Thursday, January 3, 2008

Leave Hitler Alone, Let The Jews Die

Iowa Causus 2008 from

Today this great land takes its first significant step in electing a new President in November. In the great U.S. state of Iowa, residents have the opportunity to take part in their state's caucus -- some idiotically insane process to decide who will become delegates to go to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions where, theoretically, those delegates, along with delegates from the other states, will decide who will run for President from each party. These conventions are probably just a huge friggin' waste of money because each candidate will be known well beforehand.

Ron Paul, a "Republican" senator the great state of Texas, is basically a joke in this campaign so far. Thankfully he is no threat to become Bush's successor. But because the election is on the news like every hour of the day, and I watch the news almost all the time, and because, as much as I completely despise it, I try to stay on top of our nation's politics, the dang wackazoid can't escape my mind.

Turn back the clock to the time of World War II. Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy might have him saying something like:

"No, England. No, Europe. We're not going to take part in your war. Unless Mr. Hitler directly attacks our shores, we will not intervene. We're going to leave Hitler alone. You will simply have to fight for yourselves. If Mr. Hitler viciously slaughters every last Jew, then so be it. We simply will not fight a battle to protect the lives of ANYONE, unless we are directly attacked here at home."

Of course that is just speculation but still, it sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Going now Back To The Future in our DeLorean time machine... we have this little threat to deal with from one serious [there aren't enough mean names/curse words in the world to describe him] named Osama bin Laden plus all of his little terrorist suicide bomber wannabes who hate Christians and Jews and atheists and even Muslims who don't subscribe to their extreme brand of Islam. They probably hate Catholics and Mormons and Hindus and Sikhs, as well... and probably even the Amish! Oh, and freedom.

These people want to spread their way of life around the globe. There's no room for cohabitation with us. Our destiny in their minds? Pretty plain and simple -- Death.

Ron Paul's desired way to deal with this threat? Pull back ALL of our troops to within our very own borders, do not form any alliances with anyone, do not offer assistance or advice to anyone. Leave the nations of the world alone to deal with their own problems. No U.S. intervention whatsoever.

Isn't that wonderful! Those under attack from war or from a genocidal dictator, let them suffer and die. That's their own problem, not ours.

If we had a president that took that stance, well, just the thought of that is depressing the hell out of me. We're not just Americans here who need to look out for ourselves. We're all human beings. We are all neighbors. To let others suffer and not intervene is immoral and unjust.

Ron Paul isn't completely an isolationist, though, you see, he has a plan to deal with the potential threat of terrorism...

trade and cultural exchange.

Perhaps with fruit baskets and good tidings from New York and Hollywood, Osama bin Laden will like us and pledge not to hurt us. And all his little terrorist wannabe followers will oblige.

Yay! We'll be safe and all it will take is trade and cultural exchange.

Dennis Kucinich has said he's seen a UFO, right? Ron Paul was on board that alien craft. The little green men were in the act of deporting Ron Paul and unfortunately our planet is the one that got stuck with him.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's 2nd in command says:


Erica said...

I absolutely convulse at the sight of Ron Paul -- he's horrible!

Re: "Ron Paul isn't completely an isolationist, though, you see, he has a plan to deal with the potential threat of and cultural exchange."

I actually heard him say on C-SPAN a week or two ago that we should lift sanctions off of Iran and NoKo. I couldn't believe my bleeding ears.

The man is out of his f**king mind.

Anonymous said...

U know nothing.
As is normal u Americans see as far as ur own hand and know absolutely nothing about world affairs.
So glad I am not part of ur backwards nation, u all need some serious perspective and education.

Zooomabooma said...

Dear anonymous a.k.a. IP Address 81.107.42.# (NTL Internet),

How's things in Cambridgeshire, England?

Since ye have remained anonymous, you may never return to read this but I'm replying to you anyway... because I can. I've got a couple questions for ye...

When ye typed into the words -- jews die -- what kind of information where you looking for? I'm just curious.

And you seem to have a particular dislike for Americans or, if you don't in fact dislike us, you then sure seem to think we have no idea about anything outside of our own country. Correct? I'll agree in a milli-second that we're a broken nation and maybe even beyond repair, but we're not down for the count quite yet. Far from it. We've still got a lot of life in us. Broken yes. But backwards? Ehhh, in my opinion, in some ways, sure... but still, we are the greatest nation on Earth. This whole planet I'm talkin' about. I'd even go so far as to say we're the best nation out of all the planets in this galaxy! Yes sir, I would say that! Now that's not saying the UK's a bad place. No, no, I like it just fine. But to slam our entire country without explanation, come on now, that ain't right.

Why, then, don't you educate me as far as this post of mine goes. You put me and my fellow Americans down... but you did not offer up any reasons why. That would be like me calling you a moron schmuck-face dork-ass dillhole but not giving you a reason why.

Surely there's gotta be a reason.

Please, if there's any chance in hell you're back here, come on, educate us. Would U please?

Thanks & Cheerio.

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