Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Remember, this started as a jugband."

No more music. Sorry.

...well, at least for about 5 days... maybe. I'm hittin' the road, gonna be busy, gonna not be in front of the computer much. There might be a short hiatus here from music posting. I'd ask Sugarmag to step in and put something up but she's gonna be busy, too.

Hopefully I will have some time to get something properly posted for y'all. I want to!! I like doing this. If I can get a little time I'm gonna post up some Dead '09 (another Soundboard) and then something very old, and then another Dead '09 SBD . . . but I'm just not sure when. You'll have to, as always, Stay Tuned. If there ain't much over the next 5 days, I shall be back in full swing again before ya know it! Sugarmag's semester of Grad School is juuuuust about done so hopefully she'll do some posts, too

In the meantime, dig this video! I've posted a couple like this in the past few weeks and they're amazing, I think. All these years later, these guys've still got it in them to go and play.

"Once it's in your blood . . . you gotta play."


keith h said...

Z0ooma and Sugarmag,

Thanks for keeping up on all of the music lately. Enjoy your time away from the computer, do something enjoyable, get some fresh air and when you post some new stuff, we'll all be here to welcome you back and say thanks!

btsacto said...


LOL - zooma, hope you have some nice travels and look forward to your safe return!

sean said...

thanks for the music

Anonymous said...

Hey Zooma,

I am still in orbit from the night at the Forum

Thank You so much for keeping things

so nice.

I'd just like to say that cause you and Sugarmag have really done a lot to furthur my love for the good ole Grateful Dead.

Last Saturday night was splendid, no Eyes of the World alas, but the Dark Star and Caution Don't Step on the Tracks made up for that.

It was a sweet show and I am glad I paid my money, took the ride and what more can I say, worth every penny!


Zoooma!! said...

Hello all you groovy people! 'Sup?

Keith h! Hey Now! Good to hear from ya!!! I'm happy to have you commenting here! Fresh air and enjoyment is on the schedule!

Btsacto -- Thanks! Hey, ya know, I spent some time in Fair Oaks in '95. Fun times between JGB in SF and Dead Mardi Gras in Oakland and the first GD shows that year over the mtns and across the desert back where I was living in Salt Lake City.

Sean -- always welcome!

And CADJ! I'm glad you dug the show, my friend!

Good to hear from all y'all!

Welp, back to my time away from the 'puter! I shall return soon!

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