Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Y'all have a Merry Christmas now

Before the music, let me ask you - need a last minute gift for someone?

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Enjoy the tunes!!

animated Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
December 8, 1991 - Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, California

setlist & soundboard (SBD) 320 kbps mp3 download
with James Kerwin & Joe Craven

1st Set: Shady Grove, Sitting In Limbo, Rosalie McFall,
So What?, I Ain't Never, The Thrill Is Gone, Dawg's Waltz,
Dreadful Wind And Rain, Arabia

Set 2: Red Rockin' Chair, Trouble In Mind, Take Me Back,
Walkin' Boss, Jack-A-Roe, Friend Of The Devil, Louis Collins,
Grateful Dawg, Russian Lullaby, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jam

Encore: Ripple

How much is there
to say about this show? This was the second and last time I saw Garcia-Grisman, the first time being the night before. It was great living in Salt Lake City, Utah. A short drive to see many shows it certainly wasn't but it was in the general neighborhood of many (heh heh, anything in the West of the Rockies neighborhood was close enough to go see!) The first two nights of this three night stand in early December was yet another Grateful Dead related Bay Area excursion of mine, over the mountains and through the deserts, to see Jerry Garcia we go! When I post the first night someday, I'll tell my travel tale then, for right now I just want to get this up.

What a great show. My favorites in the first set are Sitting In Limbo and So What. Dare I say I'd rather hear Jerry & David do this than Miles Davis? I dig Miles just fine but hey, this is Garcia-Grisman, man! Dreadful Wind And Rain is oh so short but so nice, too!

In Set 2 is the reason I'm posting this at Christmastime -- the God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jam is outstanding! At 9½ minutes it's over a minute and a half longer than anything else in the set. A perfect set closer.

Jerry's voice is strong throughout the show and with not a single lyric flub to be found? His guitar and banjo has been better, I think, but still the way he and Grisman play together, it's just magical. Here's a musical format where Jerry can just relax and enjoy himself, not that he didn't enjoy himself at this time with the Dead, but, well, there's just less pressure here and he can totally roll with it.


P.S. Sugarmag gave me a web page she thought would be cool to share with y'all...

Hanging With The Dawg is about someone at the European premiere of the Garcia-Grisman documentary Grateful Dawg. It's pretty cool so check it out!!!

Source: Soundboard>
DAT Master> CDR> SHN

Audio Quality:
12/8/91 @

As of Dec 24, 2008 there is no
Garcia at the Internet Archive.
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (Sept 93)
12/8/91 aka 12/08/91 aka 12-8-91 aka 12-08-91 aka 91-12-08


Sugarmag said...

I just finished listening to this show while polishing my grandma's silver. I love this music so much! I think I liked Sitting In Limbo best of all.

Jimbo said...

Takes too long for me to down load shows on the rapidshare but, The Grateful Dawg album is what intoduced me to the Grateful Dead. A co-worker burned a copy and gave it to me and said this sounds like somthing you would like. He was right. Listened to a couple of tunes from Old and in The Way a few nights ago. Going to have to get those CD's too.

I agree with te charity. My wife and I like to support local charities. In both money and time.

merry christmas!

klf said...

Thanks for the music! Happy Holidays! Enjoy the snow! And Peace.

klf said...

btw, I don't get how it takes a long time to download stuff from rapidshare . . . I downloaded all 3 parts at once, took about 160 seconds. Is that long, here on the eve of 2009? Maybe I have low standards. Anyway, thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Thanx, Zooma! This struck me as such a tasty set, so you know i had to get all over it. I recently grabbed the 3/7/73 Jerry/Merl gig and 11/13/76 JGB. Finally got a chance to spin them this morning--what an awesome sandwich those two partials make! Thanks for putting them up. Great stuff.

Merry Christmas & thanx for all you're doing here.


Zoooma!! said...

Thanks for the comments! Sorry it takes you too long, Jimbo. To download this would take me about a whole day so I know.

klf -- not everyone uses high speed internet. Still there are some, like me, who use dial up... it's free. Can't say the same about high speed. Maybe someday I'll move into the 21st Century... we'll see.

Mudcatbluez -- glad you're diggin' the tunes and thanks for the comment to let me know. Mucho appreciated!!!

And once again I've got to acknowledge Sugarmag's part in this... without her, 100 Days of the Dead wouldn't have between 50 and 75 shows. Without her I'd only be posting a fraction of what I am. Thanks, Sugarmag! You're the best!!!!

I hope everyone's enjoying their Holidays! Wishing y'all Good Health, Happiness... and Great Tunes in 2009!!!

OldRockr1 said...

I really love this stuff. I have gotten more and more into the bluegrass over the bast few years. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great post! Very timely for the holidays too! Happy New Year to all-- Duke

Anonymous said...

This is some of the best music around. You can't beat the chemistry they had and the song selections! Great sound quality! Also love the OITW tunes as well! Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
part 3 is dead.Too bad!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated