he nails it here. It's short but a nice way to lead into more beauty with The Maker. Jerry's guitar in this song is just intoxicating. What a set! No, the sound quality isn't that of a nice soundboard but the music is too good to care. Ears adjust and if you're picky -- adjust! It's so worth it!

Source: Master (Front of Board) Audience DAT> CDR

Audio Quality:

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JGB -- CCCC -- 11/9/93 -- 1st Set
2nd Set -- Portland -- Nov 9, 1993


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