Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it really time to unite?

1-20-09 The Beginning Of An Error with Barack Obama

Hate Bush and you're smart.
Call him every single horrible name, wish death upon him even.
Kindness is so not needed for such a "despicable" "human being."
Mean, vile hatred is seemingly okay within left wing liberal circles.
It's all good because it's hatred for all things Bush/GOP.

(yes, yes, it occurs from both the left and the right but
there's a disproportionate amount of it from the left.)

Now, if you have the opinion that Obama is the wrong person
for the job of President -- you're an idiot, maybe even a traitor,
maybe even racist. Something's DEFINITELY wrong with you.

That's pure intolerance.

Slightly less than half of the American voters
did not vote for The Savior,
but now they are expected to be the ones to come together.

For 8 years, the liberal left screamed and yelled,
demanded Impeachment and decried all things Bush...
he's "worse than Hitler" some would have you believe.

But now it's time for everyone to come together?

You couldn't unite in the last 8 years under Bush,
but all of a sudden you expect everyone else to under Obama?


Dissent from the left was "patriotic."

Dissent from the right is what? Idiotic?

Interesting the way that works.

I'm sure this'll piss a lot of people off!  HAA!!!  A Grateful Dead Steal Your Face for President George W. Bush!  Amen!

So long, President Bush.
Thank you for keeping us safe.
I pray your successor is able to do the same.

Barack Obama - NOPE! Nobama!!!

Uncle Sam says Don't Trust Barack Obama!


Prof. Festus X. "White Shoes" Throckmorton said...

Dude, it is so good to see a fellow music lover and conservative. Fight the good fight, my man, fight the good fight.

DaisyDeadhead said...

He will be your president too... so Happy Inauguration day!!!

Zoooma!! said...

Professor! Or can I call you White Shoes? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!!

I wouldn't say I'm conservative across the board, far from it, but on certain issues -- hell yeah! It's so important that we don't blindly follow the popular guy or get sucked in to what the media tells us. Too many do, too many have. Some have a very foolish idea that Fox News is the evil channel who told people to vote Republican and who always puts down all things Democrat. In fact, they've been most fair in their coverage of candidates. Independent, non-partisan media watching organizations have that info if one cares to go look for it. While Fox has been Fair, so many of the other media outlets helped turned people into sheeple, promoting Obama as Savior for America. But to some, Fox News is the evil one because they actually dare to give equal time to both a Republican and Democrat point of view. BAD, right? BAD. BAD. BAD. If you think any Conservative viewpoint is bad then you have a point. Other people are more tolerant. It's "dangerous for America" for Fox to do that and that's why they're so hated. (They should present the left wing liberal point of view only just like MSNBC, right?)

Anyway, it's true, Daisy, Obama is now my president but no, it's not a Happy day, not for over 50,000,000 of us. That's a lot of people, don't you agree?

Next question is: are those 50,000,000 people idiots or do we just disagree that Obama's the right man for the job? Are we misguided? Are we brainwashed? Or have we just made up our own minds according to what we know and believe? Are our thoughts and beliefs wrong somehow and perhaps we should all go to re-education camps? Those with hatred in their veins, they'll say vile things about us and it's as natural as breathing for them. Frankly, I'm sick of being called an idiot for not voting for Obama. But I'm not going to say vile things back. That's the difference between those who wish for peace and those who don't give a fuck.

While I don't wish bad things for this administration, no one really knows for sure what next week or next month or next year has in store. A lot could go wrong. No one can say it won't. Maybe it won't. We'll see.

Ron H. said...

Lovin' that W Stealie!

You are right, criticize Obama in any way and you are a racist! So I ask, where does equality begin? It's certainly not a Liberal virtue.
Be strong Zoooma, we still have plenty of ammunition against the Democrats and they will soon be screaming bloody murder when the new Administration gets none of the Left's agenda across. Especially those that would lessen our security.....

Sam said...

Don't hold back, Chris. Tell us how you really feel. :-)

While we disagreed on Obama, I fully respect and am thankful we can do so. And I would never want you to cave to other's beliefs. Then you wouldn't be you and I wouldn't like you so much. So keep up the noise!

Rne said...

I don´t like Obama.
I don´t like Bush.
I do not trust politicians.
And I don´t like --at all-- the way the image of the good ole Dead linked here to comments of the nature of "Thank you Bush for keeping us safe".
The Dead´s music represents the most beautiful side of the human being: the longing for beauty, for expressing one´s soul through art.
Bush represents the most despicable and vile side of our species.
I needed to say that.

Deadman said...

I'm glad I didn't vote for Uncle Tom.

He isn't my fucking president.

Nazz Nomad said...

ok- it's time to give the guy a chance. start bitching and moaning when he starts f#cking up. we gave W a chance, remember? His approval ratings after 9-11 were through the roof, and that was even after his brother stole the election for him! W didn't start getting criticized until he started screwing up big time... how about you give the new guy the same chance?

Zoooma!! said...

Ron H -- good to hear from you again! No, wait... GREAT to hear from ya!! Thanks for stoppin' by and thanks for your comment!

I don't wanna be shootin' down the new administration just yet but that potential lessening of our security, that's serious stuff. Obama, hopefully, won't be goin' all left wing on America otherwise we're really in trouble.

Sam! I sometimes wish I could live an ignorant life and not care at all about this stuff! But nope, I've gotta make the noise!

P.S. I didn't know we disagreed on Obama. Well, at least you're not over here gloating or calling names like so many.

Rne -- greetings. You don't like Bush or Obama? Wow. I find that interesting.

I hear loud and clear what you're sayin' about the Dead's music and what it represents. I know!!!!!!

And I respect that you don't like the W. Stealie I created. That's okay. It's controversial and I know it. There's plenty of controversial "art" that I don't like/agree with but people are free to do it and I'm not gonna put them down for it. I'm not a-sayin' you put me down for the W. Stealie, I'm just a-sayin'...

But what I don't respect is this:

"Bush represents the most despicable and vile side of our species."

That's just simply not true. If you wish you can disagree all day and all week with the President who has done more for Africa than any other President in U.S. history, but what purpose does it serve to state your dislike for him with words like that? I'm tired of that. It's not true. It's not right. I'm not bowing down to the man by any means, but to put him on the same level as Hitler or Hussein or Ahmadinejad, that's just not right.

Deadman, even though we didn't vote for him, I think he is our President whether we like it or not (and we don't.)

And hey Nazz, I'm glad you chimed in. Listen, I'm gonna give President O-hole, excuse me, President Obama every chance to do what's RIGHT for America. Taking each and every day one at a freakin' time ain't gonna be fun, but I am gonna give him a chance. I don't see anything good about giving terrorists lollipops, fuzzy slippers and an ACLU-approved lawyer but I won't slam Obama until it's warranted. Thanks for comin' 'round and commenting, my friend. Catchya later!

Rne said...

Sorry, that´s what I think of Bush. I remember FZ singing "What If Bush gets in the White House? Wouldn´t that qualify as an American tragedy?" back in 1988, talking about Bush senior. Well, they were both (senior and junior) not only an American but an international tragedy. And I´m quite sure about the second statement, for I´m argentine and I see your presidents from the outside. Oh, by the way, Clinton was not that good either. I remember Kosovo.
And, yes, I don´t trust Obama, don´t see any changes coming, actually. Better keep everything as it is if you want to stay alive. There are no coup d`etats in US, but assassinations. (And it makes me laugh the way some people think everything´s gonna change just because he´s an afroamerican)
Anyway, you have your point of view, I have mine. But I have to admit I get pissed off when I see a "stealie" with political content, whether it is Republican, Democrat, Communist, etc.
Let there be songs to fill the air, and keep on posting GD music, it really makes life worthwhile.

Deadman said...

ok- it's time to give the guy a chance. start bitching and moaning when he starts f#cking up.

Calling bullshit here. The magic nigger has fucked up plenty, most notably yesterday with his race-baiting pastor.

I don't have to give this asshole shit.

And yeah, negro, nigger, black day, what the fuck ever. if we are going to be accused of racism during the inaugural address, well, I at least want to get to use the words.

Welcome to four years of race-baiting horseshit by Obama's suporters.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a "deadhead" for the Republicans? Yeah, I saw it coming in the early 90's. It's part of the reason I stopped going to shows
at this time. Large crowds of frat-boy yahoos drinking too much and tripping too hard. If you can't get behind Obama, I feel sorry for you. The guy represents a postive and optimistic leader of the good 'ol US. No more business as usual (rob and steal the taxpayers to economic collapse). Wake up, friend. Do you think Jerry would have voted for Obama or McCain?

Nazz Nomad said...

The "Uncle Tom" comment from Deadman is classy.
Very classy.
Nice country we live in.

Zoooma!! said...

Wow, a "deadhead" for the Republicans? Yeah, I saw it coming in the early 90's. It's part of the reason I stopped going to shows
at this time. Large crowds of frat-boy yahoos drinking too much and tripping too hard.

You stopped going because of the ugly parking lot scene or the Deadheads with conservative thoughts? I sure hope it wasn't the latter. That would just be completely intolerant if you can't bring yourself to associate with people who dig the same music as you but have different ideas on other things.

And wait -- you callin' me a Republican? I've never in my life stated that, I'd never be registered that, I said just yesterday that I'd sooner slit my wrists than be affiliated with any one political party.

If you can't get behind Obama, I feel sorry for you.

You must have a very low opinion of just under half of the citizens of the United States of America.

I feel sorry for you that you seemingly feel your way of thinking is right while others are wrong and inferior.

The guy represents a postive and optimistic leader of the good 'ol US.

Give me a break. It's Hype. I don't care what he represents, what does he bring to the table? Obama is nothing but Hype in an Empty Suit. He was merely "Present" the whole time while the mainstream media built Him into The Savior. Hitler gave great speeches, too.

No more business as usual (rob and steal the taxpayers to economic collapse).

Democrat politicians are always innocent? Congress had it's worst approval rating ever. Congress. Republicans AND Democrats.

But hey, if Dems are saints and I'm blind to that, I'll have to get someone to slap me in the face and wake my ass up 'cause I truly had no idea Dems are all saints who always spend every dollar the way they should to help Joe Citizen. No Dem ever in political scandal, either? Good to know!

Wake up, friend.

Remember? -- I don't think Obama's the right man for the job. Would you really have a beer with me and call me your friend?

Do you think Jerry would have voted for Obama or McCain?

Well, dang it, all to hell, I really should have considered What Would Jerry Do? I totally should have considered who Jerry would have voted for and voted the exact same way. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

Zoooma!! said...

Nazz, speaking of classy, how about the end of the benediction speech given by Obama-chosen Reverend Lowery?

Was Reverend Wright unavailable?

Deadman, I don't agree with the speech you use concerning race, I don't think two wrongs make a right and it just ain't best to stoop way way way WAY down to their PATHETIC level, but I have the same concerns about this seemingly racist President. (Yes, yes, Bush was racist, too, of course he was, he hated black people. Oh, how I love empty rhetoric.)

We can't possibly be a nation united as one when the man Obama chose to give the benediction calls whitey racist. That's fucking offensive as hell.

Wasn't it Pastor Rick Warren from the RIGHT who was going to be the divisive and evil one?

Way to go Obama. I'm racist. Thank you.

Nazz Nomad said...

Rick Warren was an ugly choice. No arguing there. But I have been hearing too many racial taunts. You wanna classify Obama as an empty suit? Fine. But to continue this horrible track regarding race is awful. White OR black.

Zoooma!! said...

I haven't followed it, Nazz, and I have no opinion on it but I'm fairly sure a lot of arguments have been made that Rick Warren was an okay choice. (I don't wanna argue it here.) At least Warren didn't speak of anything divisive.

But it was Obama's choice of Reverend Lowery who did say something divisive. Not only divisive but he called me a racist, he called my family racists, he called my friends racists. So many Cult Followers... errr, umm, I mean Obama supporters are going to run away with that and propagate the hell out of it. Are we taking a step forward towards a more unified nation? Or two steps back?

I have not checked but has Obama condemned those words yet? Has an apology been issued? But then again, the media Hyped him into office while he made sky high left wing promises he can't keep so what's an apology from an Empty Suit worth? All his apology would say to me is he's "Present."

Obama = Unity.

That's a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

Dissent is fine. But you don't dissent, you just hate. You offer absolutely NO reasons for your anti Obama stance except for some lame belief that he is a liberal.
You don't dissent, you whine like a little girl.
Buck up loser. With people like you in 1776 we'd still be under the thumb of the British.


now...delete this QUICKLY!

Zoooma!! said...

Awwww, you're so kind.

I might be sarcastic but the difference between me and you is I'm not full of hatred as you are. I've expressed my dismay that Obama is President but not hatred for the man.

And I'm not going to call you any bad names. Why you feel it's okay to do so, I have no idea.

Then again, I don't even know why I'm bothering with you. You're the same person who has said you A) Voted for McCain and B) claimed you're a 13 year old girl.

Like the Guy from Indy who believes 9/11 was an inside job, you have NO credibility and I should've just deleted your idiocy.

Annie said...

the uncle tom comment says it all. i suppose the one 'good' thing about the historic outcome of the election is that racists are exposed. which is incredibly depressing to me, realizing how far we HAVEN'T come since the emancipation proclamation.

and anons. comment about the changes in the crowds andrepub. frat boys isn't a fabrication, especially to those of us old and decrepit enough to recall how strangely out scene after the secret was finally out. especially by 1987.

Anonymous said...

Zoooma - I have been worried about the national impact of the next president for months, whichever side won. Like you I would never register for a politcal party. Groucho said "I wouldn't join any club that would have someone like me for a member."

To me the election choices were between inexperienced good intentions; or continuing policies that have destroyed the American middle class, our respect around the world, and chances to prevent environmental catastrophe. So you can prolly guess my choice.

But, I agree that the current fixation and high hopes are bordering on hysteria which remind me of precursors to some of the worst events in human history. I also agree that power corrupts, and this near hysteria makes the dangerous potential much greater.

My worst fear is that people will not pay attention to the details and get lost in the media spin. Much the same as what happened after 9/11; only in the opposite direction. A nation of sheep begets a goverment of wolves.

Yet anyone looking at the larger historical picture can see that human progress has never been in a straight line. We fluctuate between opposite poles to maintain a generally central course. That doesn't happen by chance, but rather through intelligent oversight of an informed populace.

OK I'm rambling here, but doing so to create a different tone to this conversation. Reading through the comments in the past week, your blog seems to be fostering a very uncomfortable vibe. Of course dissent is always patriotic, but negativism and obstructionism is not dissent; it's a self fulfilling prophecy of doom for our country. I hope thats not your intention. -bluesmutt

Zoooma!! said...

"and anons. comment about the changes in the crowds andrepub. frat boys isn't a fabrication

No it's not a fabrication (not that I said or implied it was) but were all the frat boys Republicans? Is there statistical data? Just wondering.

And, because the comment wasn't too clear, did Anonymous stop going to Grateful Dead shows because of the frat boy/ugly parking lot scene? Or because Anonymous simply did not wish to mingle with Deadheads with any conservative ideas? If the latter is true, pretty narrow-minded, isn't it? (I'm not accusing, just asking.)

And the racism thing is so true, Annie. Just extra sad that some of it is Obama-sponsored in the form of Reverend Lowery giving the Inauguration Benediction calling everyone in the white race a racist.

Zoooma!! said...

Bluesmutt -- thanks for your comments and for being so civil! I truly can't express how much civility (rather than contempt) is appreciated.

I don't want doom for our country but I'm scared for the direction of certain issues right now. Hope is great but Change, while well-intentioned in the minds of some, might not, in reality, work out for the best.

But me personally, I'm a-keepin' an open mind; I'm praying for things to somehow work out for the best.

The title of the post right after this one is what I want -- a return to normalcy for Inspiration, Move Me Brightly... a few random items of this or that of a non-political nature and a lot of good music.

I don't want a negative vibe for this blog to continue but this is a very turbulent moment and I just can't keep my mouth shut and/or ignore it all. A great many Americans just don't see much wonderful change on the horizon and that concerns me. What also concerns me is being called a racist on Inauguration Day and the fact that having the opinion Obama is the wrong man for the job means we're idiots, we should have hateful insults hurled at us, and we should be treated as second-class citizens. How special.

A return to music will commence on the morrow!


Annie said...

i didn't see his speech that way at all. i loved it. and i am as white as can be.

Ron H. said...

I'm white and I'm gonna do what's right! Sit back and listen to some good ole Grateful Dead, to block out the bad vibes coming out of Washington and the nightmare to come.........

Zoooma!! said...

"when white will embrace what is right"

Racial identity bullcrap.

We, us white people, we're not doing what's right. All of us. None of us have gotten there yet. No exceptions were made.

(And perhaps Lowery meant those white people who didn't vote for the black man and who don't think he should be President, none of us are embracing what is right? I know that is the opinion of many Obama supporters . . . but is it legitimate?)

So far, we've been divided under Obama . . . not united.

(Unless Obama has today issued an apology? I'm not sure that's happened yet.)

Deadman said...

I guess the libtards commenting here can't tell sarcasm when they hear it. What the fuck do you know about me, Annie?

Read my comment again before you jump on the Lowery bandwagon and call someone a racist simply because the word "nigger" appeared in something they wrote.

And Nazz Nomad?

Fuck you, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zooma, do you know who said...

"America is still mostly xenophobic and racist. That's the nature of America, I think."

"What we do is as American as lynch mobs. America has always been a complex place."

"Stuff that's hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don't know what it does."

"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

Well, I guess by now you've realized it was Jerry. And he also said, "For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part."

Looks like not much has really changed in the last 40 or so years, huh?

Brother, I may not always agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it. And as long as it doesn't get too inflammatory I will show respect. Now if the line gets crossed and respect is thrown in the trash, I may hurl trash back.

Zooma says, "Hey! So listen, while I don't wanna delete comments, if your plan is to hurl insults at either blog of the blog owners here, you might run the risk of being deleted so think twice, okay? Civil discussion without being hateful might get ya somewhere but being so full of hatred serves no positive purpose."

So Chris, when are you going to delete the hateful and vulgar comments posted by "Deadman"?

And in response to all the Rev. Joseph Lowery jabs, he did conclude his benediction with these words, "Let all who do justice and love mercy say amen and say amen."


Anonymous Deadhooker

Sugarmag said...

Wow. Things sure have gotten ugly around here. I had some things I was going to say about my take on Lowery's speech but what's the point? Everyone's talking but no one is listening, it's like we are all talking past each other. H2O, I deleted your comment yesterday because that thing you mentioned was none of your business but for the record, I wouldn't withhold my affections because I disagree with something my lover said. I would only be punishing myself.

Deadman said...

The problem isn't everyone talking past each other. It's typical elitist bullshit from libtards talking down to everyone who didn't drink the Obama koolaid and don't agree that he's a saint, saviour and innocent of reverse racism.

You're right, there is no point in arguing about Obama with those who support him. Why would his supporters want to admit they did something as stupid as elect him?

Zoooma!! said...

Anonymous whose comments keep getting axed: you claimed 9/11 was an inside job. Right? Then this is a very rare exception when I don't care what I say to you -- fuck off. I will give no time to conspiracy theorist assholes when it comes to the al-Qaeda planned terrorist actions on 9/11 that killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans. To claim our government had a hand in it is the most downright pathetic thinking and I swear to God I wish you'd just up and move to Sweden or something. Just go away.

Anonymous Deadhooker... hey now.

You said: "So Chris, when are you going to delete the hateful and vulgar comments posted by "Deadman"?"

I've decided that I'm through with people hurling insults at me or at Sugarmag ... there's someone out there who's been flyin' off the wall including her in the moronic comments left here and people just hate me because I'm a Deadhead who has some conservative ideas about our country, against socialism, against higher taxes, and about kicking terrorists asses rather than asking them what flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream they want.

I've also decided that in comments, like right here, if people want to argue in a tone that's not exactly calm and civil, I'll allow that and let them have their say because it's probably about something important to them and I don't want to restrict that.

But if someone clicks to comment with one purpose in mind and that's to hurl insults in my or Sugarmag's direction then I don't want to deal with that crap. No time for it. Plain and simple.

"And as long as it doesn't get too inflammatory I will show respect."

That's what I'm now going for -- non-inflammatory and respectful disagreement from my fingers to the eyes of others but I won't control the actions of others.

Hopefully people commenting directly with me or Sugarmag can disagree and discuss in a civil manner. For some that's purely (and sadly) impossible because they feel hatred is okay and those who don't think the "correct" way (me, according to some,) they deserve to be insulted. Nice.

"And in response to all the Rev. Joseph Lowery jabs, he did conclude his benediction with these words, "Let all who do justice and love mercy say amen and say amen.'"

He did. But no white people apply according to his previous statement.

"when white will embrace what is right" says that not you nor I nor any caucasian human being has done what is right. "When" means it has not happened yet and he didn't differentiate between those white people who have done right and those who haven't. His statement says: ALL.

But the question still remains -- why divide us when Obama's goal is to unite us? Mr. President Unifier has not condemned the divisive words of Lowery so he must agree with them. Again -- nice.

Deadman said...

You said: "So Chris, when are you going to delete the hateful and vulgar comments posted by "Deadman"?"

Yep, same old shit. Elitist Deadheads pretending that they are the only ones who know what's "right" and accusations of racism towards bloggers they don't know and then the icing on the cake:

Someone calling herself "Dead Hooker" pretending to be offended by me saying "fuck". I'm willing to bet you've said "Fuck Bush": a lot over the last eight years, Dead Hooker. Do you really make your living fucking? Or is it just a fantasy? And I'm ofdfensive? Go figure.

Fucking hypocrites.

What the fuck ever. Who needs this shit, Zoooma? Not me. Been there, done that. You know that all too well.

Deadman said...

H20...This is my blog and I will say what I like. - Sugar Mag

Yep, saw that before you deleted it babe.

Like you have been deleting my and H2O's comments. And here I thought it was Zooma's blog...it used to be.

I guess we know who wears the pants around here.

H2o said...

Saw your comment Mags why did you delete it. True this is Zoooma's blog and yes you're a guest blogger at his site. But Chirs has posted more than once what you two do. I made my comment in jest and meant nothing by it. He emailed me asking me not to hate you. I told him point blank I do NOT hate people. I dislike them and the things they do or say. I also told him to keep his private talk private. Deadman also pointed this out to him in a email. I picked up on the P.S. talk along with others. So stop with the act it doesn't work for me. As soon as Blogrolling gets it's act together I will de-link Zoooma from my roll. He seems like a really nice person and I agree with all of what he has to say. I just don't like the copmany he keeps and I do plan on explaining this to him in a email. The way I see it Mags... what goes around comes around and you my dear will get it in the end. With that said, have a good weekend.

Zoooma!! said...

"And here I thought it was Zooma's blog...it used to be.

I guess we know who wears the pants around here."

While I'm the one who primarily posts here, Sugarmag can do what she'd likes as she has equality... but that doesn't mean we're in agreement over everything.

I've not deleted your or H2o's comments and I'm not happy with those deletions. I don't understand the bickering. Frankly, it makes no sense to me and I'm not happy with it.

Sugarmag said...

Deadman, I am pretty sure I haven't deleted any of your comments. "Who wears the pants?" Are you serious? Give me a break. I really don't think Nazz deserved what you said. I have no problem with the word fuck, I just don't think that Nazz said anything like that to you.

H2O, the reason why I deleted your comment and my response to it is that I am upset by this level of discourse and I don't want to contribute to it any more than I already have.

H2o said...

I told you the other day I was done. With that said...You may delete all my comments and take me off the blog roll.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I don't want to highjack your blog's comment section but I feel the need to respond to "Deadman". I hope you don't mind too much.

"Someone calling 1-herself 2-"Dead Hooker" 3-pretending to be offended by me saying "fuck"."

1- Although my gender is not relevant to any of my comments, if you want to be correct you must change the term to "himself".

2- No space and no capital h...Deadhooker: a member of the Grateful Dead internet community known as Deadhook

3- No pretense, and no objection to the word itself. My objection is more to your use of a very objectionable racial epithet

I may not have agreed with Bush...I may have questioned his right to inhabit the White HOuse during his "first term" and I may have referred to him as an incompetent idiot, but I never had any desire to "fuck Bush". And none of my negative opinions were based on his race, his gender nor his political affiliation. Those negative perceptions were just that, my own personal perceptions based on what I witnessed on a day to day basis. You see, that is all I had to go on since I've never met George W. Bush and am not omnipotent.

It makes no difference to me if you are male or female(or something in between); black, white or otherwise; Democrat, Republican(or even Democan-Republicrat). What I find offensive is your general attitude of hatefulness and disrespect. That's righ brother I am playing the "respect card". All people deserve a degree of respect, if you are unable to see that I wll pray for you because you are a lost soul.

If an attitude of unity and brotherhood is hypocritical, then I must plead guilty. I see no reason why people of divrgent ideology cannt coexist peacefull and work for the common good.

Peace to you Deadman, and to all who assemble here

Anonymous Deadhooker

H2o said...

Mags, I have said it in a comment before and I guess I'll repeat myself. I made the comment in jest to Chris not you. But you have to understand if you're going to talk about certain subjects on a blog that is for public reading it may come back and unpleasant as it may be...things will be said about the topic. Not only did I catch it in a couple of posts but other people did too and they couldn't believe that you two would talk about something so private in public. Deadman even emailed Chris and told him he may not want to talk about something so private. I'm not going to sit here and keep repeating myself over and over. Your upset... oh well. You pissed me off by talking down to me. Once again oh well. I'm done with the drama. With that said, I asked in a nice way to have my link taken off the blog roll and for my comments to be deleted. I will understand if you don't delete the comments but I do want to be taken off the blog roll.

Zoooma!! said...

Heya H2o, you're on my blog list as Sugarmag has her own, I'd be unhappy to remove ya as the thought never crossed my mind to.

Deadman said...

Like H2O, I don't appreciate being talked down to.

My comment with the racial epithets was designed to make a point. If the libtards here had brains, they would see that instead of acting like elitist pricks and calling people who aren't "racist".

If it wasn't for that attitude, I wouldn't tell anyone to fuck off. Oh well.

Further, H2O has made a couple of polite requests to be removed from the blogroll. I think her request should be honored. I don't care one way or another if I'm linked or not, but after this shitshow I doubt I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I love that you're a Dead lover and a Conservative. I thought I was the only one out there.

I hope the guy fails. Miserably. I'm not a Rush fan, but he said it best last night. I hope he goes down hard. Resist obama. I think the site is www.grassfire.org

Keep up the very, very good work, my friend.

Annie said...

Man, has this election revealed some ugly shit. Hoping Obama fails is hoping that we as a nation fail. And you thought the left were sore losers.

Zoooma!! said...

"Hoping Obama fails is hoping that we as a nation fail."

That's not really true, Annie. Allow me to explain a little.

There are many of us who NEVER want to see taxes raised.

There are many of us who NEVER want to see ANY form of socialized healthcare put into place. (That doesn't mean we don't care about people who don't have any/good access to healthcare, we just recognize that's it's not a Right given to us in the Constitution and we don't want our money taken from us specifically to pay for others.)

We also want to see STRONG national security measures so we are NEVER attacked again.

If Obama fails to implement really big promises, that won't necessarily hurt America, but it will please those who have some conservative (or middle of the road) ideals.

Wanting Obama to fail does NOT mean America has to fail because of those failings.

I personally want Obama to fail in his desire to implement certain things that the left wing crowd has wet dreams over. Fortunately, we hope, it won't be easy for him to do so because reality in Washington, D.C. is a slap in the face compared to the ease of making campaign promises spoken to crowds who would bend over and let a dog lick their ass if Obama told them to.

Hopefully Anonymous there doesn't want harm to come to America because to the person who does -- while I want to be tolerant of differing viewpoints, there are some that I will spit in the face of and the idea that harm should come to America, that's one of them!

Oh, and I wasn't gonna comment on it but since I'm here -- I feel very uncomfortable being called a Conservative. Yes, I have some conservative ideas but does that make me one? I also have an open mind and I have liberal ideas. So what am I? Neither Right Wing nor Left Wing. Neither Dem or Repub. Again -- I'd sooner slit my wrists than EVER pledge allegiance to a political party or a politician because of the (D) or (R) next to his or her name.

Annie said...

I'm done. It's just too much of a let down around here, and I go for the up, to quote Todd Rundgren.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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