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No electric instruments needed

100Days---Day068--middleJerry Garcia & John Kahn 6-5-82

Jerry Garcia & John Kahn -- November 23, 1984
With Special Guest: Robert Hunter
Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia

aka 11-23-84 aka 11-23-84 aka 84-11-23 setlist & mp3 download
Robert Hunter: Promontory Rider, Jack Straw, Rock Columbia,
Easy Wind, Touch Of Darkness, Tiger Rose, Amagamalin Street,
Box Of Rain, Boys In The Barroom

Jerry & John, 1st Set: Deep Elem Blues, Friend Of The Devil, Little Sadie,
Peggy-O, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, Run For The Roses

2nd Set: When I Paint My Masterpiece, I've Been All Around This World,
Jack-A-Roe, Bird Song, Goodnight Irene

What a great little set the lyrical master turns in here. Promontory cuts in with a verse or two missing but after that it's just so smooth. Easy Wind is always loved and Tiger Rose is certainly a standout as Robert just loves to rock that one. Box of Rain was clearly the winner of the hour but the way Hunter plays his acoustic and adds in some harmonica at times, he makes every song perfect.

Jerry & John provide more beautiful acoustic music on this night after Thanksgiving in Norfolk. Peggy-O makes its first ever appearance with Jerry outside of the Grateful Dead. This is ultra-rare and would be played by Jerry just three more times on this tour and that's it.

In the text file/source info for this show, the taper says Jerry's voice is hurtin' and I'd have to somewhat agree with that -- he's not at his strongest here.

An oddity for me is not being a huge fan of a tune by the Dead or Jerry and one that might fit that category is Masterpiece but I'm really diggin' this one.
Splendid is Jerry's playing alongside his other bass partner; he's got some really nice ooomf here and the jam they get into is so, so good. King of the night, though, is Bird Song. Kahn is exceptional here; he and Jerry are magic together on this. A GD Bird Song, with six or seven guys, can take off and soar but here it's just two guys alone making that happen.

A great night of music and a GREAT recording. Soundboard not needed! This is gorgeous!

Source: Audience>
Master Cassette> SHN
(Sennheiser ME80 mics)

Audio Quality:
11/23/84 Chrysler Hall

As of 11/30/08 there's no Garcia or
solo Hunter at the Internet Archive.
Download It Here

Hunter 11/23/84

11/23/84 Robert Hunter opened for Jerry Garcia & John Kahn - Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia

Fahrvergnügen - Volume 002

Random VW Bus o' the Day

While a little day-glo, it's not bad but I'd get rid of the words Groovy and Love. I'm not sure I'd drive it but I can dig it and I can easily envision it in a parking lot at a Grateful Dead show

found at juggalokilla99

VW bus - groovy

Mutterings of Impeachment

Raining. DANG IT!! It's a perfectly dreary final morning of the month and the Zoooma's a-bummin' 'cause i really wanted to run yesterday -- when it rained all day -- and I wanna run today. If it was summer, and the weather was warm, running in the rain wouldn't be a problem. Crud. This is not good.

Health must not suffer.
Waistline must DECREASE.

Oh well, I'll just have to make sure, with my running, that I excel in December.

I've got good music on, there's American-ized football later, and while we're a long way from 1-20-2013, it'll still be a good day.

For now...

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game

The word is
:: and I think ... ?

1. Sleepy :: me. I'm way tired right now. Full night's sleep? Nope. It's 8:30 a.m. and I need a nap or else I'm not gonna be able to post a show this evening like I wanna.

2. Thanksgiving :: turkey

3. Fifteen :: years old

4. Authority :: figure. Don't question Authority... Ignore It

5. Bangs :: she [She Bangs] Song by Ricky Martin, also done by William Hung

6. Curled :: hair ... Shirley Temple

7. Young man :: fifteen

8. Surprised :: Gomer Pyle

9. Mistake :: don't even get me started (electing the guy who'll be President #44)

10. Handle it :: only if we're not attacked under his watch and no one's taxes get raised. I'm sure there are other conditions that need to be met to handle it, but in general, it's going to be a horrible 4 years.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is today's post, not yesterday's, not tomorrow's, just today's

100 Days of the Dead: Day 67 -- no show today.

Actually, there's a show for me as I'm listening to what I'll post tomorrow afternoon. All along it's been about me listening everyday for 100 days and posting as often as possible... but no show to download every single day.

But because I want to put up a meaningless post, here's:

Random VW Bus - Volume 001

borrowed from mattroyal


Friday, November 28, 2008

City of Brotherly Love or Grateful Love?

Grateful Dead dancing bear [Inspiration, Move Me Brightly design 001]100Days---Day066--middle
setlist & soundboard mp3 download
Grateful Dead -- March 16, 1992
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3-16-92 a.k.a. 03/16/92 aka 92-03-16 - Philly
1st Set: Let The Good Times Roll, Franklin's Tower, Friend Of The Devil,
C.C. Rider-> It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry,
Black-Throated Wind, Ramble On Rose, Let It Grow

2nd Set: Corrina, Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain->
Estimated Prophet-> Drums// //Space-> The Other One->
All Along The Watchtower-> Morning Dew

Encore: Johnny B. Goode

Interestingly, the Audience source does this show some justice that I didn't fully get in the Soundboard. I'm not big on Auds but I generally don't mind them, especially now in the digital age when there aren't several cassette generations muddying the sound and also especially when a SBD isn't in circulation. But I've gotta say that I really appreciated the crowd's response here on this first night of three in Philly on the '92 Spring Tour. At times the Heads were so excited for the music, so thankful -- and you know this 'cause they roared their approval.

I got nothing from the LTGTR when listening to the soundboard but the Aud gave it the excitement of being at a Dead show and the opening song just makes you wanna dance.

Franklin's I dig a lot. It's not especially smokin' but it has a kind of nice jazzy feel to it. Nice touches by Bruce and Vince and Jerry feels free to play while the rest of the band plays around what he's doing until it's brought back down. Doesn't last too long but pretty groovy.

C.C. Rider -- sooooo nice. Bruce on piano is a highlight much like Vince's keys on Friend Of The Devil. The soundboard here is preferred but to be a part of the crowd at the seamless transition into Train To Cry -- mmmmmm. This was Jerry's first set Gold Star. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Thank you, Bob Dylan! But why, oh why, did this vanish from the Dead's repertoire? This would be the final time played for C.C. Rider and Train To Cry.

BT Wind -- holy cow. It might be rather brief but Bob works up quite a frenzy and the band follows. The first time I heard it was with the soundboard and it blew me away. The Aud is just as good only because of the crowd also getting worked up at the same time.

It's been awhile since I've heard a Ramble On Rose that was from a 90's Aud. Of course there's the ultimate "leader of the band" moment but even through seeing it probably dozens of times live, I'm not sure I ever realized what a crowd (sing-a-long) favorite it is/was. I'm also not so sure about Jerry playing with his MIDI here. But hey, if it gives him inspiration to be passionate and energetic, that's a good thing. A fine performance!

When I first heard Let It Grow on the soundboard, I wasn't too enthused. Subsequent listens have not given me much to shout about here. Some nice licks from Jerry, some nice tickling of the ivories from Bruce, Vince has a cool moment, too... but overall it's just okay and not exactly the wicked high I like to end the first set with.

Corrina, to begin Set 2, is an early version and still somewhat of an undesirable infant. There is fan appreciation, though; the song isn't totally despised. Scarlet is loved 10 times more. Lots of MIDI from Jer here, nice and solid but not sparkling.

Where things really get crankin' is in Estimated. Whew. An energetic jam, to be sure! And then there's a nice jammy, jazzy (thanks to Bruce) slide into Drums. Phil is also nicely noticeable here.

There's a significant cut not long into Drums but aside from that, this is a pretty good recording. A little low on the decibel level, very minor hiss during quiet moments, but not bad.

Space is very percussion-ish for awhile before we hear something that resembles what guitar and piano normally sound like. A judgment call needs to be made at the end. Does Space go into -> The Other One, The Other One Jam, or should it not even be noted? Clearly that's heard before changing course into Watchtower. Whatever ya wanna call it, Watchtower features, perhaps, the best-of-the-night of Jerry on guitar.
This is actually kind of mellow, like perfect for driving down the interstate in a driving rainstorm. Aside from brief spot of feedback, it's just gorgeous. Vince adds an interesting keyboard rhythm and when he stops Bruce takes over on piano... then back to Vince again. Lots of Phil here, as well, making this pretty cool. It winds down into a Dew that has a flubbed line or two but Jerry pumps plenty of emotion into it, both lyrically and musically, with picture perfect lead guitar that we know and love. Once again -- mmm.

Johnny B. Goode leaves everyone happy. Not a show that's gonna blow your mind but it's efficient enough and had some nice moments to it. Totally worth it.

Source: Soundboard>
Master DAT> ?> Cassette> CD

Audio Quality:
3/16/92 Philly @

the SBD for Listening Only
the AUD for downloading

** If you download this, leave a comment! **

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Everyone's A Ritter Bit Lacist

I've been thinking about the comments here in the last few days and how Deadman said "We ALL tell the racist jokes from time to time, in one form or another. Anyone who says they don't is a damn liar." I'm sure you're right, Deadman and although calling a person an Oreo (or a coconut) still bothers me, I think we all need to lighten up.

"Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q

So, a Japanese graduate student was chatting with a group of undergraduate students, and he wanted to know if they were interested in the elections. You guessed it, he pronounced it erections. Haaa! What makes it even funnier is that it really happened.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am thankful that I have Zoooma in my life.

Here's one more video, just because it made me smile and I hope it makes you smile, too.

"The Internet Is For Porn" from Avenue Q

No Dead, No Bolsheviks, No Sanity

100 Days of the Dead -- Day 65

I'm listening to some GD as we speak... well, as I type this to you. I had planned on putting a show up today but then I was struck with the realization that holy moly, it's a holiday.

Did you know this?

It might be an unofficial holiday but Heroes Day in Belarus is still important. We should take this day to remember the Слуцкі збройны чын
Slucak (or Slutsk) Uprising.)

While you're remembering, watch this...

Worst Prayer Yet

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shine on, keep on shinin'

Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia - desert jerry design (image sorta from 1978)100Days---Day064--middle

Jerry Garcia Band -- December 8, 1977
Palace Theatre, Albany, New York

aka 12-8-77 aka 12-08-77 aka 77-12-08 aka Palace Theater -- setlist & soundboard mp3 download
1st Set: They Love Each Other, That's What Love Will Make You Do,
Simple Twist Of Fate, The Way You Do The Things You Do,
Mystery Train, I'll Take A Melody

2nd Set: Love In The Afternoon, Tore Up Over You,
Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Rubin and Cherise, Don't Let Go

It's interesting what a contrast there is between so much of this music and the Grateful Dead. Just a month earlier, the GD wrapped up another tour in what is considered by many to be their best year of the 1970's. Here's Jer back out on the road, doin' more of... not the same. Not quite. This is like him relaxing, it seems. Just about every song here is made for being mellow; these are hardly dancin' tunes. Reuben & Cherise maybe, but that's about it. Wrapping it all up is a mammoth Don't Let Go. It clocks in at a whopping 31 minutes and it ain't all Don't Let Go -- there's a John Kahn bass solo in there and quite a bit of Space, as well. Much of it doesn't sound like Don't Let Go at all, very much the same way Dark Stars and Playins launch into outer space and for an eternity, it can seem, the Spacey Jam never really resembling the song it's titled as. This Don't Let Go is just like that and in a way, this equals anything the Dead were doing in '77 or through most of their entire touring life (as far as Spacey improv goes.) Keith, John, Buzz and Jerry just keep it up, rambling on, never letting go. Okay, maybe it's not mindblowing but it's out there. And this whole show doesn't have a single song under 10 minutes! Good stuff!

Source: Soundboard>
Master Cassette> DAT> SHN

Audio Quality:
(light hiss + missing opening song)
12/8/77 Jerry Garcia Band

As of 11/26/08 there is no
Garcia at the Internet Archive.
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Maria Muldaur, Buzz Buchanan Download It Right Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE

JGB 12/8/77 Palace Theatre -- 1st Set

Hi! If you download, leave a comment!

Liberals are such beautiful people

President George W. Bush's mom (and former First Lady) was taken to the hospital last night and is recovering from surgery now.

Here are some actual well wishes from some very beautiful liberals:

  • Fuck. Time to get out my casket dancin' shoes for the old bitch.
  • Is there another thread to pray for her speedy decline, or can we just do it here?
  • I've been waiting for my demon queen to take her rightful place in hell so this is working out well for me.
  • Bush's uterus is one of the known gates of Hell.
  • Stupid cunt. I hope there is a Hell and she rots there, forever.
God Bless the Looney Left.

Congressman - Thief

It always warms my heart when I hear about members of our Federal government who are out to fatten their bank account with some sort of deal that is, oh, slightly, how shall we say it -- ILLEGAL. Illegal and/or shady and completely mysterious.

Normally I'm not going to read the New York Times because they've become a newspaper dedicated to having a partisan agenda to wipe out conservatism in America, but when they post a story like this, they must have good reason to:

Representative Charles B. Rangel has helped raise $11 million for a City College of New York school of public service to be named in his honor. In recent months, as questions have emerged about his fund-raising, he has insisted that he has kept his efforts to attract donors scrupulously separate from his official duties in Congress.

But Congressional records and interviews show that Mr. Rangel was instrumental in preserving a lucrative tax loophole that benefited an oil-drilling company last year, while at the same time its chief executive was pledging $1 million to the project, the Charles B. Rangel School of Public Service at C.C.N.Y.

Read it all here.

Good old Rangel, he helped that company saved tens of millions of dollars annually. Meanwhile, our United States Treasury was deprived of approximately 1.1. Billion dollars... Billion with a Big Bulbous B.

Prior to allowing the tax loophole, Rangel was AGAINST it. Staunchly. He even wanted to RAISE taxes on companies like this. Ahhh, but if one will pay to fund the school with HIS name on it, if they'll help stroke his ego a little more, hmmmm... might be able to make an exception, eh, Rangel?

It's no wonder the American people, in general, despise our government when we've got jerkface dillholes like Rangel and Ted Stevens doing whatever they want.


Oh, and this isn't the first time Rangel's been accused of wrongdoing.

The 19-term crook has been looked at by the House Ethics Committee since summer for other tax scams of his. These may not have been worth over a BILLION dollars to his country but he's (allegedly) been trying to get away with things for awhile now. Of course he's done "nothing morally wrong." Really, Charlie? You really are one seriously backwards mental patient in need of a padded room... or a cyanide pill, perhaps.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Hoot, Jeer. Hoot, Jeer."

11-10-67 a.k.a. 67-11-10 - Shine Exhibition Hall a.k.a. Shine Auditorium setlist & soundboard mp3 download
Grateful Dead -- November 10, 1967
Shrine Expo Center, Los Angeles, California

"...take off your clothes, order a pizza, maybe catch a bus... get high.
Hoot and Jeer at the performers, that's fun."

Viola Lee Blues, It Hurts Me Too, Morning Dew,
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Cryptical Envelopment->
The Other One-> Cryptical, Alligator-> Drums-> Alligator->
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

Viola Lee Blues begins normally enough but around halfway it shifts a gear, picks up speed, shifts again and drives steadily to an end result that leaves me... lost... wondering... did that just happen? Wow. Just... wow. After it's over and can I gather myself, all I feel like doing is lighting a cigarette to relax in the aftermath of how that felt.

What follows is equally gorgeous and wild and perfectly played. Listen for some early different lyrics in The Other One.

This is an exceptional 85 minutes of music and I just don't have much else to say about it except it is truly Primal Dead at some of its best!


My original review statement for this tape was very "electric," that is, until my uncle's seventeen-year-old blind dog started to bark when given his chance to state his opinion. That was when it became all too apparent that this show is more than just electric, it's unique as well! Putting sound quality aside (which, for the show, is an excellent mix), the music flows evenly, and when it comes to doing his part, each band member is right on. "Viola Lee Blues" is boilerplate primal Dead. It's what I'd call "boogie-delic," since Garcia frequently lets loose with some serious short cuts and fast rips from his guitar. The jam during that one song makes the entire tape worth listening to repeatedly. For "It Hurts Me Too," Pigpen wails true to form, and Garcia produces a B.B. King-like sound; it is one of the better versions I have come upon. "Morning Dew" is powerful as well, albeit short and somewhat subdued; nonetheless, Garcia's vocals will break any true Deadhead's heart.

Going into "Schoolgirl," the electric blues feel returns and Pigpen's harmonica has never been more precise. There's another clean jam before they break from "Schoolgirl" and move into one of the most interesting versions of "Alligator" I've ever heard! Pigpen's organ is wild, the guitars are crisp and sharp. If you want to call the jam and drums in the middle a "DRUMZ" entity all its own, it may very well be. There's some spaciness to it all, although it does seem rather tight and planned out. Exiting that and entering back into "Alligator" leaves you begging for more. (More of that trippy "Alligator" chant is thrown in during the performance.) The tape wraps itself up with one of the more careful versions of "Caution," but in itself, it's quite a good version. The only thought in my head as I finished listening was, it needs a warning label, "Caution: This Tape Kicks Ass!"

transcribed from:

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1 [for Grateful Dead music!]
The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1:
An In-Depth Guide
to the Music of the Grateful Dead
on Tape, 1959-1974 by Michael Getz and John Dwork
[out of print]

Source: Soundboard>
Master Reel> Reel x2> DAT> CD

Audio Quality:
11/10/67 L.A. @

the SBD for
Listening Only
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Ron Tutt You Can Download It Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE

please do not download if you're never going to leave a comment. the number of comments compared to the number of downloads is pathetic. if it continues, i'm just going to remove all the download links from this blog. why? because so many people seemingly do not care enough to even say "Thank you." that's really rude. don't be a grub.

Grateful Dead poster - 11/10/67 Shrine Exhibition Hall, Los Angeles

Monday, November 24, 2008

a pair of 11-24's

I figure if I do one of these about every week or so, I'll have to start repeating them in about 22 years.

"Two Crows From Tacos"

directed by: Friz Freleng

released: 11/24/1956


100 Days of the Dead -- Day #62
No download today. Sorry, kids.
A show each of the next many days (hopefully) so stay tuned!

In the meantime -- dig this!

"Sugaree" -- 11/24/78
Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey

"The famous "Deadheads Only" show from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ on 11/24/78. Right after this show, Jerry is admitted to the hospital with viral pneumonia, bronchitis and fever causing several shows afterwards to be cancelled. Like a trooper, Jerry smiles and trucks on despite being sick. A super-hot version of this Dead classic features shaky vocals from Garcia because of his illness but incredibly hot playing. Enjoy!"

a run

A running I will go, a running I will go. A running I DID go, actually.
Now I'm so tired.

I wonder if the stock market is going down again today. I wouldn't be surprised if it has/is. A day or two ago Late Friday it made a leap on word of who the new Treasury Secretary is going to be. Other than that, it's just been dropping and dropping since election day -- worst ever (post-WWII) stock market performance for a president-elect. Isn't that special? Investor confidence since that day has been in the tank. I wonder how much money I've lost this quarter. Down a total of around $40,000 in the 2nd & 3rd quarters alone. And now it's getting worse. It should be getting BETTER. Nope, it's not. Ain't that swell. Yeah, just swell.

At least I'm trying to keep healthy. If I'm forced to have healthcare, I want to make sure I don't have to use it.

So I run...

The North Face trail running shoe -- good for use in the Appalachian Mountains ... but seriously, they are rather small compared to the Rocky Mountains ... Sierra Nevada are sweet, too.  Would definitely use 'em in the Alps, that's for sure.  One thing's for sure -- Jerry Garcia or Bob Weir or Phil Lesh or Blaise Compaoré probably never went running in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Pyongyang, 평양 직할시 조선민주주의인민공화국 平壤直轄市 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國, Türkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Кыргызстан, Киргизия, Uzbekistan, O'zbekiston, Ўзбекистон Республикаси, Tajikistan, Тоҷикистон.  Probably the same with Brent Mydland.  At least that's my gut feeling.  I could be wrong.  I mean, there were a lot of drugs at Grateful Dead shows and the good Lord above, He knows I did my share!
Monday early afternoon Run: 25 min 56 sec
+ 11 sec

12:55 p.m. - 56°, bright & sunny
X ·Oct :: +30 sec· X
October:2 hours 10 min
September:3 hours 25 min
August:2 hours 39 min
July:2 hours 11 min
June:1 hour 47 min
May:4 hours 46 min

First run in almost a week. I suppose I've got an excuse -- been a little sick. Felt great from the neck down, felt like I could've run no problem. Had some problems with the neck up -- a cold. Definitely held me back. Perhaps I could've run with a cold, I just don't know what it would've been like needing to blow my nose every half minute while running. Wouldn't've been pretty, I'm sure.

But today I finally got out onto the trail. Got my shorts on, long-sleeve running/hiking shirt, laced up my shoes, walked outside -- too warm. What the?!?! I had to freakin' change into a short-sleeve shirt. It was too warm!!! That made me sad. Annoyed, actually. I need to move. Here -- way too warm in November. We've had some nice weather -- nice for me: upper 40's, low 30's at night -- but for the most part it's just on the too warm side for me. This bites. I got my run in anyhow. Not like it was 100 or anything! 56 degrees didn't really negatively affect me, I just would've preferred cooler than that.

Being my first run in 6 days, I wasn't sure what to expect but I got through it okay. I considered shortening my Running Time to below 25 minutes and then rebuilding a little... but somehow I made the right decision to press onward toward 26 minutes; I added on yet again, rather than take a step or two backwards.

I wanted to quit my run but that's standard operating procedure for me. Even when I want to quit, when it just sucks so badly, I push on.

Feelin' so tired now but I'm so glad I got out there. Waiting (6 days) was unavoidable, I guess, but I'm still not happy about that. Hopefully I can now wrap up November with at least 3 more decent runs like this. We shall see...


Monday's Running Playlist
included most of this album...
Neil Young :: self-titled debut (1968)
Neil Young

[self-titled debut]

The Emperor of Wyoming
The Loner
If I Could Have Her Tonight
I've Been Waiting For You
The Old Laughing Lady
String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill
Here We Are In The Years
What Did You Do To My Life?
I've Loved Her So Long
The Last Trip To Tulsa
I'm so guilty of not listening to enough Neil Young. Like with the Eagles (and many others) I've decided to go back to the beginning.

This album, from the end of '68, is Neil's first after he left Buffalo Springfield and there's be one more solo LP before he'd record and release Deja Vu with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The songs here are a mixed bunch, to be sure. Judging from the first track alone, you'd think this would be country music! The Loner changes that and gives us that Neil Young sound that most people know and recognize. Another standout is The Last Trip To Tulsa -- weird lyrics, man. That one is almost Dylan-esque but soaked in LSD or something. I dunno.

Great stuff, though. To keep this and more Neil Young out of my ears for too long is just stoopid.

320 kbps mp3 download MUSIC NOTE 320 kbps @ Strange Rhythm 320 kbps mp3 download MUSIC NOTE
(you can try it but shortly after this post, that site went private. sorry)
320 kbps mp3 download

Oh no, what will Jon Stewart do?

Jon Stewart sees Dr. Phil because of Barack Obama

Why couldn't Jon Stewart make fun of the masses of morons who voted for the president-elect?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Just like in the Fillmore movie!"

Grateful Dead Skull & Roses100 Days of the Dead
60 61 (i keep losing track)

Grateful Dead -- October 24, 1972
Performing Arts Center -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

aka 10-24-72 aka 10/24/72 aka 72-10-24 setlist & mp3 download
Set 2 (partial): Truckin'-> Drums-> The Other One->
"Philo Stomp"-> Space-> He's Gone-> The Other One

: Casey Jones, Johnny B. Goode

This all that exists for this date. According to Deadlists, a few songs were played to start set two but nothing is even known about the first set.

Truckin' makes me wanna get up and dance -- soooo good. The Other One makes me wanna float off to Never Never Land... unfortunately there's a harsh cut at the 6:08 mark. Ouch. No, I mean -- OUCH! Oh well. The "Philo Stomp" makes this recording worth it. Mannn... so damn cool.

For anyone wondering: "Philo Stomp," named by David Gans and Dick Latvala, is a catchy tune with riffs that highlight Lesh's facility playing chords on the bass. I mean, his playing goes to the point of suggesting, "Who the hell needs guitarists, anyway?!" The chord areas are D, A, G, B, E, A, and back to D. Bass players should have fun discovering how Lesh "voices" this one. [Taping Compendium, Volume 1]

That romp leads into a "Space" begins much more like a jam than something way out there in the heavens floating around amongst planets, satellites, and UFO's and such. It gets to that place, though: Jerry's playing with perfectly odd bits from Phil & Bob intertwined gives this a trippy quality that is outstanding. And then the drop off into He's Gone -- breathtaking. Wow. After a brief wrap-up of The Other One the set seemingly comes to an end, perhaps abruptly with an equipment malfunction.

The first half of the encore, Casey Jones, picks up a lot of steam to get the crowd ready for the rockin' Johnny B. Goode to close things out. For some reason, during the opening, Bobby yells out: "Just like in the Fillmore movie." And finally here I can hear Keith.

Overall this is a really
nice hour and eleven minutes of music!

The recording isn't the crispest but it's not terrible. It's gorgeously mixed, methinks -- perfect parts Jer, Phil & Bob on rhythm. (But am I wondering if Keith is sick or something 'cause hearing him is impossible.)

Source: Soundboard>
Master Reel> cassette>

Audio Quality
10/24/72 @

The SBD for
Listening Only.
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Bill Kreutzmann.  No Ron Pigpen McKernan, Mickey Hart, Tom Constanten, Bruce Hornsby, Vince Welnick, Brent Mydland.  Songs by John Barlow and Robert Hunter.  No songs by Bob Dylan.  No John Kahn or Maria Muldaur.  No Melvin Seals or Merl Saunders. Download Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Bill Kreutzmann.  No Ron Pigpen McKernan, Mickey Hart, Tom Constanten, Bruce Hornsby, Vince Welnick, Brent Mydland.  Songs by John Barlow and Robert Hunter.  No songs by Bob Dylan.  No John Kahn or Maria Muldaur.  No Melvin Seals or Merl Saunders.

10/24/72 Milwaukee

Grateful Dead 10/24/72 Milwaukee Performing Arts Center

Mutterings for Freedom

I should go running. I should go hiking. Ahhh but football's on and I'm still recovering from a wicked cold so I don't feel so bad vegging out.

How about this for now...

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game

The word is
:: and I think ... ?

1. Spit it out :: Get rid of it!

2. Shadow :: one of my cats when growing up.

3. Database :: Librarian

4. Expression :: facial

5. Boss :: Bruce Springsteen

6. Baby :: Dirty Dancing

7. Mystic :: Pizza / Connecticut ... movie with Julia Roberts / real town.

8. Kate :: Beckinsale ... actress I just watched in the movie Vacancy with Luke Wilson.

9. Boobies :: breasts

10. Raid :: Elián González. Sadly, the Deputy Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder, is now being considered for Attorney General in the next presidential administration.

When the pathetic U.S. government took Elián González, it was the first time in the history of this great nation that custody of a child was transferred using authoritarian jackboot thug tactics executed by masked, combat-ready, heavily armed men. Should I mention that sticking a fully automatic weapon into an innocent child's face is not acceptable? Yet that's what they did and Eric Holder is partially responsible for that. That poor little boy was scared shitless by our government's actions. I'd've been scared shitless, too, if I knew I was going to be shipped back to a scumbag communist controlled land. Here in America -- Elián was FREE. There's he's just a casualty of evil, a possession of Fidel Castro.

This should NEVER have happened. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service awarded custody to Elián's uncle. A family court judge had decided that he would be the best custodian for the boy. A ruling was made that Elián must remain in the United States until his custodial family could file for an asylum hearing. Before that, dipshit Attorney General Janet Reno, serving under President Bill Clinton, ordered that Elián be removed from his family and deported to Cuba.

In the request for a Search Warrant presented to a federal judge, the claim was made that Elián was being kept against his will, that he was being kidnapped!!

They lied. Eric Holder and Janet Reno, under Bill Clinton -- they lied. They chose to defy a court order, to carry out a Gestapo-type raid on the home of Elián González, and to spit in the face of Freedom.

I'm sorry, president-elect, but sticking a fully automatic weapon into a terrified little boy's face, that's NOT how you transfer child custody in this nation. Yet the man you want for Attorney General, that's what he was part of. He was a part of allowing Communism to win. Elián González's mother DIED trying to give Freedom to her child. She died, you piece of shit. She died. Yet someone you support wanted to return him to the prison he came from and take away that Freedom.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

How does shoving a weapon into a child's face in order to ship him back to Cuba fit into that?

P.S. did I mention his mom DIED trying to give her child Freedom in America? And your man for Attorney General -- Eric Holder -- was part of pissing on the memory of that dead woman who just wanted what was best for her son. Pathetic.
Fuck off, Barack Obama.
This is NOT what American Freedom is...

American Gestapo tactics

...that's what the American Gestapo does.

If anyone can be called a kidnapper in this case, who do you think it is? Elian's uncle or Janet Reno and Eric Holder? Hmmmm.... I wonder.

And so ain't it just lovely that Eric Holder might become the top law enforcement officer of the land? Is that the mentality we want in the White House and the Justice Department? We want to protect children, don't we? DON'T WE?!?!?! To place a child where he or she will be abused and treated as a possession is WRONG. I thought there was going to be change with the new president. Change for the worse apparently. Isn't that special.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Even Jerry Garcia's cough is melodic"

A day sick can be detrimental to music listening... or at least to being able to properly enjoy whatever music I might be playing. Such was the case yesterday when I was so wacked out on cold medicine. Twas kinda fun, I tell ya what! But no show because of it. No "show" today either... but there is this...

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Allman Brothers Band peach design100Days---Day060--middle

Yesterday I posted up the small portion of music that exist from the Grateful Dead's show on 11/21/70 at Sargent Gym at Boston University. When the GD were making a stop there in Boston, the Allman Brothers Band was in town at the same time for a three-night stand at the Boston Tea Party. Apparently it was later that night, after their respective shows, that each band, or some members from each, stopped by the radio station WBCN-FM in Boston where they proceeded to hang out and, a few of them, played some tunes on the radio...

Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Duane Allman
WBCN-FM Studios, Boston, Massachusetts

El Paso
Big River
I Know You Rider
Dark Hollow
Let Me In

This is an interesting 35 or so minutes of music and banter, chatter, talk, what-have-you. You'd think Mr. D.J. man would know who's in his studio -- Bob Weil? Poor Bobby, gets no respect!

Big River is a curiosity here. We're all used to Bob on vocals but this is probably Jerry. I say probably because I don't know Duane Allman's voice all that well. Jerry sang this once before, that I know of, on 10-28-69 at the Jefferson Airplane House (which may actually have been a year before that in '68.) It's also pretty well played as if maybe whoever was singing it was fairly used to it. The Grateful Dead wouldn't introduce into their setlist repetoire until NYE 1971 and then not fully introduced until May '72. Maybe it's Duane singing it? I don't know. Or maybe it was Jerry and he knew it well from practicing it?

Also a bit of a curiosity is Rider which is a really nice, slow, acoustic version. N
ot typically Dead at all.

Angie is primarily by Duane Allman. I guess this is the Rolling Stones? I don't hear it but maybe.
Anji: see comment #1. Thanks, Tim. For whatever reason, the main listing at says "Anji" but each individual Source has it as "Angie". I wonder how many people have no idea.

Bobby (at least on this recording) wraps up this all-too-brief piece of history with Let Me In, sometimes called Let Me In #83968. Country legend Porter Wagoner recorded this in 1966. The song almost seems to fit in perfectly with Bob Weil's countrified persona; but Let Me In never stuck around in GD setlists -- it was played with the Dead just twice before this (7-4-69 and 6-24-70) and that was it.

This is pretty cool little Boston nugget that I'm glad exists. Quality ain't the greatest but it's unique so who cares!

Source: FM Master Reel>
2nd Gen Reel> FLAC

Audio Quality:
11/21/70 WBCN @

As of 11/22/08 there is no
Garcia at the Internet Archive.
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Keith Godchaux, Donna Godchaux, Ron Tutt Download It Right Here TINY STEAL YOUR FACE

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated