Sunday, January 4, 2009

I wonder if Alison listened to Jerry

Ready for another 100 Days of the Grateful Dead?

Yeah right. It's actually been very relaxing to not worry about posting a show the past four days. Hey, but have no fear, there'll be more Weir! As you're putting together your furniture from Ikea, there'll be a lot more Garcia. More Mickey, more Billy; more Brent, Vince and Brooooooce. "We want Phil! We want Phil! We want Phil!" It's all gonna keep on coming down the pike so sit tight, don't fight, go out lookin' for your kite!

I've got a never-ending supply of shows to keep on listening to and posting. It won't happen on a scale of 50 to 75 shows posted in the next 100 days, but Sugarmag and I will do what we can. I've got a few juicy nuggets for this week and lots of ideas and unless I'm hit by a bus, shows'll keep on getting posted 'round here for all to dig. Good tunes should be shared with good, friendly people so leave comments and feel free to make any requests for something in particular you might be looking for. We can't read your minds if you remain ungratefully silent! If you do remain silent, maybe we'll one day think you collectively just don't care enough and Inspiration, Move Me Brightly'll just be deleted and all these shows will go Buh Bye. Don't want that to happen, eh? Me neither! So help keep it going! Feed the beast, the beast won't bite, and in return you might get every last note to feed that jones for these good ol' tunes.

"Let there be songs, to fill the air."

Happy New Year, kids!

Let It Grow peace sign with roses (sort of Grateful Dead-ish)

Alison Krauss - "Catfish John"

Grateful Dead dancing bear -- small light blue

Jerry Garcia Band - "Catfish John"
March 1, 1980 - Capitol Theatre
Passaic, New Jersey


keith h said...

nice videos, I prefer the JGB version.
As far as your site, I just discovered it recently and it is Great! Keep those awesome shows coming!! ps...I'd like to request 8-22-87 Angels Camp, my 1st show. Awesome schoolgirl and midnight hour with Carlos Santana!!

Jimbo said...

I liked both versions! Very different feel to the same song. Thanks for posting them. Alison did just do an album with Robert Plant. I havn't heard much of it yet but, what I have heard I like.

Drabromeo said...

Hey Zoooma-- just thought I'd mention that while Allison may indeed have listened to Jerry, it was probably the other way around for Catfish John-- it was first recorded in 1972 by country songwriter Johnny Russell, and also that same year by the bluegrass band Country Gentlemen. It's a real staple in bluegrass.

To Jimbo-- check out the Allison Krauss/Robert Plant album. It's really outstanding, and surprising. I've always loved Plant, but had no idea how well he could really sing. I caught them live too-- really great stuff!

Timmy said...

Great stuff, Zoom! Hey, Isn't that guy with the white hair In Alison's group McEuen, from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?

Timmy said...

Oh, GOD. The Jerry version is a true Revelation, I say this is the most Jerry video I've ever seen. And, that includes all the times I saw him live. Whata Masterpiece.

Zoooma!! said...

keith h! Hey now! 8-22-87? Hmmm... can do! It shall be posted on the morrow. Well, maybe not that soon, I just like to say "on the morrow." Sugarmag and I will be happy to hook you up, perhaps within a couple weeks or so.

And thanks for the kind words! Comments like yours are always welcomed. Happy to have ya here, and happy to help hook you up with something!

Glad ya liked the vids, Jimbo, and thanks for the info Drabromeo.

I've always known this wasn't a Hunter/Garcia original and I was thinking of starting something here where we'll give lyrics and info for songs by the Dead and Jerry and stuff done by the Dead and Jerry... plus there'll be song versions for people to sample, but not just versions within the GD family, but by almost anyone. I'll definitely have to get some original Catfish John when that post comes up. Sometimes it's interesting to hear the "other" when we know the Jerry/Dead so well.

Anyway, thanks for your comment, man!

And hey Timmy! I don't know any of the people in Alison Krauss video... is Alison the woman?

P.S. the vid quality ain't quite beautiful GD-like but this whole show -- 3/1/80 (early show) -- is on youtube...

Ron H. said...

Thanks again for the Jerry visual! Always great to see him in action, anytime, anyplace. Anyone know another source for this other than You Tube?

A Grateful 2009 to all!

Timmy said...

Yes, Zoom, Alison Krause is the WOman. Her band is called Union Station, and I am pretty certain the guy with the white hair, playing banjo is John McEuen.

Sugarmag said...

Alison Krauss is from my hometown, Champaign, Illinois. No, I don't know her personally but friends of friends do ;), so she's our hometown girl.

Steve said...

yeah, i'll second the request for the Angels Camp show. I was there. I always wondered if it was as good as it seemed at the time - I've never heard a tape. Didn't David Lindley / El Rayo X open?

Annie said...

yes, el rayo x and mister dave opened those shows. and what a weekend in the mother lode that was.
some goofy newbie crawled into someone's cabin window and passed out, only to be confronted by the homeowner. that was the summer everything began to change drastically. and not necessarily for the better.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Love the Allison version for its tightness & sweet harmonies. Love the Jerry version for its looseness, funk and, well, Jerry-ness. He sure knew how to pick his covers!I agree w/ the others praising the Plant/Krauss alb. It's really nice & worth checking out.
Peace & Love from NYC!

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