Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Run in January

Geez, I have been neglecting running for sooooo long now. I'm not even gonna check... but if I did check I imagine I'd find out that my last run was around Dec 23rd or so? Not good. Actually: very bad. I mean, that's FAR too long of a time to go without any significant exercise. That's just insane. Almost worse than not running and sitting on my ass for the most part, is the fact that I have no good excuse why I seemingly just stopped.

Finally tonight I went to the gym. Final-freakin'-ly.

The North Face trail running shoe.  Worn by me.  They oughta sponsor me! Run Time: 15 minutes 5 seconds

· indoors

I'm still not happy with myself that it's been so long... but at the same time, man, I feel sooo good!!!!!! Mostly. Taking well over a week off takes a minor toll on my lungs. Still now about an hour since my run, there's a slight burning feeling upon deep inhalation. Quite minor by now and earlier it wasn't much worse than this. When I hit my End Cue and started walking for a couple minutes to recover, that was time I really needed. Overall -- not an easy run. Not torturous but not easy.

No album today,

just three running songs from

U2 logo All I Want Is You (Diffusion Remix)
My Time Hasn't Come (demo)
The First Time (Innovative Mix)

Music comments: All I Want Is You is sort of a club mix, shorter and faster than on Rattle & Hum, it's clubby but okay, actually very good for running. My Time Hasn't Come demo isn't of great sound quality but it's interesting, kind of. The First Time... not bad. That is all.

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