Friday, November 7, 2008

Tore Up Over My Dog

100 Days of
the Grateful Dead
& Jerry Garcia

Day 46

Jerry Garcia Band
November 7, 1991

Capital Centre
Landover, Maryland
11-7-91 a.k.a. 91-11-07 Capital Centre not Center or U.S. Air Arena setlist & mp3 Aud not soundboard (SBD) download but not Flac
1st Set: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), They Love Each Other,
Forever Young, Let It Rock, Lay Down Sally, And It Stoned Me,
Let's Spend The Night Together

2nd Set: Bright Side Of The Road, Shining Star, Tore Up Over You,
Reuben & Cherise, Like A Road, Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox,
Tangled Up In Blue

Hey now it's me, Sugarmag. Today is not a good day because I had to euthanise my dog a little while ago and that really sucked. I had to get some groceries before my kids came home from their dad's house so I could feed them and I was wandering around trying to figure out what to buy and then I couldn't find my cart and then I saw someone I knew and she gave me a hug and I cried and cried. That sucked. My dog was really old and it was time, but I am so sad.

Now my kids are asleep and I am listening to this show again. I have really liked early 90's Jerry Garcia Band ever since, well, the early 90s. When I was around 19 I bought the Jerry Garcia Band live CD and I listened to it over and over again and I never got tired of it. It feels like that live album from 1991 is one of the soundtracks of my life. This show is from around that same time and I have really been enjoying it today. I love this music so much! Melvin Seals, the Jerry Garcia Band keyboardist, is a big part of why I love this music. He is such a presence on every song. Jerry of course dominates, but Melvin is right up there with him.

Of the songs played on this night, Reuben and Cherise is my favorite. However I have to say that there is not a bad song on this show, or a badly played one, either. My only complaint is that they didn't play my favorite JGB song, which is Don't Let Go. I like, "Aw shucks! I wouldn't stop for a million bucks..." but that's ok, lots of good stuff here. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. And you know what? I'm feeling a little better. This music helps.

Source: Master Audience DAT> CDR> WAV> SHN

Audio Quality:
crowdy between songs but the music sounds really nice

As of 11/7/2008 there is no Garcia at
so no downloading from there nor can you even listen.

So... Download The Show Right Here

Jerry Band -- 11/7/91 -- Set 1
2nd Set -- JGB Landover -- 11/7/91


adam said...

Sorry for your loss SugarMag, but it appears your unconscious has guided you to one of the more spiritually uplifting periods of the JGB, quite zen. Best wishes, Adam

Deadman said...

I had to do the same to my dog of almost 17 years not too long ago. I miss him. But you did right by him, rest assured.

I'm sorry...

Timmy said...

Our condolences, Suggie... If there's a Doggie Heaven, I wanna go there, not that other place up there.

Eric said...

Sorry....But it was the right thing to do.

Sugarmag said...

Hi Adam, Deadman, Timmy, and Eric, thank you. It was the right thing do do. After my dog's heart stopped eating I said, "Poor dog" and my wonderful veterinarian said, "Not anymore." My dog had been in a considerable amount of discomfort and pain for some time and so I think it was a relief for her. I am still sad, though and I miss her. My kids and my other dog miss her, too.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks - still collecting Jerry sings Van!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated