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Dancin' In Worcester

The Music Never Stopped, 2009 -- Volume 53

The Dead - 4/18/09 the former Centrum (DCU Center) - Worcester, Massachusetts [copyright Jay Blakesberg]

The Dead -- April 18, 2009
the former Centrum (DCU Center)
Worcester, Massachusetts

1st Set: Jam Feel Like A Stranger, Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad,
Mountains Of The Moon Dupree's Diamond Blues,
Bird Song, China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider

Set 2: Jam Dancing In The Street Milestones Terrapin Station
Drums Space Days Between Jam Bird Song
One More Saturday Night

Encore: Johnny B. Goode

The Grateful Dead's tape archivist is on tour
and here's what he has to say about the show...


The first night of a two night run has a great feeling. Everyone is very tired from a late night in Albany and an early morning here, but the knowledge of a second night with no load-in feels good. The Centrum is a funky older building, but with a certain charm, especially considering all of the great Grateful Dead shows that took place here. For all of the Bay Area hockey fans on the tour’s crew, it’s pretty trippy to see San Jose Sharks logos all over the building, as the Centrum is the home to the Sharks’ AHL affiliate. It’s a coolish day, with the building surrounded by plenty of parking lots and garages, each filled loads of people by 2 PM. As we hang out during the set up, we have another Bay Area connection, watching the Oakland A’s vs the Toronto Blue Jays. The Worcester dressing room artwork and coat hangers are truly one of a kind. There’s a little extra work to do today as the show is being broadcast live on Sirius-XM’s Grateful Dead channel, with the mix being sent out on the airwaves being the front of house mix enhanced by the recording engineers who are producing the live concert CDs available at the concerts.

First set

One of my favourite Bob Weir tunes opened the show, Feel Like A Stranger, and judging by the reaction of the crowd, it was everyone’s favourite tonight. A really nice, meaty jam that wrapped up very tightly, followed by a GDTRFB that had the entire hall up and dancing. This venue has a lot of character, and it’s fun looking around at a sold-out 14,000 people arena, everyone swaying to the music. Another dose of 1969 followed, with Mountains of the Moon>Dupree’s Diamond Blues. These older combinations sure are a welcome addition to the shows, mixed amongst the “newer” material like the other night’s Foolish Heart. It’s been a very dynamic set thus far. They then went into 1979 with Althea, a very nice version with Bobby’s slide guitar paired up with Warren’s to create a dense, layered sound. Then came a long, drawn-out and very spacey and inspired Bird Song, always one of my favourites. This one went way, way out there. It’s been great to see that 4.5 shows into the tour, there have been no repeated songs. They are really drawing on everything and anything from the Grateful Dead repertoire. Following this Bird Song was another tour-first, China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider. Three tunes from Aoxomoxoa! A very good setlist, and exceptionally well-played. All crowd-pleasers, too. And it was a verrrrry long set, about 90 minutes, so all of the Sirius and XM listeners out there must be having a blast checking this out. With the mix from the recording crew, it sounds wonderful.

Second Set

They’re really digging into the way past on this tour, opening tonight’s second set with a dynamite Dancing In The Street, in its 1966-1970 arrangement, not the disco-Dancing of 1976-1979. It was, as would be expected, very heavy on the jams. That then led into a long Milestones, with the “sidemen,” Warren and Jeff, both taking lengthy solos, while Phil and drummers held the whole jam down, with Bobby doing all sorts of cool things in his inimitable guitar-playing way. A note on Bobby, and that’s that he’s not only playing great on this tour, but he’s prominent in the mix, and his tone is crystal clear and always just exactly right. He’s playing some of the best guitar I’ve ever heard him play, which is saying a lot, as he’s been playing great guitar for 45 years or more. Milestones then slid into Terrapin Station, with Warren taking the lead vocal duties, and doing right by the classic Jerry tune, found here in its traditional pre-Drums slot. This version of Rhythm Devils is as way-out there as all of the versions so far on the tour, with Mickey and Billy once again playing off the sounds of deep space. They’re really shaking the building. And once again, Space is reaching some very cool places. Out of Space came two nice, mellow, introspective tunes, Days Between and Bird Song’s reprise from earlier. Then Bobby blew the roof off the place (again) with two monster rockers, One More Saturday Night and an encore of Johnny B. Goode. A great way to send us out the doors, or in my case to the laptop. It’s nice to know there is another show tomorrow in this cool smallish building. Thanks, Worcester!

by David Lemieux

Bob Weir (and Mickey Hart) of The Dead - 4/18/09 the former Centrum (DCU Center) - Worcester, Massachusetts [copyright Jay Blakesberg]

see a few more pics from Jay Blakesberg at JamBase

Soundboard for The Dead - 4/18/09 the former Centrum (DCU Center) - Worcester, Massachusetts

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Anonymous said...

Yes keep the 2009 shows coming our way, love them. band seems to be having a great time this time around.
the guy from INDY,IN.

Tony said...

I was at this show and heard some people talking bad about it, and i have to say it had a few moments of spacey-ness, but it was a really really great show. One of my favorites I saw...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this one up. It's great.

Anonymous said...

want to say thank you for the show - i know someone is out there working hard to get all this great music to the people - thank you! keep the peace - geo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show, I grew up just a few miles from there so it has a special sentiment for me. And thanks for the terrific site all the time!!


Brian said...

Thanks for sharing this show from Worcester to the world, from a guy from Worcester...

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Any chance of the 4_19 Worcester show going up? I was at that one and there was magic.
Guy from near Worcester

Zoooma!! said...

Hey Now!

You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome :)

What's that? You want I should post the 4/19 Worcester show? Holy crap!! Well, whaddya know?! I'm working on it right now!

As always, stay tuned!

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