Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beam Me Up, Susanna Hoffs!

I don't get how people can go outside into the bright sunlight without sunglasses on. Walking 50 feet to the mailbox in bright sunlight is too far for me... not too far to walk, too far to go in bright sunlight without sunglasses on. Sometimes I'd stand just inside the door to watch my dog wander around the front yard for awhile and I wouldn't even be outside and I'd need sunglasses. Are my eyes super-sensitive? Nope. (I used to be a vampire but after my reassignment surgery, I'm all better now.) I just don't wanna screw 'em up any more than they already are (For many, many years I was 20/20 but now I'm farsighted.) People should protect their eyes, it's important! I wanna keep my vision as good as it can be -- "The better to see your lovely lady parts with, my dear!"

Anyway, even though the weather outside was a wee bit frightful, my sunglasses I left in Louisville this past weekend. Not good. I've learned my lesson -- own more than one pair!!!

The North Face trail running shoe -- good for use in the Appalachian Mountains ... but seriously, they are rather small compared to the Rocky Mountains ... Sierra Nevada are sweet, too.  Would definitely use 'em in the Alps, that's for sure.  One thing's for sure -- Jerry Garcia or Bob Weir or Phil Lesh or Blaise Compaoré probably never went running in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Pyongyang, 평양 직할시 조선민주주의인민공화국 平壤直轄市 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國, Türkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Кыргызстан, Киргизия, Uzbekistan, O'zbekiston, Ўзбекистон Республикаси, Tajikistan, Тоҷикистон.  Probably the same with Brent Mydland.  At least that's my gut feeling.  I could be wrong.  I mean, there were a lot of drugs at Grateful Dead shows and the good Lord above, He knows I did my share!
Wednesday Afternoon Run: 26 minutes 14 sec
+ 4 seconds

4:45 pm - 50
° - sun goin' down

No sunglasses meant I had to wait to go for my run today. I wanted to go earlier in the day but the sun was a-shinin' right overhead with almost no clouds in the sky and running in bright sunlight without sunglasses would drive me nuts, that is if I even attempted such a stoopid thing. Since I waited for the sun to dip below the treeline on the way down below the horizon, I had not a single minute of eye discomfort. I did have heat discomfort: long-sleeve running shirt was fine to start but I was wayyyyy too warm in the end. That's a problem so minor and insignificant it's not really worth mentioning.

A bit tired and I'm a-fearin' I might be sick (very sore throat causing me to not want to eat which is Ka-raaaaaazzy) but still I had a decent run. Unfortunately I didn't add much time onto my last run time but that was mostly on purpose and I think I'm okay with it. It's been six days since my previous outing and so I didn't want to add that much on and the songs I was using worked out to a mere 4 seconds added. At least I didn't backtrack, ya know . . . I very easily could have just done 23 or 24 minutes and worked my way back up.

Oh, I'm so tired now (more than just a bit) but I think my bod feels good: no soreness and I feel like I want to run again tomorrow! I might not (probably won't) but the fact that I'm wanting to now, that's a great sign.


X ·Jan :: +06 sec· X
1 hour & 44 min
2 hours 42 min
November:2 hours 31 min
October:2 hours 10 min
SEPTEMBER3 Hours 25 min
August:2 hours 39 min
July:2 hours 11 min


Wednesday's Running Playlist
included most of this album...
Bangles - All Over The Place (1984)
The Bangles

All Over The Place

Hero Takes A Fall
All About You
Dover Beach
Tell Me
Going Down To Liverpool
He's Got A Secret
Silent Treatment
More Than Meets The Eye
Walk Like An Egyptian! Nope, not here. That came later. Here's the Bangles' first full-length album, a couple years or so after their debut EP in '82. I find it interesting that Susanna Hoffs doesn't take the vocals on all the songs here. I'm not sure she did on the wildly successful album A Different Light but I think she had the bulk of them. I'm not sure what the breakdown is here. Does it matter? No. I'm typing out of my ass. It doesn't matter who's singing but I do dig Susanna Hoffs on lead vocals. Another interesting thing (to me) is -- is this "alternative" or pop? College rock? I really don't know. Does it really matter? Again, not really. Really? Really.

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"Going Down To Liverpool" -- starring Leonard Nimoy

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated