Friday, January 4, 2008

2nd in 4

'Round about the time this morning when I hopped into my truck to drive to work, a few parts of me weren't exactly very happy with my decision to get out of bed. Well, it was more accurately only a couple parts of me -- hips and quadriceps... so I suppose technically I was correct the first time 'cause right & left hip + right & left quad, that's a few parts indeed.

Anyway, they ached a bit this morning but weren't a terrible bother. All day long and into the night, working a 12-hour shift, hopping up and down into the ambulance, that's not exactly being a stationary worker who is giving strained muscles time to rest. So there were moments when I noticed the minor pain but twasn't too bad.

Taking more than a week off from running is obviously what did this to me. Right after my run yesterday, other than in my lungs, there was no discomfort. The lung thing went away in all good time and I felt perfect! Yup, then I woke up. So often it's the next day when stuff hurts.

Ahhh well, like I said, twasn't too bad and work was just fine.

After work I went to the Rec Center at the University to have a go at run today... closed? Stoopid students need some sort of vacation between semesters and so the Rec Center's not on regular hours. How lame. Why, I remember in my day we went to college 18 to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we did that every day of the year except Christmas... and... we... liked it!!!

Have no fear, I went back to the station and picked up a pass for the other indoor running track in town and went there.

Back on the track and back on track to lose this darn weight I want to get rid of! Oh, and stay healthy, too!

Today's Run Time: 15 minutes 20 seconds

Run Time - January:30 minutes 25 seconds

My 2nd run in the first 4 days of the month. A rate of 50% isn't good enough. Still early so there's time to improve!

Fairly less difficult tonight. Even though I walked onto the track with my minor aches left over from yesterday, I was determined to get this done for a second day in a row. No more putting exercise on the back burner and making it not very important. It is so I did.

The only question now is whether to rest a day or run through the aches and make sure I keep this up. I'm pulling for Option B -- Keep This Up. Calories don't burn away in large amounts from sitting. Extra unneeded and unhealthy weight isn't gonna go away from sitting. High blood pressure's just gonna stay dangerously high... while just sitting.

Must run. Good health... it's a good thing... yessir and that I am goodly sure of, uh huh.

Running tunes from
the album of the day...

Point Of Grace - I Choose You (2006)Point Of Grace

I Choose You


I Choose You
Who I Am
God Is In It
Make It Real
Do It Again
Waiting In The Wings
For All You've Done
Arrival In The City
This Land Is Your Land

Point Of Grace has apparently been around on the Christian music scene for awhile. This is like their 9th album. I don't think I'm ever going to look into their older stuff because I'm afraid it'll all have that fluffy adult soft contemporary sound to it. Not that there's anything wrong with that but, well, it's not quite for me.

This album I gave a shot at because the title track was the first single and it went to the top of the Christian music chart and stayed there for awhile. It's a good song, at times driving with very forceful vocals. And I'm a sucker for great female voices and here there are four of them -- just beautiful! While I Choose You is a really good tune and probably without ever hearing it on the radio, I would have just known this was a successful single, as far as Christian music goes, the lyrics aren't straightforwardly praising God. Here they bend more towards being ambiguous which is a tremendous way to get Christian music into the ears of someone who doesn't necessarily want to hear songs praising God that are strictly worshipful in nature.

The rest of the album doesn't quite continue on in that direction. The edgier, more alternative/modern rock kind of sound pops up a few times but it's not prevalent. That means what else is here borders on that adult soft contemporary feel and even hinting at more of a pop sound, which is another that can have a tendency to easily make me gag. And the lyrics the rest of the way through, for the most part, they are definitely pure praise and worship... and again, not that there's anything wrong with that, sometimes that's wonderful to listen to but my musical tastes have me wanting more driving and forceful songs with plenty of guitar and an edgier sound.

So, while this wasn't bad, it certainly doesn't rank up there with several of the Christian albums I've heard lately. R
ead a lukewarm review at Christian Music Today.

128 kbps dload @ Som Cristão


vw bug said...

Come run down here and kick my butt. I haven't biked once since the new year started. Sigh. I love how you are able to keep going.

Zooomabooma said...

We're not even a week into January so you haven't missed much of the new year yet ... but go, get out and exercise, even if it's a leisurely ride... that's better than nothin'!

My runs are a measely 15 minutes each... but better than nothin'!

Everyone who can should really get some exercise in. I think what many people don't know is how friggin' great they can feel afterwards!

I tell ya, I despise running. But the feeling after is what keeps me going. That and the fact I need to lose a good dozen pounds and running will help lower my semi-high blood pressure.

Down the road, to deal with diabetes or another illness from being overweight, really not something I want... and running will quite possibly help keep that away!

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