Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hawkeye State Hodown

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This Iowa Caucus deal I just don't get.

Reading about exactly how the whole confounded dilly of a pickle works (I didn't read at that link, I read somewhere else) I thought they were choosing delegates to go to the State and then the National Conventions where there they'd officially choose the person who'll get the nomination to run for President. And they're also choosing the candidates that they like most? Ya know what -- I really don't care. Maybe delegates are sort of synonymous with votes. More delegates were chosen for Obama so those "votes" will go to the state and national conventions to make it official? Some moronic crap like that.

Annnnnnnnyway... What happened to Bill Richardson tonight makes me feel a little bad for the guy. Having only gotten about 2% of the vote, he's well behind the other three contenders. This isn't really surprising but as far as the Dems go, Richardson I like wayyyyyy more than the other three.

I'm saddened that Edwards edged out Hillary. People of Iowa -- have you any brains? No one campaigning could be more of a phony than John Edwards. When you live in a 28,000 square foot home (no, that's not 2,800) that's worth $6 million dollars and you get $400 haircuts, I'm tellin' ya, that's not someone in the middle class I can identify with. In some ways he probably can be just a regular guy in a bar. But look, if he's so darn passionate about wanting to help the middle and lower class, why doesn't he do more to be able to identify with them? I'd be a helluva lot more impressed if he sold his mansion, freed his slaves, gave away to charity all the money he doesn't need to live a luxurious life, and moved into an average-sized, middle class American home in a working class neighborhood. I'd actually have some respect for him if he did that. He's still way wrong on so many issues... but at least he'd truly be taking a step towards making the case that he's on our side.

The winner of Iowa -- Barack Obama -- is also so wrong on so many issues. He actually supported allowing Saddam Hussein to keep on living his deceitful, dishonest, murderous, torturous, genocidal life. Hussein filled schools with weapons, not books. Contrast that with the tremendous opportunities the United States of America is giving to the 25 million citizens of Iraq. We're giving them a chance to be free.


We take our freedom so seriously in America. We treasure it and we bask in it and we want to preserve the hell out of it!

Why, then, is freedom for others not important?

It is. Obama clearly doesn't think so.

Hussein didn't think so. He didn't want to be a nice leader. He had every chance in the world to be a sane man, a President who did the right thing, or at least tried to. Instead he was evil.

He and his Baath Party made deals with the United Nations which allowed Iraq's ruling party to pursue much of what was needed for various weapons programs. They went behind the back of many countries which were in agreement about sanctions against Iraq... and some of those countries ::cough:: russia
::cough:: france ::cough:: germany ::cough:: they were even in cooperation with Hussein! President Dillhole bankrolled hundreds of millions of dollars, building luxurious palace after luxurious palace while living a lavish life.

Was that okay? No. All of his treasures came at the expense of his very own people who suffered. He hijacked the the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program for his own personal selfish gain. That's not what it was meant for. It was meant to help people that he ignored.

Oh, but he did win every election -- approximately 99% to 1%. Of course citizens were forced to vote for him or they'd go to prison ... but he did win.

Obama, by not supporting Hussein's removal, must have believed Saddam was an okay guy, at least okay enough to keep on being President of his country. Believe Obama and I guess we shoulda just left Hussein alone to do as he pleased. Right? If he wanted to fill mass graves, that was his choice! And if he wanted to pay the families of suicide bombers a reward, that was his choice!

Wait, so he supported terrorism, also? And Obama thought it was best to leave Hussein alone? I'm blown away by this thinking. Again, to ignore the plight of millions of people in chains -- immoral and unjust.

And that's my Democratic punditry for this evening. Probably for this whole year. Writing about politics is not my pleasure. Over the past two days I've done more than enough.

But one last thing -- what seriously bothers me about the whole process to have a candidate nominated -- American citizens in many states are discriminated against from having their opinion matter when it comes to choosing who runs for President. When the time comes for certain states to collectively make their decision, some candidates by then have dropped out. And sometimes the candidate is already chosen thus an American citizen's opinion can absolutely mean nothing.

Well, that's actually not that strange considering the fact that politicians make decisions time and time again that only a minority of people support. So long as lobbyists support certain agendas, no reason to let citizens have a say.

Anyway, it's not right that not everyone's opinion counts when it comes to choosing who runs for President. Until it's changed it's even a reason to not vote.

Redistribute Wealth! Vote Democrat!


Nazz Nomad said...

oh my.
My favorite part of the evening was seeing the frozen grin/grimace on Hillary's face as she was going down quicker than an intern did on her husband. Manifest destiny indeed! Sorry to throw a wrench in your grand plans, honey, but you are NOT entitled to the White House.

Edwards is the best chance the Dems have. No way racist Amerikkka will vote for a black man and Billary is too polarizing.

On the Republikkan front, Huckabee plays guitar which is a good thing, but the GOP hates him and the evangelical thing is soooooo 20th century.
Mitt's a cultist in the eyes of the great unwashed (plus he's phonier than a three dollar bill. Fred is dead and Rudy is not going to make it on the family values trip.
So that leaves Johnny McCain.
Which works for me.
At least he had the balls to fight for our country.

Jes said...

I can't agree with everything you said, but you're spot on with Edwards.

Mark said...

"Wait, so he supported terrorism, also? And Obama thought it was best to leave Hussein alone? I'm blown away by this thinking. Again, to ignore the plight of millions of people in chains -- immoral and unjust."

I don't get this line of thinking either. Idiots...

Jim - PRS said...

John Edwards, Champion of the poor and Crusader against eeeeevil corporations, spent his time between his Senate gig and his running for President by working for a hedge fund.

He makes me sick.

Zooomabooma said...

It's interesting, I don't just dislike Edwards and that's that... yeah, he makes me sick, too!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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