Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yes, Mormonism is a Cult...

Today's the big day, Primary Day in New Hampshire.

How about voting for Mitt Romney for President?
He's one of them Morons i mean Mormons,
a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Sure, they're a cult...
but maybe Romney can help bring back polygamy.

What's so wrong with polygamy?

I've tried it...

and I like it!

Polygamy Porter from Wasatch Brew Pub, Park City, Utah


go boo boo said...

It's called Faith. I have definitely tried and tested my faith and know it's true. I can't deny my beliefs and the feelings I get. Look at the fruits of this religion, good things, good people, not everyone is perfect, but if you really look into it, there is a lot that our church organization alone is able to accomplish, if even not looking at all of the spiritual good done by bringing the light of Christ into people's lives. There I have defended my faith, a lot more preachy than expected, but I think your ignorance of Faith deserved it.

Nazz Nomad said...

Jeepers zoom... that's a touch harsh.
All religions are cults. Yours, mine and theirs.
As long as people aren't getting in your face about it, what's the big deal?

Sam said...

This post was a bit edgy, but hey, that's what you do.

As for the polygamy ale, was it good?

Zooomabooma said...

"It's called Faith." What exactly is the "it" you are referring to? Did I mention something that is the "it"? Mormonism is Faith? Is that it?

It was wrong of me to call Mormons morons. For a whole bunch of years I was surrounded by them when I lived in Salt Lake City, and to a lesser degree, in Park City. I've known many and they're not truly dumb people. That clearly came across as mean but to be mean wasn't my intention.

As far as calling Mormonism a cult, well, I'm on the fence about that only because cult is a pretty strong word. We're not talkin' Jonestown here or those Heaven's Gate kooks down near San Diego about ten years ago... but what goes on within the LDS church isn't exactly normal and understandable to the over billion Christians on Earth.

Mormonism takes Christianity and adds onto it writings that are sacred to the Mormons and to the Mormons alone, writings that go against the Bible.

If Mormonism isn't necessarily a cult then it's definitely a False Religion. If it's not a False Religion then all Christians outside of Mormonism must be completely helplessly lost because it is they who do not believe the additional Words of God beyond the Bible. Hmmmm....

Anyway, you cannot call yourself a Christian but say that God's Word is false which is what Mormons do.

Mormons call the Trinity three Gods. They say eternal life comes through obedience to the church. When the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible, they say, well, that part of the Bible is flawed. And how can you place Faith in the Book of Mormon when God's word says that the Bible is the unique, final and infallible Word of God? Oh, yes, that's right, my bad -- Mormons believe that the Bible is flawed and that must be one of the parts that is wrong.

One of my favorite (<-sarcasm) things about the LDS folks -- if a Mormon is to marry a non-Mormon, then the weight of the whole church is on the non-Mormon half of the equation to convert to Mormonism.

Now, if the non-Mormon makes the conversion, then the couple can be married in the temple. If the non-Mormon does not make the conversion -- marriage in the temple is forbidden.

On top of that, the converted Mormon's family is not allowed to attend the wedding because they are not Mormon.

Exclusion. Wow. [I'm seriously sitting here now blown away by that.] If a Baptist marries a Catholic, if someone in an Assembly of God church marries an atheist, if a Church of God member marries a non-denominational church-goer, if a Jew marries a Presbyterian ... there is NO exclusion. Doesn't happen. But if a Mormon marries a non-Mormon?

I could go on and on about how Mormonism hijacks Christianity. If I refreshed my memory over the course of a night or two, I could write 5,000 words on the subject.

Bottomline is, if you're a Christian, then Mormonism is a False Religion. And if you're a Mormon, then you cannot truly be a Christian at the same time.

I didn't think my post was that edgy... I thought it was rather on the tame side, mostly just wanting it to be humorous.

Just like the Wasatch Polygamy Porter... it's not meant to be edgy, just humorous and good.

And it is delicious! The Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City makes some decent beers which have won beer show honors if you put any stock in microbrew beer awards. Good, well-crafted brews seem to be about a dime a dozen nowadays but Wasatch has been going strong for quite awhile now. They've been around before hundreds started and they're still around after hundreds have folded. Their stuff is available all over Utah; the demand remains.

I haven't had a Polygamy Porter in several years but from what I remember it's like a heavier Samuel Adams but not quite a Guinness. I always thought it was just a slice of heaven as far as good beer goes. Not something I want to get drunk on because I'd rather enjoy each sip of it. If you're ever in Utah, order up a pint!

I'm not big on fruity beers but sometimes, on a warm summer evening backyard barbeque, with good music on some backyard speakers, dogs playing, friends coming in and out, and the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains practically right there at our back door, their Raspberry Wheat really hit the spot.

Overall just a great regional brewery!

Mark said...

"if even not looking at all of the spiritual good done by bringing the light of Christ into people's lives."

That's one of my biggest problem with the Mormons. EVERYONE should mind his/her own goddamned business already. Half of my family are Mormons. And no, not all religions are cults. That's nonsense.

Nazz Nomad said...

you wrote:
If Mormonism isn't necessarily a cult then it's definitely a False Religion.

religions are all variations on a theme. all religions are exclusionary if ya don't follow the tenets (or rules). and most religions are also looking to sign ya up too.

that false religion tag is pretty nasty. i am pretty sure that G-D, Buddah, Jesus, Jerry, Boku, Manny Moe or Jack are more than happy to share the love and would be more than pleased if we humans stop pointing fingers and spilling blood in their name.

Or as St. Bill and Ted said: Be Cool Unto Each Other.

And as St. Stills said:
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong

can't we start discoursing on the important things.
Like Yankees vs. Mets

end of sermon

Zooomabooma said...

I've gotta take serious issue with blood being spilled in the name of Christ. Who goes around murdering others because they are not Christian? It's generally the other way around.

And who does Christianity exclude? God hates sin but he accepts the sinner with the hope that person will change.

And baseball?!? Seriously??? I love the Mets, Nazz, you know that... but after the Great Mets Collapse of '07... come on now, what hope is there? If they get in first place on Opening Day and stay 10 games ahead until September 1st, who's gonna take 'em seriously and truly believe they'll be playin' ball in October?!? They suck ass. They're the Mets. Gonna take a World Championship to restore the faith of a lotta fans. And now the whole damn steroid issue is going to be discussed EVERY SINGLE GAME for a whole 'nother season? Oh joy.

vw bug said...

Your post made me LOL... to serious in the comments for 6am after no sleep...

Mike said...

The secret rooms on Temple Square are for people seducing dogs. God is a dog and I think you are right to say that Mormons are morons because the devil is a retarded idiot. The LDS church is the devil's kingdom.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated