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Emerald City Garcia

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25 years ago tonight...

Jerry Garcia Band - January 13, 1984
Paramount Northwest Theatre
Seattle, Washington

1st Set: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), They Love Each Other,
I Second That Emotion, Simple Twist Of Fate, Run For The Roses

Set 2: Cats Under The Stars, I'll Take A Melody, Mississippi Moon,
Love In The Afternoon, Tangled Up In Blue

As I got this Audience source JGB show into my ears, I wasn't too terribly happy with the Audio Quality. The sound is a little distant/a little muddy at times but most of the instrumentation is fairly clear. The recording is pretty bass-heavy so you're gettin' a lot John while Jerry plays away. As the show went on I adjusted just fine.

I'm sure there are a whole bunch of nice moments from Jerry in the first set but due to the recording, they're not all perfectly audible. When things gets mightily slowed down for Simple Twist, that's when Jerry's playing shines most. There's a lot of bass throughout but John's solo here, while nice and mellow, definitely stands out and the crowd really appreciates the way he and Jer meld so perfectly.

Coming back from the set break, Jerry is in exceptional form on Cats Under The Stars. It also seems by now that the taper got the bass (problem) fixed: there's just enough not without being so completely front and center.

I'll Take a Melody features just the best vocals from Jer: so nice that it's a shame this is an Aud. I s'pose 'tis best to be thankful that it even exists otherwise we'd not be able to hear how great the band sounds! They really push forward with a lot of ummph, working up the louder moments in the song while Jerry steadily steers up and down every hill and through every turn. Finally here we get to hear Melvin shine some on organ (much of this show to this point he's been lost in the recording mix.) Wow! -- the ultimate peak of this tune, with about three minutes left, just blows the roof off the theater!! Whew!!

Just about the same thing happens in Mississippi Moon with the Jerry leading another charge to work the crowd up. Afterwards it's he and Melvin who do the melding to ride this so confidently forward. There's no slacking here in the second set.

The grand highlight of the show (for me) may have passed but the gorgeousosity of the music continues right on through to the end of the set. Tangled Up has great energy and finishes off so nicely.

Not the best show in sound quality or overall performance quality but it's another perfectly listenable Jerry show so that makes it okay by me!

Why do I even post shows that aren't the best? Why not. Actually I have a better answer than that one. You see, someone out there, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow or even next week or even next month, might be looking for this particular show and if the only place they can find a copy is here, then I'm happy to hook that person up! Enjoy!

Jerry Garcia Band ticket for 1/13/84 Paramount Northwest Theatre, Seattle, Washington [from: www.psilo.com]

Source: Sony ECM 270 mics>
Master Audience Cassette
by Pat Lee> SHN

Audio Quality:
Jerry Garcia Band 1/13/84
@ Archive.org:

as of Jan 13, 2009, there is
still NO Garcia at The Archive.
Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Maria Muldaur, Buzz Buchanan.  Songs by Robert Hunter and Bob Dylan and others.  A few people were absent: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Ron Pigpen McKernan, Tom Constanten, Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick, Bruce Hornsby, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Merl Saunders, Nicky Hopkins, Melvin Seals, Ron Tutt, David Kemper, David Nelson, Rob Wasserman, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Branford Marsalis and more. Download The Show Right Here Small CATS UNDER THE STARS

Garcia Band 1/13/84 Set 1 -- -- -- Set 2 JGB Seattle 1/13/84
01-13-84 aka 1/13/84 aka 01/13/84 84-01-13

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