Monday, January 5, 2009

"For you ethnomusicologists."

First new tunes of 2009...

Had a comment today from a GD downloader from Croatia. So cool to hear from people when they appreciate the tunes!

Croatia! And to think there are Deadheads right here in the U.S. who stop by and download quite often and never say a word. Ah well. At least some people are friendly enough to say Thanks! To all the people who've commented before - Thanks backatchya!!!

Let's get on with things, eh...

-- Grateful Dead 12/28/69 Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Florida - soundboard (SBD) download (mp3 - 320 kbps) and setlist ... THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED 2009 - VOL. 1
Grateful Dead -- 12/29/68
Gulfstream Park Race Track, Hallandale, Florida

Miami Pop Festival
12-29-68 a.k.a. 68-12-29 --
Turn On Your Lovelight, Dark Star-> St. Stephen-> The Eleven-> Drums->
The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment, And We Bid You Goodnight

Mmmm. That's really the only word needed for this hour of music. Mmmm. It might only be an hour but it feels like forever because of how much blistering Jerry there is here. It's difficult for me to decide the best part of this but it might be the Cryptical. Wow.

Two days before the new year, south Florida, about halfway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale... holy cow, there's nowhere else I'd've rather been!

Source: Soundboard>
Cassette Master> DAT> CD

Audio Quality:
12/29/68 Hallandale
@ the Internet Archive:

the Soundboard for Listening Only
Download It Here -- 12/29/68 Gulfstream Park TINY STEAL YOUR FACE
bumper sticker: Miami Pop Festival with the Grateful Dead, Gulfstream Park Race Track, Hallandale, Florida, December 28, 29, 30, 1968 [borrowed from]


Anonymous said...

thanks for this...not heard it yet....this is one of my fav. periods!!!!... i am drinking a beer and waiting for it to download!4 stars....must be great thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hello again!I wake up this morning and first thing I saw-a new show.And what a show-1968.Last song is And We Bid You Goodnight,not Attics of my life!Thanks again,Grateful Boki!

Zoooma!! said...

Anonymous #1 -- I can be a little liberal in the Stars-for-Sound-Quality department. I'm not sure I've ever given a show 2 stars but perhaps that's partially because of this new digital age... when compared to ye olde analog, there's not a lot of truly crappy SBDs out there! Anyway, I hope my 4-star rating jives with you and I hope you're diggin' the tunes. Thanks for commenting!

Grateful Boki -- Hello again to you! Thanks for telling me that I had typed Attics as the last song. Whoops. All fixed. Right before posting this show, I was listening to something else with Attics... and I'll have to work on getting that posted kind of soon for ya! Good to hear from you again!

henryband said...

YES!!!! My favorite era. A great way to start off the new year. Many many thanks.

Anonymous said...

the hole band is "SMOKIN HOT"on this show! worth the download:)
the guy from INDY,IN.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Love the 68-70 stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great - this show was off my radar before today, many thanks


Anonymous said...

...and love that dark star - a great snagging versio [can't define that - just the image it gives me!]

qef [agin]

Adam said...

Ah, I see someone else pointed out the "typo" regarding the WBYG rather than Attics to close the show. That said, the stretch beginning on 8/20/68 and running through all of '69 it generally my favorite time period for the GD. For me, there is a perfect combination of all the things I NEED to really get high on music: fearlessness; invention; virtuosity; and fun! You share some of the best stuff, and I'm glad folks (finally) seem to be willing to say thanks! Go Zoooma Go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma! Not the cleanest SBD in the archive but a nice bump up from my previous copy (more balanced levels and a little punchier.) I remember back in '74 at the San Diego Comic Con talking with two poster dealers (I was a youngin' of 14 at the time.) They were both joking about getting shirts printed up that said "Bring Back The Aggressive Grateful Dead!" and '68 - '70 shows are definitely what they were referring to. Keep up the great work, it's like discovering an unopened xmas present every night!

Anonymous said...

hey me again...the beer drinking guy..just listened to the other one..and it is ferocious ...the band is berserk!...other eras have different qualities that make them special but during this period the band was an out of control psychedelic wonder that it was dick latvala's fav. time for the boys...garcia is sputtering and feedbacking all over the place...a complete maniac..the band obviously could never have kept up this wild intensity for too long but thank GOD they reached this peak..and GOD and drugs surely had some hand in this stuff!...ha!..."bring back the aggressive dead"...indeedy!...the sound quality was fine for me this blows my roof off!...thanks soooo much!

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