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Lone Star Springsteen - 4/5/09 Erwin Center, Austin

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It's that time again, Springsteen time. Tis about time I start making a better effort to listen to the other Bruce more often. Springsteen most definitely has become the other Bruce to this Deadhead -- friend of Springsteen and former Grateful Dead band member Bruce Hornsby must be the first Bruce. I've probably said it before -- I'm sure a lot of Springsteen fans would take exception to that and that's fine. Springsteen was the first Bruuuuuuuuuuce for me once upon a time. Without a doubt he was. I was diggin' Born To Run before China Cat Sunflower or Shakedown Street, but even though he's been absent from Dead proceedings for the past several years, Hornsby is Bruuuuuuce #1.

In any frickin' case, time for more live Bruce. I've been getting tons of his shows recently, first time in my life, other than his official releases, that I've collected live Springsteen. Here we go with something from early on in his current tour which kicks off a leg of European shows tonight in somewhere, Pinkpop Belgium or something like that. EuroBruce? I don't got nothin' against Europe, in general, but when it comes to live Springsteen, I always wanna track down good old American shows and Texas -- Dallas Cowboys, John Wayne in a John Ford western, cattle, George W. Bush! -- that's about as American as ya get, y'all!

Hey, if you're here downloadin', of if you're reading this for whatever reason under the sun, give the below link a click and consider helping out others who haven't got anything good to eat... or anything at all to eat. Springsteen, during each show on his tour, has been promoting a local food bank and they always need every cent a person can afford to donate. So make Bruuuuuuuce happy and think about giving a buck or two. Seriously, it doesn't have to be 10 or 20 dollars or more... non-profit charities often appreciate even a single dollar and I'm a-bettin' right here and now that anyone reading this can surely afford a dollar or two to help others less fortunate than yourself. Right? Cool. Thanks for readin' this and enjoy the music!
Feeding America formerly called America's Second Harvest

Bruce Springsteen
& The E Street Band

April 5, 2009

Frank Erwin Center
University of Texas

copyright by some asshole who forcibly removed his images from my Flickr account even though I clearly gave him credit nor was I using them for profit.

Clarence Clemons & Bruce Springsteen - 4/5/09 Austin - copyright by some asshole who forcibly removed his images from my Flickr account even though I clearly gave him credit nor was I using them for profit.
Outlaw Pete
My Lucky Day
Prove It All Night
Out in the Street
Working on a Dream
Johnny 99
Working on the Highway
Sherry Darling
She's the One
Because the Night
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Promised Land
The Wrestler
Kingdom of Days
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born to Run
* * *
Hard Times Come Again No More
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
I'm a Rocker
Land of Hope and Dreams
American Land
Glory Days

Very cool show. For the most part. Well, let's see here... sound quality is pretty good, perhaps a bit above average. I listened with an mp3 player and in this case it might be better on a stereo with good speakers.

In this show there are 9 different songs from Night #1 of the tour which I posted some weeks back. That's why I chose this night. The number of different songs dwindles after this.

There was one moment during the show that was just... odd. During Waitin' On A Sunny Day, Bruce puts the mic to a kid and has him sing a couple lines... and he sucks. In all fairness, the kid sounds about 13 and it was fun for Bruce and the band, I'm sure; to let someone so young be a part of this event, even in such a small way, not the best sounding thing on the recording but I'm sure it was fun and gave that kid something he'll never forget.

As far as energy in the music -- how old is Bruce? 35? He sounds great! He clearly sounds aged at times, but that comes through as grit in his voice. It's a great thing having a night off between shows because it allows them a day of rest to come out fresh and ready. In this show -- they're fresh and ready... and rockin'!

from Backstreets:

"We've had some crazy times here since 1974," Springsteen told the Austin crowd, recalling the days when he found an important early fanbase in the Lone Star State. "We were from New Jersey, of course -- the Corruption State -- and Texas was a long way away." Bruce talked about taking the train all that way, unable to fly, and getting seats instead of berths, to come and play Houston's Liberty Hall and here in town at Armadillo World Headquarters. "We have lots of great memories playing in Austin."

Add another one to that list with this loose show at the Frank Erwin Center, stretching out to a whopping 28 songs only three shows into the tour. Tour premieres outnumbered songs from the new album tonight, seven to five, starting with "Prove It All Night." Turning up in the Recession Arc was "Youngstown," with that killer solo from Nils. "Sherry Darling" was requested via sign -- via gum wrappers, actually -- and took the place of the setlisted "I'm on Fire." "She's the One" rocked, with Max in a mighty groove. An epic in the encore, the premiere of "Jungleland," and a couple songs later it was the very rare "I'm a Rocker" -- which, like "Sherry," was on the ragged side, but injected some real fun into the show. Finally, "Glory Days" closed the show post-"American Land," a major crowd-pleaser this night.

by: ?

Download The Show Here

(320 kbps)

Part 1 ♦ ▬ ♦ Part 2 ♦ ▬ ♦ Part 3

Wevodau Source: SP-CMC-20->SP-SPSB-1->Nomad JB3
Lineage: Nomad JB3->WAV->Adobe Audition->WAV->FLAC

(1) Recorded from Section 71 Row 8 Seat 8. There was an unobstructed
line between my mikes and one of the speaker stacks even though our seats
were technically behind the stage. There was no one in front of us as
we were right above the exit. Occasional woo-ing can be heard from the
people around us and some close clapping but otherwise a very clean/clear

(2) Due to the three hour recording time limit on the JB3, I had to stop
and restart towards at the very end of American Land as the band was working
their way into Glory Days. Only 10-20 seconds of the outro of American Land
is missing. Glory Days is complete.

copyright by some asshole who forcibly removed his images from my Flickr account even though I clearly gave him credit nor was I using them for profit.
mp3 (not flac lossless) download 09-04-05

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