Monday, November 3, 2008

And on the 42nd Day, Zoooma rested...

Small Steal Your Face 100 Days of the Grateful Dead continues...

sort of. Day 42 -- no download today but I am listening to what I was going to put up... I'm kinda burnt out from posting, and busy, too; I need a day off today.

The past 11 days saw music put up every day except 1... and on that day I told everyone the forum they could go to to get a show that was (and still is) posted there. Been goin' pretty good, I'd say.

But things'll resume tomorrow and that show I was gonna put up today, I'll see what I can do to make tomorrow a Dead-Garcia Doubleheader.

With any luck -- and mostly because of the lovely Sugarmag's amazing help in this project (don't thank just me) -- the idea of 75 shows in 100 days might easily be achieved. I wasn't so sure and thought maybe it would be more like over 50 but not quite 75... but now... but now.... but now.... we might even see 75+!

So stay tuned, kids...
and remember, your comments are always appreciated!

Who are the Grateful Dead?  Any why do they keep following me?


Bucephallus said...

Still deading up my housemate's ipod,
kudos and thank-yous to you and Sugarmag...hope you liked the Walter Hawkins, thought you might like some other things, so...
Jim White
Wrong-eyed Jesus


Live Club 47



Quicksilver Messenger Service
Marin County Cowboys

Adam said...

Rest is a good thing. I know some people who believe that sleep is a waste of time, but I feel I am more productive when I'm better rested. Soothe yourself, the results are worth the effort! Adam

Sugarmag said...

hey bucephallus, thanks for sharing the tunes. I'll enjoy checking them out if I ever get caught up with this crazy schedule of dead shows that Zoooma's got me on. Take care!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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