Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That's good Mud

*******SPEAKER-AND-NOTES*******An Album I'm Listening To Now,
a.k.a. What I Ran To This Wednesday Morning...
ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud (1972) Front

ZZ Top

Rio Grande Mud


Just Got Paid
Mushmouth Shoutin'
Ko Ko Blue
Apologies To Pearly
Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell
Whiskey'n Mama
Down Brownie
Blues permeate ZZ Top's debut from the year before. From start to finish it's Texas blues rock that makes me want to hop in a 1970's Cadillac convertible and cruise across the immense landscape of the Lone Star State, arm out the window, 10 miles per gallon, sun beatin' down, ZZ Top blarin' from the stereo.

The second album from ZZ Top sounds more Aerosmith rock and roll at times. There's still a unique early ZZ Top sound and feel to it but it rocks out more than being laid back and bluesy. The first couple times I listened to, I didn't prefer it. I'm pretty sure I like their debut better but like many albums do, this is growing on me with yet another listen. One thing's for sure -- it's competent rock and roll that's a long way from Sharp Dressed Man.

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