Friday, May 8, 2009

3rd run this week

My endless quest to take off the pounds, to stay under 200 pounds, to be in shape, and to avoid diabetes and other diseases continues... it never freakin' ends. Dunkin' Donuts and Ben & Jerry don't want me to win, they want me to give in, to forfeit decent health so's I can indulge in all those oh-so-yummy foods that are oh-so-NOT good for you. Moderation, my dear Watson. Moderation. Moderation and exercise...

The North Face trail running shoe -- good for use in the Appalachian Mountains ... but seriously, they are rather small compared to the Rocky Mountains ... Sierra Nevada are sweet, too.  Would definitely use 'em in the Alps, that's for sure.  One thing's for sure -- Jerry Garcia or Bob Weir or Phil Lesh or Blaise Compaoré probably never went running in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Pyongyang, 평양 직할시 조선민주주의인민공화국 平壤直轄市 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國, Türkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Кыргызстан, Киргизия, Uzbekistan, O'zbekiston, Ўзбекистон Республикаси, Tajikistan, Тоҷикистон.  Probably the same with Brent Mydland.  At least that's my gut feeling.  I could be wrong.  I mean, there were a lot of drugs at Grateful Dead shows and the good Lord above, He knows I did my share!
Friday Morning Run: 26 minutes 11 sec
+4 sec
2 Days Since My Last Run

10:35 a.m. - 78° - cloudless

Every now and then I get these pains in my right shin and it makes me wonder what the heck is up with my tibia. Are they phantom pains? Is it related to my fracture two years ago? I just don't know. How often have they occurred? A few times over the past 48 hours, each time lasting but a brief moment. Had one this morning before my run. I set out anyway.

It was way too warm and I didn't feel 100% awake, and I was content talking on the phone to my awesomely wonderful Sugarmag, but I got my butt out there at the same time she was at the gym getting a little workout in for herself. The thought of tibia pain never crossed my mind, nor did it happen again, and I got my run in. Sometimes I really dig running all the way out on the trail and then hiking back... but not when it's this warm. Again I turned around half way so when my run was done I didn't have a long walk back. Water was desperately needed and I've got to start carrying some with me, at least bringing it to the trail so I can pick it up when my run's done. Thirty minutes after I left I think the temp went up by 5 or 6 freakin' degrees. Swell. Yay. Oh how I love hot weather. Not.

In any case, a decent run. I only added 7 seconds but eh, whatever. At least I added, right? Need to think positively 'cause maybe someday I'll be marathon-ready! (HAA!!! When, 2027?!?)
2 in May :: 1:18:07 sec· X
3 runs so far in May
8 runs in APRIL:
3 hours 29 min
6 runs in March:
2 hours 28 min
*** FEBRUARY ***
3 hours 41 min
January 2009
2 hours 54 min
2 hours 42 min
November:2 hours 31 min
October 2008:2 hours 10 min

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