Monday, May 25, 2009

A little bit of Jer & Merl

I've been in a bit of a listening slump lately. And then I played this and despite the not so great quality, I felt the need to beat myself up because this is sooooooo good! Why do I sometimes listen to like only 3 or 4 shows in like 2 weeks? That's not good. It's when I press play on something like this that I properly understand the error of my way. But it's a way that won't last long... can't last long -- I just won't let myself drag it on.

So what this means is hopefully there'll be a steady stream of shows comin' down the pike. As always -- Stay Tuned... and be prepared to download!

Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders - Audience recording (not a (soundboard) SBD) Download (320 kbps) and setlist (of course.)The Music Never Stopped, 2009 -- Volume 51
May 23, 1973 (late show)
Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders

The Ash Grove
West Hollywood, California

It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry,
Expressway (To Your Heart),
Money Honey,
Little Bit Of Righteousness, Like A Road Leading Home,
That's Alright Mama

Sound quality on this show is below average... but ears adjust and it's not incredibly terrible to listen to. Nothing here that really blows me away but Jerry's playing is precise and next to non-stop. Money Honey is outstanding as he gives extra emotion at times in his vocals. That little bit of umpf helps to turn it from a great version to even more well worth it. Little Bit Of Righteousness is a rare tune, one of only two known times played. There's a little bit of spaceyness at the end which'll sound quite familiar to Deadheads. A studio version of this song with Michael Bloomfield on guitar (not Jerry) and Ron Stallings on saxophone can be found on Merl's album Keepers. A beauty here is Like A Road which is one of the earliest versions -- only the second known but more were probably played since it debuted in January (or perhaps in December of '72 though no setlists with it are known.) Finishing off this rather short show is That's Alright Mama which features some crankin' bass from John Kahn. He is on fire with that thing, dominating the song to quite an extent. The crowd is lovin' it!

So, not the best recording by any means, unfortunately, but it's all that exists. Two listens for me and each time I've been able to put the poor quality aside and let my ears adjust so I could dig it just fine.

P.S. the early show is not known to exist.

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES5/23/73 @ the Internet Archive:
this show is not at as of May 25, 2009
Download It Here

Audio Quality: Source: shnid=9587
Lineage: Audience > Master Reel
(Harv Kaslow and Craig Todd, Sony ECM-22Ps > Sony 770) > 2R > CD > SHN
Garcia-Saunders 5/23/73
5-23-73 aka 05-23-73 aka 5/23/73 aka 05/23/73 aka 05-23-73 not spelled Merle Saunders


Timmy said...

The Ash Grove was NOT in Santa Monica, but instead in West Hollywood, California. And, if you ever go to Wolfgang's Vault, they have many, many shows from that ledgendary venue posted there for your downing...

Zoooma!! said...

Ahhh, 8162 Melrose Ave -- definitely not in Santa Monica. Thanks for letting me know, Timmy! I, in turn, have let The Jerry Site know and I submitted the changes at db.etree. Good to have accuracy, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, thanks for all the great toonage. It's much appreciated !

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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