Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking a Leak: Episode 1

Calvin Pissing on Barack Obama

Awwww... that's so cute.


H2o said...

You need one with the kid taking a shit on the big O-hole.

I'm surprised Obama didn't insist on being sworn in on Black day. We're screwed....

Sugarmag said...

Zoooma, I love you Babe but this is starting to get ugly. Your cynicism is understandable but enough already. The last video about the Jedi mind trick? Fine. This, I don't feel good about. I guess it's at least in part because I never liked the Calvin peeing on things drawings...but listen, Obama was democratically elected to be the next President of the United States. I am an American who loves my country and I am hoping for the best for us all in the next four years, as I did both times Bush was elected. When Bush was elected the first time I wanted to like him, I really did and I gave him a chance. Yes many people did not bother to hide their disdain for President Bush and they were disrespectful but that does not make it ok to reflect those same attitudes toward Obama. I think you are above this sort of thing. For example, your criticism about the amount being spent on the inauguration-that is a legitimate criticism but this sort of thing, urinating on Obama, that's uncalled for.

H2o-taking a shit on the next President of the United States? Really? By black day do you mean the celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday? Do you not believe that Martin Luther King, a man who fought for justice and human rights, was a national hero who should be celebrated? I do! Obama can't insist on being sworn in on the 19th, it doesn't work that way. As for us being screwed, I doubt that very much.

Anonymous said...

o.k. we all get it ,your a G.O.P. fan, we all know what that stands for "GRAND OLD PRICKS".
let us hope for some great things to change for the better in the next 4 yrs.remember it took 8 yrs to screw us all this hard.when the G.O.P.stop hidding behind the church,big business & standing up for AMERICAN WORKERS rights of all kinds,i might vote for them.But untill then,a cold day in hell !
the guy from INDY,IN.U.S.A.

Zoooma!! said...

Guy from INDY -- Just 'cause I don't think this pompous, egotistical, unaccomplished, inexperienced, "Present", Cult of Personality is right for the job, that don't mean I'm all about the GOP. Grand Old Pricks? That wasn't very nice. You make it sound like they're all corrupt. And the Dems are saints who care about Americans a whole lot more? Yeah. That's a laugh. Getting to Washington has a funny way of making every caring politician into, well, a politician. Then again, it doesn't take getting to Washington to do that, just ask Governors Ryan and Blagojevich.

So who do we trust? The guy who votes "Present" and who wants to show the world he can outspend Bush on his inauguration? Way to get off on the right foot, Mr. Caring Prez.

Just like all the rest... only this one wants to treat terrorists like they Kindergarteners who wish to sip hot chocolate and have a warm blankie when they're cold. I guess now we shouldn't even call them terrorists, how about people who are just fighting for what they believe in. Sure they want us dead, but let's talk to them and treat them as human beings, maybe they'll go and tell their friends how nice the Americans are. They'll all change their mind and stop wanting us dead.

Yeah... that might work.

Annie said...

wow. check yourself before you wreck yourself... i guess you won't be seeing 'the dead' this spring, since they enthusiastically support obama, right?

H2o said...

Sugarmag, Get your panties out of a wad will ya. We're grown ups here and I won't get into a one sided shit show with you. Zoooma has come to my site and left comments about O-hole and just so you know Zoooma I agree with you on what you have to say. With that said... I feel like I should be able to come over to Zoooma's place and leave comments as well without being sent to timeout because you don't agree with what I have to say. You need to understand that not everyone is thrilled with the King O-hole being sworn in tomorrow. So if you don't mind Mags ease up a little. It's just a comment.

Deadman said...

I've been dealing with asshole Deadhead bloggers for years who have tried to convince me that somehow there is a political party affiliation that is necessary in order to be in the club. Sugar Mag, YOU know who some of those assholes are.

Fuck ANYONE who thinks that way.

Furthermore, all we've been hearing for eight years is "Dissent is patriotic". Yes it is, so I, for one, am backing H2O's feeling that someone should shit on the O-hole before he shits on all of us collectively.

Fuck me I get sick of these self-righteous pricks who think their shit doesn't stink because they lived in tents while following the Grateful Dead around the country. Grow the fuck up, quit smoking dope, bathe and get a fucking job...

Zoooma!! said...

"Dissent is patriotic"

Deadman, haven't you heard? -- Not if you think Obama is the wrong man for the job:

"Stupidity is NOT patriotic. are a traitor" says one of my fans.

Hey, Chief, does that mean we hate our country?

And no, Annie, I won't be paying $50 to $100 to see the Dead but it has nothing to do with their support for Obama -- that's an idiotic price to pay for a 3-hour concert and it's one thing that has gone horribly wrong about this great nation. I'll wait until I can get the recordings for essentially nothing.

And while I don't agree with The Dead's political position, despite what some might think, I am intelligent and open-minded to be able to separate the foolish thinking from the music they play. If tickets were $40 tops and the band wasn't up there on stage spewing forth praise for The Socialist Savior, I'd have a great time. But me not going has nothing to do with their political position.

Thankfully when the GD were around, they never played political events to support a candidate for office. Weir did but neither Jerry or the Dead ever took part.

Politics is ugly, politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle are corrupt millionaire bastards who serve themselves and lobbyists while grossly MISSPENDING our taxpayer dollars. Music is beautiful. What a Wonderful World when the two do not collide.

Anonymous said...

Zooma, I'm really glad you clarified a position, saying:

politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle are corrupt millionaire bastards who serve themselves and lobbyists while grossly MISSPENDING our taxpayer dollars.

I couldn't agree more. The problem is that it seems you only want to focus criticism in one direction.

Zoooma!! said...

"it seems you only want to focus criticism in one direction."

I'm not going to dredge up the past but next time there's a corrupt Republican in the news, I'll criticize that moron just as much as I will a Democrat. No matter what Letter they have next to their name, if they're getting in trouble, that's pathetic and maybe I'll post about it. Maybe I'll never post about another corrupt politician again. But there's no way in hell I'll ever give a Republican a pass if he or she is caught up in scandal or wrongdoing.

Zoooma!! said...

And contrary to the rash assumptions of some, I am not a Republican who bows down to the GOP. I'd sooner slit my wrists than pledge allegiance to a political party. Getting to Washington changes people. Someone who truly wants to serve the people turns into just another politician.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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