Monday, January 21, 2008

Gene & Roy but no Sarah

The Old Corral (1936) starring Gene Autry with an uncredited appearance by Roy Rogers in the Sons of the Pioneers.I missed my show. How sad.

Week in and week out, how many shows during primetime are there? A bunch, that's for sure. How many do I care about? The answer was a big fat NONE... until recently.

Tonight was the 4th episode of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. When I saw the commercials I thought -- hey, that looks purty neat. So I checked it out. Best show ever! Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. But I like it, it's not bad. Methinks it's got appeal especially since Ahhnold was in T1 and T2 which were big hit movies back in the day ... and then finally in T3 a few years ago before he became the Governator.

Anyway, I caught the first night of the show (2 eps) and then the 3rd ep. last week and then tonight... yay, wouldn't ya know it, the first frickin' time in months that my shift ran long and so I didn't get to see it. (I can't believe I'm typing so much about TV which I pretty much don't care for, the network dramas and sitcoms and reality shows, that is. I figure if it's trendy now then I don't want any part of it. If it's good enough for syndication eventually, maybe then I'll see it. But along came Sarah Conner and there was one show I gave a damn about.)

Now what am I gonna do? There's just no way I can watch next week 'cause I'll have missed like 44 minutes of the story! The horror of that is literally sickening me now! What am I gonna do?! Will the series be played in its entirety in repeats before Season 2? Will there even be a Season 2 because of the writer's strike?? Oh my God, I'm panicking! (Not really... and now I'm really typing way too much about this!) Perhaps I should just say screw it, give up on watching it, and just get the DVD release eventually.


After work and no Sarah Conner I figured I'd make some popcorn
and watch a movie...

The Old Corral (1936) starring Gene AutryThe Old Corral

19362½ stars out of 5

Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette,
Lon Chaney, Jr., Hope Manning
(and Roy Rogers in the Sons of the Pioneers)

Just another B-western on the Encore Westerns channel... although this one actually had a nice little treat in it.

The legendary Gene Autry stars as Gene, the sheriff of Turquoise City. On the run from Chicago mobsters, wanted for involvement in a murder, is a singer who's offered a job singing in a saloon in town. The saloon's owner is played by none other than Lon Chaney, Jr. Interesting seeing him in this old B-western rather than as The Wolfman or any number of his interesting roles.

Gene first contends with a gang of brothers who hold up a bus, yes, a bus and not a stagecoach, and in the gang singing brothers turned outlaws, none other than Roy Rogers. Roy would soon go on to fame as the King of All Cowboys but here he was an uncredited member of the Sons of the Pioneers.

After they're caught and locked up, into town comes the mob from Chicago, looking for Eleanor, the singer in the saloon. With help from his sidekick, Smiley Burnette, Gene catches the mobsters, as well.

Just another silly B-western with horses and gunfights and old timey country songs sung at times when it really just didn't make any sense.

I could watch these everyday!


nazi monkey molester said...

"Sarah Conner" from T1 and T2 grew up in my postal address.It is our claim to fame.That and Perdue chicken.Actually, two other actors have roots here: John Glover and Alexis Denisoff.Just a bit of trivia that matters to no one.Damn, I need to get a life!

Zooomabooma said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Linda "Sarah Connor" Hamilton went to Wicomico High School. Doesn't everyone know that?!?!?!

Let's see, my town, we had an actress from the 30's live and die there... she was married to a Pulitzer Prize winner who also lived and died there. And then the town raped his estate, building massively expensive homes on the tiniest 1/8 of an acre lots. So lame.

We also had nuclear missiles! Actually a town over, just over the town line... and a couple decades earlier, but they were there! (They may not have had nuclear warheads so close to NYC but they were still missiles!) My home from 7th grade till I left for college was about a ½ mile from the fire control center and the missile launch site itself was another ½ mile or so beyond that.

So take your Salisbury and shove it... well, you can decide where.

(Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by and commenting... but don't go parading as a Nazi. Molest monkeys all you want but Nazism ain't cool, mac!)

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