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Grateful Dead Steal Your Face plain ol' SYF version100 Days of the Dead
Day 50
Grateful Dead Steal Your Face plain ol' SYF version

Ahh, yes, 'tis time to get back to the earliest stuff.
Welcome (once again?) to:

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly's
[Mostly] Chronological History of
This Crazy Adventure Called The Grateful Dead...
Volume 6

Well, kids, we're halfway through the last hundred days of the year. For you who are mathematically challenged, that leaves us 50 days to go.

My 100 Days of the Dead idea was kind of nuts but so long as I take a day off when I need to, I'll be able to keep rollin' on with more shows. Even though the Germans, French, Spanish and Croatians never comment on any of their downloads, I know there are a lot of people out there who dig most of the GD/Garcia shows that I put up. All youse guys who do comment -- you help drive this sucker. The rest are just grubs... but you silent grubs are more than welcome to the music and you're also more than welcome to leave a comment now and then. I don't really want this to be just some depot for you to grab from. I could've just put up some plain old website for that. Listen, we all dig this same music, right? So comment, say hi, say thanks, say whatever! Capiche?

Alrighty then, to the tunes...

Twas back in April when I started at the beginning of the Dead's history, occasionally (with other shows in between) chronologically posting the Dead from 1965 onward. I didn't get far. But my idea did cause me to post up a nice little bit of the earliest stuff. Now I wanna pick that up again.

Let's recap, eh?

  • 11-3-65 Golden State Recorders, San Francisco (The Warlocks)
  • 1-08-66 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
  • 2-??-66 Viola Lee Blues Rehearsal, location unknown
  • 2-??-66 (possibly) Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley
  • 2-11-66 Watts Acid Test, Compton, California
  • 3-12-66 Danish Center, Los Angeles, California
  • 3-19-66 Carthay Studios, Los Angeles
  • 3-25-66 Trouper's Hall, Los Angeles
That's a good few hours of ancient GD... but let's add onto it! More primitive Garcia and Pigpen to go!

Listing Grateful Dead recordings perfectly chronologically is a perfectly simple task... except for some instances from '66 and '67. If you're the type of person who just needs a date attached to their music, this isn't for you.

"Longshoreman's Hall 1st Night"

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-> You Don't Love Me-> Schoolgirl

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first instance of a Schoolgirl (that we have to listen to) from the Grateful Dead and the only time Willie Cobb's You Don't Love Me was played. Sound quality is gorgeous and the playing is perfection. The transitions are remarkably seamless. If I'm also not mistaken, this is the first time (again, that we have to listen to) that they did any sort of going from one song into another and back into the tune that they started with. All's I know for sure is this is an awesome 20 minutes of music!

From Deadlists.com: "Jeff Tiedrich: a mutual friend asked Dick Latvala if he could shed any additional light on the above material and Dick answered that this was from a 7" reel that came out of a box that was only labeled "Longshoreman's." No date or any other information. Transcribed by Teddy GoodBear from 'The taping Compendium': According to Vault archivist Dick Latvala, the material here comes from two different seven-inch reel boxes, the Pigpen rap in an unlabeled one, the other marked "Longshoreman's #1," with no other information. The intriguing thing is that both tapes have identical ambiences, and Bobby's comment has the same ambience and feel as the segment with Pigpen's rap. Owsley "Bear" Stanley: the box labeled "Longshoreman's" would have been the shows we did with Loading Zone in late April 66, after the return to SF from LA."

This segment was aired On David Gans's 'Grateful Dead Hour' #388. Why the Text File says "1st Night" (and "3rd Night") I'm not sure. In fact, I have no clue. (I'm not responsible for the Text File.) Apparently, way back when these tunes were discovered, all it was ever labeled was "Longshoreman's #1."

"Longshoreman's Hall 3rd Night"

It's A Sin
Viola Lee Blues
In The Midnight Hour
Beat It On Down The Line
blues jam (with Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady)

More very cool stuff here. Deadlists, for whatever reason, has no information on this material. The text file doesn't fill any info in, either. Oh well. Just dig it, I guess.

Nothing is new here as far as whether or not it has appeared in a previous '66 recording. Well, the "Blue Jam" with Jorma and Jack is "new" but that's a very special, one-off dealie. Speaking of that jam -- I'm not sure who's playing bass, if that's Jack or Phil. Sometimes I think I hear a second bass low in the background but I'm not sure. Can definitely hear Jerry & Jorma... and if you listen real close occasionally Bobby's rhythm in the background. Pig may have been having a drink for most of this 'cause I don't really hear him until near the end. And speaking of the end -- OUCH! It hurts that the reel cuts out when it does. This is such good stuff. What are ya gonna do? I suppose we oughta just be happy we have what we have, eh?!

Question: at the end of Viola Lee Blues, for about 15 seconds there's a little dity thing that Jerry does. It's interesting and it's got to be recognizable to somebody. I'm guessing someone will know but if this gets 100 downloads, there'll be like 5 or 10 comments and so that means a lot of people are just gonna keep the info to themselves. Whatever. But if anyone knows, would be cool to know and let others know!

In any case, sound quality should be irrelevant but it just so happens all of this material is, I'd say, about 4 to 4½ stars out of 5. It's really nice for the age, no doubt about that! Altogether, this is about 55 minutes of music that is truly priceless... and downright groovy, too!

TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, John Kahn, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements Download It Right Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE


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this may or may not be the poster for this music.
i suppose until they invent a time machine, we may never know.

Grateful Dead Trips Festival poster for 4/22/66, 4/23/66, 4/24/66 -- Longshoreman's Hall, San Francisco


henryband said...

Once again, another awesome Dead post. Thanks!!

sean said...

thanks so much. I'll never get around to listening to all of this but thanks again.

Timmy said...

I am currently working on a fool-proof time machine, but that's another story. As far as the last 15 seconds of this Viola Lee Blues, well, here goes: to me it sounds like a cross betwixt an old Irish ditty & "Ghost Riders In the Sky"

Anonymous said...

I aleady have this on CD. Good stuff. i applaud your choice.


TheNWRA said...

Nice one, onto CDR tonight, good journey tomorrow! Thanks.

Annie said...

my dad was at the trips festival @ longshoreman's hall. i wrote about it a couple of years ago http://aikoanne.blogspot.com/2006/01/forty-years-ago-this-weekend.html

i will listen later on-thanks.

Sugarmag said...

Hey Zoooma, I finally had a chance to listen to this show today. Wow, this is good stuff. I was surprised by the quality and the music itself-awesome. So interesting the way The Dead evolved over the years, what an amazing band!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Zooma,

One show I'd like to hear is the Newport Pop Festival set from aug 3 or 4 68 in Costa Mesa, CA

I didn't find it on archive and thought you might see if you can work more magic.


Anonymous said...

"Teddy Bear's Picnic" is at the end of Viola Lee Blues. It also appears in a 5/19/66 show at the Avalon Ballroom.

Sugarmag said...

Hi again, I was skeptical about Teddy Bears Picnic so I listened again and yeah, it's a fast Teddy Bear Picnic. Made me laugh.

Timmy said...

Nice detective work, anonymous. Teddy Bear's Picnic, of course... Would you concider working for me on the Time Machine project?

Zoooma!! said...

Thanks for the comments!

I think Teddy Bear's Picnic is too safe a bet; it's what we know Jerry played occasionally and even later sung and because of that fact, methinks that's totally safe, inside-the-box-thinking.

This is primitive Dead. I gave a listen to Ghost Riders In The Sky (thanks, Timmy, for the mention of that!) I compared the beginning of that song (you can find it on youtube) to this whole 15 seconds of music and they're damn close. To me, because of anonymous's mention (thanks for that, too), I hear Teddy's Bear's Picnic for about the last 3 seconds but even then it's possibly just coincidence.

I've heard Teddy Bear's Picnic a hundred times but never fast or in that key (that I can remember) so I don't know. To me, what's here sounds like it's something else... it's definitely something and that's why I asked.

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