Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To help or not to help...

America's Second Harvest

I can't imagine not having enough food to supply me with at least what I need.

There are some people who are perfectly capable of working some job to earn money to eat but they'd rather rely on the government for a handout... and that ain't right.

But then there are those who absolutely can't manage. And what about children who have parents who can't sufficiently feed the kids they have? Should those children suffer because of their parent(s)? No.

Sometimes I wonder what others think about those who have very little or even nothing to eat...

Living a comfortable life, spending all sorts of money on self, even spending often on items that are completely unneeded for living, whether it's a new DVD, a pack of cigarettes, a swimming pool for the backyard, or the nicer convertible rental car rather than the budget option...

is that way of living
more important than helping others?

is that way of living
more important than children who have no food to eat?

America's Second Harvest

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