Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Even Jerry Garcia's cough is melodic"

A day sick can be detrimental to music listening... or at least to being able to properly enjoy whatever music I might be playing. Such was the case yesterday when I was so wacked out on cold medicine. Twas kinda fun, I tell ya what! But no show because of it. No "show" today either... but there is this...

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Allman Brothers Band peach design100Days---Day060--middle

Yesterday I posted up the small portion of music that exist from the Grateful Dead's show on 11/21/70 at Sargent Gym at Boston University. When the GD were making a stop there in Boston, the Allman Brothers Band was in town at the same time for a three-night stand at the Boston Tea Party. Apparently it was later that night, after their respective shows, that each band, or some members from each, stopped by the radio station WBCN-FM in Boston where they proceeded to hang out and, a few of them, played some tunes on the radio...

Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Duane Allman
WBCN-FM Studios, Boston, Massachusetts

El Paso
Big River
I Know You Rider
Dark Hollow
Let Me In

This is an interesting 35 or so minutes of music and banter, chatter, talk, what-have-you. You'd think Mr. D.J. man would know who's in his studio -- Bob Weil? Poor Bobby, gets no respect!

Big River is a curiosity here. We're all used to Bob on vocals but this is probably Jerry. I say probably because I don't know Duane Allman's voice all that well. Jerry sang this once before, that I know of, on 10-28-69 at the Jefferson Airplane House (which may actually have been a year before that in '68.) It's also pretty well played as if maybe whoever was singing it was fairly used to it. The Grateful Dead wouldn't introduce into their setlist repetoire until NYE 1971 and then not fully introduced until May '72. Maybe it's Duane singing it? I don't know. Or maybe it was Jerry and he knew it well from practicing it?

Also a bit of a curiosity is Rider which is a really nice, slow, acoustic version. N
ot typically Dead at all.

Angie is primarily by Duane Allman. I guess this is the Rolling Stones? I don't hear it but maybe.
Anji: see comment #1. Thanks, Tim. For whatever reason, the main listing at says "Anji" but each individual Source has it as "Angie". I wonder how many people have no idea.

Bobby (at least on this recording) wraps up this all-too-brief piece of history with Let Me In, sometimes called Let Me In #83968. Country legend Porter Wagoner recorded this in 1966. The song almost seems to fit in perfectly with Bob Weil's countrified persona; but Let Me In never stuck around in GD setlists -- it was played with the Dead just twice before this (7-4-69 and 6-24-70) and that was it.

This is pretty cool little Boston nugget that I'm glad exists. Quality ain't the greatest but it's unique so who cares!

Source: FM Master Reel>
2nd Gen Reel> FLAC

Audio Quality:
11/21/70 WBCN @

As of 11/22/08 there is no
Garcia at the Internet Archive.
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Ron Tutt Download It Right Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE


Tim said...

'Anji' is actually by English folk guitarist Davey Graham it was also covered by Bert Jansch in the 60's. Very famous song in folk circles.
The Stones song wasn't written til a couple of years later.

Zoooma!! said...

Tim, Thank You! I made a note in the post. Not being big on folk music, I had no idea; I just had to go with the info that's supplied for the source. The main listing, I noticed, says "Anji" but all source setlists say Angie. I can't help but wonder how many people think that's called Angie even though it sounds nothing like the not-yet-written Angie by The Stones.

Thanks again!

Timmy said...

I likes this kind of seat of pant stuff's! Radio was a great medium for a while........

Timmy said...

You mis-marked the quality of this recording. It should have been a single star.

Zoooma!! said...

I'm often quite liberal when it comes to grading Audio Quality. 2 stars maybe. I wouldn't even be able to stomach 1 star.

Dave the Locust said...

'Anji' was also played as an acoustic instrumental by Paul Simon on Simon & Garfunkel's 'Sounds of Silence' LP

I assume that Simon was exposed to this number when he was working as a solo in the UK in the interim between the release Simon & Garfunkel's 1st LP (which didn't sell well at first, thus causing them to take a hiatus)and prior to S&G's mega success with 'Sounds'

Tim said...

Yeah, Paul Simon got exposed to lots of stuff then 'Scarborough Fair' included...'Anji' IS an instrumental!

Hammer said...

Great posting here....

If I have fallen into that category of being a downloading locus without showing appreciation, I apologize.....cheers!

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Zoooma!! said...

Hammer! Any relation to M.C.? HAAA!!

Anyway... I'm glad you dig the tunes. That's what posting them up here is all about! Thanks for your comment. They're always appreciated!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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