Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking a Leak, Episode 2: Even The K9's Know Better

dog pissing on sign a Barack Obama campaign sign - Good Boy!


Anonymous said...

it's probably best to show Obama the very same level of respect that the media and left wing liberals show Bush. so far you're being TOO nice.

pamibe said...

OMG, I love it! LOL!

kbreints said...


Anonymous said...

The difference of course being that over the past eight years Bush has EARNED that level of respect. Obama doesn't start his term until tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It's should be a G.W.BUSH sign,
he and G.O.P. ran this counrty into the ground bottom line!
Get over yourself,so they lost the election,get on with your life.
Just by the books you read ,that says everything to me anyways,that you cant think for yourself!

JJG said...

who can't think for themselves? the disgustingly liberal media said Obama is the savior and just over half of America's voters, the sheeple, followed all the way to the polls while drinking the Obamamania flavored Kool aid. most of them are the ones who can't think for themselves, not zooma.

and Bush deserves that pathetic level of respect? waking up every single day since 9/11 with keeping us safe on his mind, he succeeded AND not only that but 50,000,000 people are free from oppressive genocidal/murderous dictatorships. yeah, what a despicable idiot!!!!

freakypete said...

hey, dont misunderestimate him.
i'm sure hes gonna screw up royaly.
whoever you vote for the government gets in.
give us a tune zoom!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you voted for McCain? You call yourself a Deadhead? You are such an asshole!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Sugarmag said...

In response to the last Anonymous comment, I gotta say, I do not share Zoooma's sentiments about Obama, and in fact I voted for Obama, but not because Bob, Micky, and Phil told me to, for fuck's sake! Voting for McCain does not require a person to quit the fan club. Duh!

Anonymous said...

JJG - Good one! Oh, you're serious?

Members of the Bush administration had a hand in 9/11 - it was the horrific event necessary to temporarily galvanize the public into buying the lies that lead to invading Iraq. The bonus was that "a WARTIME President can do whatever he wants (- piss all over individuals' rights guaranteed by the constitution, for instance)" no matter how incompetent. Do you REALLY believe that there hasn't been an attack since 9/11 because our security measures increased that dramatically? Or for that matter Bush really cares? C'mon, the people who own him have an agenda and he's just an expediter. And, yes I realize that most of his predecessors (at least back to Johnson) have been the same. The republickers (the Party of BIG Business, of Wall Street, of The ELITE, of the Christian Right, of NASCAR, of homophobee, of bigots, etc.) over those years have been much more ruthless (rabid) about it. This is why POSSIBLY Obama MIGHT represent hope and change - MAYBE he isn't a member of "The Club"? "No Blacks, no Jews, and no Catholics". Kennedy was Catholic, but was eliminated early.

Perhaps it would be good to see what Obama does before judging.

Anonymous said...

love the comment above ,SO TRUE!
the guy from INSY,IN.U.A.S.

Nazz Nomad said...

hey- that dog is disrespecting our president-elect!
not cool.

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree more Zooma. But it's a free world and you're welcome to your thoughts. Still if McCain had been elected and Phil Gramm was calling the economic shots I would be genuinely concerned for the survival of the bottom 95% (and don't get me started on Palin.)

Perhaps if McCain had the late Bill Graham instead of the "let them eat cake" Phil Gramm as his economic adviser I wouldn't have thought it a vote for evil corporate power (which of course may yet be behind Obama - but I seriously doubt it.)

Anyhoo, despite our gross political differences, your (and SugaMags) musical postings can only come from a heart of gold so you get nothing but love from me.

Keep your heart open to Obama. Once in a while you can get shown the light... (you know the rest).

Anonymous said...

( again)

I agree with the previous post - especially, " genuinely concerned for the survival of the bottom 95% (and don't get me started on Palin.) " - this touches on what "the agenda" (of The ELITE) to which I referred. Shortsighted GREED. But I guess their wealth insulates them, so FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Zoooma!! said...

"Members of the Bush administration had a hand in 9/11"

I rarely like to call people names but... no, I'm not gonna do it. Well..... yes, I am, if you think that Muslim extremists aren't responsible for 9/11 and that events were planned by and/or approved by Bush, than you're a goddamn fucking nutjob. Go away. Seriously. You're worse than Hitler. Go the fuck away.

Tis fascinating, though, isn't it? The complete intolerance: Disagreeing with the thought that Obama is the right man for the job and Speaking out against him -- bad. Speaking out against Bush -- smartest thing in the world. Right? 50 something million Americans who didn't vote for Obama, what idiots, right? Amazing how damn blind you are to what the media did to raise him to a godlike level. This is a man who is going to treat terrorists who want to kill you like exactly the same as if they just stole a Snickers from a convenience store.

Oh, wait, then again, if Bush perpetrated 9/11, I guess Muslim extremists don't really want us dead. They're not really a threat to us. HEY EVERYONE, BUSH DID IT!!! WE'RE ACTUALLY SAFE!!!!!!!

Zoooma!! said...

"Anyhoo, despite our gross political differences, your (and SugaMags) musical postings can only come from a heart of gold so you get nothing but love from me.

Keep your heart open to Obama. Once in a while you can get shown the light... (you know the rest)."

Thanks for your kindness. SugarMag's helping me try to keep a level head concerning the new guy running the country. I really don't want to say anything that bad about him until it's warranted. I do not want failure for the new administration but, and I'm not alone, many millions of us aren't sure what's going to happen when you have a President who will give hot cocoa, a warm blankie, and an ACLU approved lawyer to terrorists. They didn't steal a Snickers bar from the local convenience store, they want YOU AND ME dead. I'm sorry but treating them with kindness isn't going to change their minds. (And then there's the whole Higher Taxes thing that many people simply don't want and can't afford which I won't even get into because National Security is truly our #1 concern right now and it will be for awhile.)

To some, my thinking is purely idiotic and I'm a total moron who should probably be banished from the planet. Thankfully, others can disagree peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters - Robert Allen Zimmerman

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated