Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mutterings '08 ... Engage!

Grateful Dead content? Yes. Sort of, it's a Phil Lesh & Friends mention and an image, sort of an image of Phil Lesh & Friends.  But not Ratdog or Bob Weir or Jerry Garcia. Brent Mydland?  Nope.  Robert Hunter? Nope.
These mutterings I mutter
here on this day.
For the first time in '08
I will proceed to mutter away.
A poet I might be
but to live a life like Frost
that's not me.
But then again,
didn't he live in New Hampshire?
Hey, that's where I was born,
I might wanna move back there
one of these days.
The mountains and snow
and horses with sleighs...
This poem's going nowhere
and I never rhymed with Hampshire
so on with the...

Unconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Mist :: light rain

2. Eating :: food

3. Beacon :: I actually thought two things within a split second:
1) Beacon, New York (map)
2) Beacon Theatre

Beacon, New York's about an hour north of New York City, depending on traffic, probably usually like 90 minutes, on the east side of the Hudson River. My dad took me there a few times as a kid, to a very cool model railroad display and store.

The Beacon Theatre is in New York City... which is the Capital of the World.
I saw
Phil Lesh & Friends at the Beacon in the Spring & Fall of 2000. I think the Allman Brothers Band owns the place now, or at least that's what it seems like, since they play like 20 shows in 4 weeks there each spring, or something like that.

4. Speaker :: Of The House... Newt Gingrich. Is he still Speaker? Is Clinton still President? I just don't keep up on these things. Britney News is wayyyyyyyy too important, and other celebrity news, of course. No time for politics. How lame.

5. Episodes :: of Law & Order... which I've only seen like twice and not since like 1995, but I've seen Law & Order: SVU dozens of times, it's a great freakin' show, often very disturbing subject matter but always compelling to the last drop. Not sure why that show name popped into my mind, I haven't watched in so many months... I'm taking a break from it that way if I start watching it again it'll be Fresh like that Prince of Bel-Air.

6. Conference :: Of Champions ... alright, that makes NO sense. I guess I can be thankful I didn't have an immediate answer that made sense 'cause that might mean I put on a suit to attend conferences of some kind which, thank God, I do not.

7. Sneak attack :: 12/7/41

8. Medic :: me!

9. Web :: Charlotte's ... writer is from Maine... from Maine or moved to Maine at some point.

10. 2008 :: That's coming up soon, isn't it?

Warner Brothers Beacon Theatre not Theater
click to see bigger

Beacon Theatre marquee - Phil Lesh and Friends, April 2000

from this meme is called: Unconscious Mutterings


Penelope Anne said...

Great mutterings....awesome responses to Beacon.
Your mutterings actually left me pondering questions...good thing or bad?
You can find mine if interested at The Writer's Lounge page of my blog.

Kwizgiver said...

I gotta say, I almost put YOU down as my answer to Medic!! :-)


Diana said...

Nice mutterings. Why didn't anybody else get Wedgie?!

Lookin' In said...

We matched on 4 1/2 sort of.
Eating :: dinner
Speaker :: of The House
Episodes :: T.V.
Sneak Attack :: Pearl Harbor
Medic :: Bill Cosby (but,I too thought of you a split second later)

Mark said...

"This poem's going nowhere
and I never rhymed with Hampshire
so on with the..."


Allison said...

here's me:
sneak attack-9/11
medic-silver bracelets with a symbol on them
2008-tabula rasa

Allison said...

ps. pleased to meet you, friend!

Lookin' In said...

Allison, I too had lighthouse.Why I did not think of football is beyond my pea brain.Duh? What have I been watching on the boob tube since September,other than PBS or reruns of The Andy Griffith Show.I checked out your blog.Interesting favorites that coincide with some of mine.Magnolia,American Beauty and The World According to Garp.Dylan,Springsteen and Zevon.Go Ask Alice? Is that the book from 1971 about teenage drug abuse that I remember or is that Ann B. Davis' autobiography.P.S.- The Rutles...interesting choice!

Zooomabooma said...

Ahhh, NFC-AFC in the NFL... good one for conference. And waterfalls are nice and Bose speakers are supposed to be really good.


Mrs Coetser said...

Very cool mutterings. Nicely put together.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated