Monday, January 28, 2008

Dead Bluegrass

Pickin' On The Grateful Dead ... A Tribute -- CD Review & mp3 download.  Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Donna Godchaux, Keith Godchaux, Ron Pigpen McKernan, Bruce Hornsby, Vince Welnick, Brent Mydland -- they don't appear here.  Of course there are songs by Robert Hunter and John Perry Barlow.  Musicians include: David West, Mike Mullins, Phil Salazar, John Rosenberg, Bill Flores, Jody Eulitz, Barney Tower, Pat Milliken, Bo Fox, Tom Ball, Kenny Sultan, Paul Lee.  192 kbps.  Shoulda been 256 or 320 but the file woulda been huge.  Since it's not the Dead for real, 192 is fine.Democrats need to stand up and clap when someone speaks of making tax cuts permanent. Why in the hell do people with gobs of money want to take away more money from those who DON'T have enough extra cash in the bank? Huh? SO THEY CAN MISSPEND IT?! So they can force every U.S. citizen to take part in a national healthcare plan... and then PENALIZE each person who does not sign up???!!?

Let us keep our money. We work hard for it. We should spend it how we want to, not let it be misspent by politicians who bow down to lobbyists and those who push through earmarks for things like a $400,000 Study to Determine the Best Way to Wash Pigs.

No higher taxes!!!

Well, at least to counter all the crap in this great nation, and in the world, we have good music to enjoy... sometimes it's not even great, just interesting and still worth checking out. Hmmm... like this...

Pickin' On The Grateful Dead ... A Tribute (1997)Pickin' On
The Grateful Dead

A Tribute


Scarlet Begonias
Friend Of The Devil
Bird Song
Truckin' (featuring the "Truckin' Telecasters")
Lady With A Fan (from "Terrapin Station")
Casey Jones
Samson And Delilah
Touch Of Grey
Cumberland Blues
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Dark Star

Right off the top I've gotta say that there are two songs here -- FOTD and Ripple -- found within the setlists of Garcia-Grisman that I'd much rather hear their version of since it's so close to the one here. The same is almost true with Bird Song. I don't believe Garcia-Grisman have done that but both Garcia and the Dead in various acoustic settings, they sure have.

All the tunes have an interesting appeal because they are mostly done in a bluegrass style. Truckin', I believe, is the lone exception -- more of a country western feel, by far. A whole lotta pickin' goin' on here that Garcia-Grisman never came close to in the 1990's or when they had their closer-to-traditional bluegrass band Old & In The Way in the early 70's.

It's some nice stuff that's here. Polished it might be, no raw sound of Appalachia or anything like that. But the musicians do a good job. Obviously I'd rather here the Grateful Dead or Jerry or even Phil or Ratdog or any Dead-related incarnation do any of the songs on this album... but this is something a little different so I thought I'd give it a try. When I listen to the GD, I really wanna listen, not listen while doing something else 'cause then you can't really listen. This on the other hand, I can put on shuffle and repeat when I'm at the computer for awhile and it makes for some good occupied-with-other-stuff listenin'. Curiosity was the truest reason and I'm glad I checked it out.

192 kbps dload right here
Pickin' On The Grateful Dead

Pickin' On The Grateful Dead ... A Tribute (1997)

Pickin' On The Grateful Dead ... A Tribute (1997)


Sam said...

I know you're not a big fan of his, but Obama was the only one who stated he will not punish people for taking part in the national plan.

Please don't take this as a glowing endorsement for him, just wanted to set the record straight.

Sam said...

I meant to say

"... he will not punish people for NOT taking part..."

I need to go to bed.

Zooomabooma said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Sam. I'll have to keep my eyes and ears open for more info on the matter.

I know the President always has many people advising on what's best, but still I'm not sure Obama has the experience, definitely not as much as McCain.

Besides, I cannot support someone who was against the removal (in support of appeasing the evil and screwing around) of Saddam Hussein.

The man was a genocidal and torturous dictator who had Weapons of Mass Destruction (well, that's what all reports said. Even though they were wrong, do you just dismiss them?) He had 17 United Nations resolutions passed against him in TWELVE years... but he never wanted to play nice. He filled schoolhouses with munitions instead of books. But Obama seemed to think it was okay for Hussein to remain a world leader. Sick.

It also looks like he'd try to pull all troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible. Maybe not as fast as Kucinich or Ron Paul would, but to abandon Iraq would mean genocide greater than anything seen there... PLUS we'd be handing over a nation to Ahmadinejad and Iran AND we'd be giving Al Qaeda a country of their very own again to have training camps and to plan attacks on the United States and other nations that don't support their brand of radical Islam.

Hmmmm... sounds like a good idea to leave Iraq now, huh? Yeah, sure.

Here at home Obama wants to raise taxes? No. Wrong. That's just plain frickin' wrong.

We already pay too much. And the rich are punished even more for being successful... but Obama wants to increase the punishment so we can all pay for each other's healthcare and other social programs?

Charity should come from the heart, not forced from the taxpayer.

I suppose if Obama won't penalize people for not taking part in the system he envisions, well, that's one notch better than Hillary.

Mark said...

Fuck politics!

Ever heard Dwight Yaokum's "Truckin'"??

It's pretty damn toe-tappin' good!

Zooomabooma said...

Yeah, it's on Deadicated, the first real Grateful Dead tribute album...

and I saw him open for the Dead, D.C. '90, i think it was.... or maybe '90 was Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, might been '91, a show that was released in the View From The Vault series.

And yes, toe-tappin' indeed!

one says one number and the other another
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