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No electric instruments needed

100Days---Day068--middleJerry Garcia & John Kahn 6-5-82

Jerry Garcia & John Kahn -- November 23, 1984
With Special Guest: Robert Hunter
Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia

aka 11-23-84 aka 11-23-84 aka 84-11-23 setlist & mp3 download
Robert Hunter: Promontory Rider, Jack Straw, Rock Columbia,
Easy Wind, Touch Of Darkness, Tiger Rose, Amagamalin Street,
Box Of Rain, Boys In The Barroom

Jerry & John, 1st Set: Deep Elem Blues, Friend Of The Devil, Little Sadie,
Peggy-O, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, Run For The Roses

2nd Set: When I Paint My Masterpiece, I've Been All Around This World,
Jack-A-Roe, Bird Song, Goodnight Irene

What a great little set the lyrical master turns in here. Promontory cuts in with a verse or two missing but after that it's just so smooth. Easy Wind is always loved and Tiger Rose is certainly a standout as Robert just loves to rock that one. Box of Rain was clearly the winner of the hour but the way Hunter plays his acoustic and adds in some harmonica at times, he makes every song perfect.

Jerry & John provide more beautiful acoustic music on this night after Thanksgiving in Norfolk. Peggy-O makes its first ever appearance with Jerry outside of the Grateful Dead. This is ultra-rare and would be played by Jerry just three more times on this tour and that's it.

In the text file/source info for this show, the taper says Jerry's voice is hurtin' and I'd have to somewhat agree with that -- he's not at his strongest here.

An oddity for me is not being a huge fan of a tune by the Dead or Jerry and one that might fit that category is Masterpiece but I'm really diggin' this one.
Splendid is Jerry's playing alongside his other bass partner; he's got some really nice ooomf here and the jam they get into is so, so good. King of the night, though, is Bird Song. Kahn is exceptional here; he and Jerry are magic together on this. A GD Bird Song, with six or seven guys, can take off and soar but here it's just two guys alone making that happen.

A great night of music and a GREAT recording. Soundboard not needed! This is gorgeous!

Source: Audience>
Master Cassette> SHN
(Sennheiser ME80 mics)

Audio Quality:
11/23/84 Chrysler Hall

As of 11/30/08 there's no Garcia or
solo Hunter at the Internet Archive.
Download It Here

Hunter 11/23/84

11/23/84 Robert Hunter opened for Jerry Garcia & John Kahn - Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia


Adam said...

Thanks for such an interesting post today Zoooma. I have always enjoyed the JGB shows from the spring of 1980 where Hunter was a part of the proceedings, but I'm unfamiliar with this Garcia/Kahn run. I can't wait to check it out! Adam

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma, not just for the music but for providing an entertaining and informative blog. Your efforts are "grately" appreciated

anonymous Deadhooker

Anonymous said...

jerry and john must have scored some good junk that night...1984 was the peak before the downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

I'm always game for Hunter! Thanks. W.

Lucab12 said...

Do you have the 10/31/86 Oakland JGB lying around? I only have the tape. Also, Rochester 11/20/91. I am missing the encore. Do you have the whole show?

Oh yeah, thankS!

Zoooma!! said...

Heya Lucab12, I don't know if you clicked to get replies so I don't know if you'll read this but.... I'm happy to do requests but when they're mixed in with everything else, the requests I have now will get finally get done in like August. I've never promised speediness but I promise I'll do what I can. Try not to slam me with too many and that'll be easier for me to work on getting them and posting them.

Lucab12 said...

Understood. Enjoy the Jerry 84. I used to have the Rochester of that year on tape. I tried to grab the Avery Fisher as well but I think the link is dead. Thanks for everything

Zoooma!! said...

Hey again, thanks for mentioning the dead Avery Fisher Hall link. I have no idea of knowing about those [expired links] unless someone mentions it. Most links stay active but a small percentage don't have anyone who wants to grab it over a 90-day time period.

I've got it written down and I will try to restore it. When I do I'll make a mention of it in post so keep your eyes open! Thanks again, happy to have you commenting, and Enjoy The Tunes!!!!

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