Saturday, December 20, 2008

Into each life, some new Jerry must play!

Merl & Jerry
100 Days of The Dead
and All Things Garcia ... Day 89

Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders -- March 7, 1973
Keystone -- Berkeley, California

setlist & soundboard (SBD) 320 kbps mp3 download
Partial Set 2 (all that is even known about the show!)

unknown song,
Merl's Tune-> Space,
Georgia On My Mind

Wow! I love getting new Garcia tuneage into my ears, not just another show but I mean some song or jam that I've never heard before. Merl's Tune I'm familiar with and I've heard Georgia On My Mind but the "unknown song" here is brand new to me. This is almost an instrumental as it has next to no organized lyrics and one of the things that I'm really diggin' hearing is the two guitars. At times, Tom Fogerty's playing is a lot more than just rhythm guitar, he's more like a second lead guitarist. It's very interesting to hear him play alongside Jerry. He drifts way into the background for some of the song but at other times he and Jerry compliment each other outstandingly, dare I say better than Garcia-Weir? I love Bob's rhythm but Fogerty can play! John Kahn adds tremendously on bass and the three of them really drive this song at the beginning. Merl joins in and becomes more prominent, too, and then there's presumably Bill Vitt on drums, although it could be the Dead's Billy Kreutzmann as he occasionally sat in with Jerry & Merl during this period of time. Sarah Fulcher is also here, lending some vocals and a beautiful female -- almost Janis Joplin-like, sometimes GOOD Donna-like -- touch to this. At just over 20 minutes, this is something I would really, really dig just totally kicking back and smoking a joint to.

My favorite part of this partial set is the spacey jam that Merl's Tune becomes. Jerry ranges from noodling to smoking to Outer Space while Tom and Merl help the spiral spin, spin, spin away all the while maintaining some core, somehow. Wow. This is as good as any spacey jam from the Grateful Dead. Ohhh! . . . and the way it melts into Georgia On My Mind... that just takes me breath away. When Ms. Fulcher starts singing, and later Merl's magic on organ, it's one of the most beautiful things I ever did hear!

And the sound quality is nearly perfect. Some would give this 5 stars out of 5, an A+ all the way.

Quite an interesting time for Jerry -- five days before, the very first Old & In The Way show took place and eight days after this, the Dead would go on tour, and there was a New Riders show in there, too.

Like other Garcia sets I've posted, this isn't a lot of music -- only just under 50 minutes but oh how sweet it is!

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3/7/73 Jerry & Merl @

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3/7/73 aka 03/07/73 aka 3-7-73 aka 03-07-73 aka 73-03-07


Timmy said...

Whilest listening to the "unknown song" it strikes me that this melody is familiar. And, yes, for once Zoomer, we see eye to eye on the quality issue. It is perty dang good. I'm certain I know this song, from somewhere back in my memory, like perhaps a top 40 smaltzy hit that didn't go too far, but was ressurected by Jerry because he felt something in it, the way he done a hunderd times befo'. It could be a country song, or maybe a funky R&B tune. Only God knows what Jer was trying to convey with his interpretaion here. Clearly he hadn't learned the lyrics yet, but HE didn't need to. The lady singing, (we don't hear ear to ear about HER) keeps refraining "Please Come Home", so we should just call it that.

Anonymous said...

1 comment so far. I wonder how many "deadheads" downloaded this show without ever expressing their thanks.

dozens? what a bunch of ungrateful people.

Anonymous said...

Searched in the net, no informations about this tape, great tape, great quality! Nobody knows this unknown song? Please don't go is too easy.... says Pnoom

keith h said...

Thanks Zoooma for the Jerry and Meryl. Meryl was the Best colaborator with Jerry in my opinion.

Merry Christmas!!

Zoooma said...

Jerry & Merl were indeed so great together. Hopefully I'll get back to putting up some more. I'd like to.

Merry Christmas backatchya, Keith.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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