Tuesday, January 1, 2008


How many people went out drinkin' for NYE?
Some stayed home and took it relatively easy?

I worked. Yay. Calls were up for a Monday night, that's for dang sure. Probably equal to any given Saturday. Twasn't that bad, though. I had a few minutes here and there to rest, check some e-mail and futz with my people counter. For the most part, NYE kept us pretty busy and gave us a lot of funny calls. I'd happily elaborate but I'm so spent right now, I seriously can't muster up any humor, or humour for you non-Americanos.

Within minutes from now I'll be sleepin' which bums me out but gonna be sweet relief! I'll be catching Zzzzzzzzz's until about 6 or 7 o'clock this evening. That ain't bad. Don't gotta work till Friday morning so I've got time to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. Flippin' from day shifts to night and back and forth and to and fro and so on, it ain't impossible but definitely a bit screwy.

In any freakin' case, coulda really used a beverage after work. The downside of working overnight and finishing the shift at 9 a.m. -- no bars open to go relax and have a pint of Guinness or Alaskan Stout. Orange juice just ain't the same.

Now there's loads of college football on.

Watching little girls play a man's game is not fun. Pass.

Also on is the NHL Winter Classic NOT from Buffalo like the announcers keep saying.

ORCHARD PARK, New York is NOT in Buffalo. But Orchard Park is where the former Rich Stadium is, a.k.a. Ralph Wilson Stadium (its current name) where the Buffalo Bills play... and where the Grateful Dead have played a few shows, a few of which I was at.

Very cool watchin' the NHL in a football stadium with 73,000 fans rather than indoors with only 18 or 20,000. Just too bad that little runty dweeb Bob Costas is anchoring the event. Worst sports dude ever.

Anyway... yesterday was Monday. Today is Tuesday.

What has changed? Nothing substantial. I can dig revelers partying like it's 1999... but celebrating? Celebrating what? I don't get celebrating having to put up a new calendar or remembering to write 8 instead of 7 after 200. That's nothing to celebrate.

Ahhh well... I'm done rambling. Bite me.

And when you're done biting me, Support Our Troops, alright? So many are away from the land that is their home, they're away from family and friends, and they're working so diligently to bring freedom to millions upon millions of people... and make sure those scum sucking Islamo-fascists don't set up their little dooshbag training camps where they train to kill you and your family. Don't need none o' dat, yo. Don't need no more training camps for hijacking idiots who hate freedom. So damnit, Support The Freakin' Troops! ....... [fighting the urge to keep rambling about the blog I visited earlier and still this person... urge won] ... this person STILL on January 1, 2008 is insisting Bush lied his way into the war... of course there was no evidence posted, just the statement, no reason why he lied, nope... man, crap that pisses me off. Impeach Bush!!!! Yeah, that's goin' real well, huh? Morons. People've got brighten up and I don't mean have a sunny disposition, I mean Get Smart and I ain't talkin' about Steve Carell or Maxwell Smart, I mean realize that mistakes were made about WMD but not lies and realize that Hussein did not leave office peacefully so he brought war upon him all on his very own. Damn dictator, that's what get! Couldn't be a nice respectable leader, huh? Couldn't play nice, have sanctions lifted, do what's RIGHT for your people? Nooooooooo.... so instead he got war to remove his ass and while things in Iraq have been horrible, they're better now. Many lefty people know that but they won't admit. And the worst STILL keep beating the drum of LIAR and TREASON and IMPEACH and BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW and we simply cannot just pull our troops out in cowardly Congressional defeat. The tragedies would be so horrible. The consequences would be on our shoulders. I'm shakin' my head thinkin' about soldiers who've had a limb blown off over there and what do some of 'em want to do? They wanna go back!!! They wanna go back and help finish the job over there. Smart soldiers and that ain't sarcasm.

Wow, that went on for minutes more than I thought it would.

I'm just gonna leave it at that and go to bed. Goodnight -- do you say that when you go to sleep at 11:30 a.m.?

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