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"Enunciate, Robert."

Grateful Dead dancing bear~MNS-2009-Volume-002

Grateful Dead - June 13, 1969
Convention Center - Fresno, California

Hard To Handle, Me & My Uncle, Sitting On Top Of The World,
Beat It On Down The Line, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,
China Cat Sunflower-> Morning Dew, St. Stephen->
The Eleven-> Turn On Your Lovelight

The best part of this show, without a doubt, has got to be Bob's wonderful telling of his beloved "Yellow Dog Story." HAAA!!! (What a dork!) "Enunciate, Robert."

Seriously, though...

the Schoolgirl here is an interesting one because there's someone else on yells and vocals -- Ronnie Hawkins. Steam really picks up and when Pig starts playin' that harp of his, the version is complete!

There aren't many times in the history of the good ol' Grateful Dead when a China Cat Sunflower goes into -> something else. Through '68 and the first half of '69, there was no such thing yet as China->Rider; the first time played (that we know about, I believe) for that legendary combo was 9/30/69 in New York City.
Technically, a China->Rider could have occurred prior to 9/30/69 but because of unknown/incomplete setlists from the era, we shall never really know. After that there are only two known occurrences of China Cat-> something else: 3/9/85 and 7/29/88. I love to hear that ride into Rider, but instead we get here a left turn and a slide into Dew... so nicely done! (At the time it wasn't really an unexpected left turn at all as, like I just said, unless someone from The Future was in attendance, no one knew what a China->Rider was!)

Dew is gorgeous and the band here is completely hitting every note and then some, working together as one more than they have up to this point in the show. The momentum just doesn't stop. Phil powers through The Eleven while Jerry adds garnish after garnish after garnish, resting a bit here, wailing again there, bring it down, fire it back up again. Mmm, this just doesn't get old, does it?!

The end is just... wild. Ronnie Hawkins comes back out a little more than halfway through Lovelight and... man, oh my. It's just gotta be heard!

Sound quality ain't the best, it's acceptable. Definitely another classic slice of 1969 and with guest Ronnie Hawkins, it's something a little bit different as well.

transcribed from:

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1 [for Grateful Dead music!]The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1:
An In-Depth Guide to the Music of the Grateful Dead
on Tape, 1959-1974 by Michael Getz and John Dwork

[out of print]

This set gets better with each and every song, steadily rising in intensity until the vibe on stage explodes with unbounded energy. "Li'l Schoolgirl" features Ronnie Hawkins on guest vocals. The segue between "China Cat" and "Morning Dew" is as smooth as could be. "Turn On Your Lovelight" features some very tasteful flute playing (but by whom? We don't know--perhaps Charles Lloyd?), and again Hawkins appears at the end to scream his lungs out with Pigpen.

6-13-69 a.k.a. 06-13-69 a.k.a. 6/13/69 a.k.a. 06/13/69 a.k.a. 69-06-13
Source: Soundboard>
Cassette Master> Cassette> DAT> CD

Audio Quality:
6/13/69 Fresno
@ the Internet Archive:

the Soundboard for Listening Only
Download It Here -- 6/13/69 Fresno TINY STEAL YOUR FACE
Grateful Dead poster - 6/13/69 Convention Center, Fresno, California [from]


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for keepin' on keeping on Chris. Looking forward to a grate year of material...

Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you and Sugarmeg....

Now let's come run and see, run and see, Run and see, run, run and see, and see.

keith h said...

1969 is one of my favorite years of the Grateful Dead's Music. Vintage Pigpen and an interesting set list. I'm downloading gthis now and can't wait to hear this show. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I've been having difficulty with your site recently. Since my winsock got corrupted, I haven't been able to access the internet via windows, so I've been running an old version of Linux, with an equally ancient version of Mozilla. Trouble is, your site has been crashing my computer.

Then this show appeared, and I really wanted it. Don't know why I didn't think of this before, but now I'm using Konqueror to downlad this show.

Thank you so much. I'm itching for anything I can get from 69 and 70.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma! How can I complain about B- sound quality when it's a SBD from 1969? Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

By the way, back in the mid '70s when quality SBDs were few and far between, I used to listen to the awful sounding but intense Flushing Meadow shows from '69 (the first versions of "Slewfoot" and "Green, Green Grass of Home" to surface.) Any chance of posting those? (Assuming they didn't lose their charm with cleaner sound.)

Regardless, just keep doing what you're doing and I'll be a happy man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma!

Happy New Year and your mention of artichokes makes me thing

Artichokes = Mayonnaise

my parents for years growing up never told us you could eat the heart and when we finished the leaves, they said just leave them over in the kitchen...we didn't know why but do know....

Bucephallus said...

thanks for this bit of fun!

Anonymous said...

i will be known here as beer drinking guy..okay?...beautiful poster for this show..where the heck do you find this stuff?...i had no idea ronnie hawkins ever sang with the dead...interesting!thanks...this really makes my day when i get home from work and something like this is there waiting!...nifty!

Zoooma!! said...

People sure do love this era! It's incredible stuff, even in not-so-crispy quality.

What makes me keep the hobby of spreading the music this way is the great reaction from people just like here in these comments. Way cool. Thanks!

I hate to disappoint but I shall visit other years you might care less about, sometimes it'll even be just an average show, but have no fear, I'll surely come 'round to this era as well as other supreme gems again.

Ya just never know so stay tuned!

Might even have more '69-'70 up within a week...

and I'll see what I can do about those Flushing shows. I also had them on tape once upon a time, or at least one of them, same not-so-swell, kinda schwag quality. I think with cleaner sound -- Charm be damned, God/Buddha/Jerry bless the Digital Age!

And Beer Drinking Guy, your moniker's a great one!!! The poster/handbill images: I just grab from and sometimes Wolfgang's Vault. Not all shows have something but I try to check every time.

Thanks again for these comments. Keep 'em comin'!

Risk Rapper said...

I landed on your blog because i see that you are following Risk Rap.

right On Brother.

I'll be a dutiful follower of IMMB.

Must say that your musical tastes and I perceive NJ local gives us something in common.

Just want to say a word about the GD. I was never a Dead Head I always preferred the Allman Brothers. But recently I have acquired a bit of a taste for GD. If you are a follower of Risk Rap you may know that I close each post with a piece of music that is germane to the post.

To date i have used GD music a number of times. They are simply fantastic. I particularly like the David Grisman stuff. Jerry Garcia did a lot to maintain the American song book or should I say "folk book." My only regret in life is the sad admission that I never saw the GD play live. Though I did see Jerry Garcia at the Capitol Theatre in Passiac.

It was great.


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