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"Hoot, Jeer. Hoot, Jeer."

11-10-67 a.k.a. 67-11-10 - Shine Exhibition Hall a.k.a. Shine Auditorium setlist & soundboard mp3 download
Grateful Dead -- November 10, 1967
Shrine Expo Center, Los Angeles, California

"...take off your clothes, order a pizza, maybe catch a bus... get high.
Hoot and Jeer at the performers, that's fun."

Viola Lee Blues, It Hurts Me Too, Morning Dew,
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Cryptical Envelopment->
The Other One-> Cryptical, Alligator-> Drums-> Alligator->
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

Viola Lee Blues begins normally enough but around halfway it shifts a gear, picks up speed, shifts again and drives steadily to an end result that leaves me... lost... wondering... did that just happen? Wow. Just... wow. After it's over and can I gather myself, all I feel like doing is lighting a cigarette to relax in the aftermath of how that felt.

What follows is equally gorgeous and wild and perfectly played. Listen for some early different lyrics in The Other One.

This is an exceptional 85 minutes of music and I just don't have much else to say about it except it is truly Primal Dead at some of its best!


My original review statement for this tape was very "electric," that is, until my uncle's seventeen-year-old blind dog started to bark when given his chance to state his opinion. That was when it became all too apparent that this show is more than just electric, it's unique as well! Putting sound quality aside (which, for the show, is an excellent mix), the music flows evenly, and when it comes to doing his part, each band member is right on. "Viola Lee Blues" is boilerplate primal Dead. It's what I'd call "boogie-delic," since Garcia frequently lets loose with some serious short cuts and fast rips from his guitar. The jam during that one song makes the entire tape worth listening to repeatedly. For "It Hurts Me Too," Pigpen wails true to form, and Garcia produces a B.B. King-like sound; it is one of the better versions I have come upon. "Morning Dew" is powerful as well, albeit short and somewhat subdued; nonetheless, Garcia's vocals will break any true Deadhead's heart.

Going into "Schoolgirl," the electric blues feel returns and Pigpen's harmonica has never been more precise. There's another clean jam before they break from "Schoolgirl" and move into one of the most interesting versions of "Alligator" I've ever heard! Pigpen's organ is wild, the guitars are crisp and sharp. If you want to call the jam and drums in the middle a "DRUMZ" entity all its own, it may very well be. There's some spaciness to it all, although it does seem rather tight and planned out. Exiting that and entering back into "Alligator" leaves you begging for more. (More of that trippy "Alligator" chant is thrown in during the performance.) The tape wraps itself up with one of the more careful versions of "Caution," but in itself, it's quite a good version. The only thought in my head as I finished listening was, it needs a warning label, "Caution: This Tape Kicks Ass!"

transcribed from:

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1 [for Grateful Dead music!]
The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1:
An In-Depth Guide
to the Music of the Grateful Dead
on Tape, 1959-1974 by Michael Getz and John Dwork
[out of print]

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Master Reel> Reel x2> DAT> CD

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11/10/67 L.A. @ Archive.org:

the SBD for
Listening Only
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Ron Tutt You Can Download It Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE

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Grateful Dead poster - 11/10/67 Shrine Exhibition Hall, Los Angeles


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You are giving me too much to listen to. Thanks for everything

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Golly, Zoomer, this is just far out enough to fly through the space that wraps around the past...

LSDAmerica said...

Many thanks! 1967, a great year for music on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Just stumbled upon this site...HOLY COW! There are some AMAZING uploads here. Thank you so much for sharing the tunes!!!

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Great. Thanks very much. '67 Dead is rare. Really good to hear some.

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but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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