Monday, December 22, 2008

New Dead Show Today?

100 Days of the Grateful Dead -- Day 91

But first... have you downloaded, in the past 3-4 days, any of these shows?

  1. 11/3/65 Warlocks
  2. 1/8/66 Fillmore
  3. xx/xx/66
  4. 5/19/66 Avalon
  5. 11/10/67 Shrine
  6. 1/20/68 Eureka
  7. 10/28/69 Airplane House
  8. 11/2/69 Family Dog
  9. 11/15/69 Crockett
  10. 3/8/70 Phoenix
  11. 11/21/70 Boston
  12. 6/21/71 France
  13. 9/24/71 Jerry-Merl
  14. 9/29/71 rehearsal w/Keith
  15. 10/19/71 Minneapolis
  16. 9/23/72 Waterbury
  17. 10/24/72 Milwaukee
  18. 11/12/72 K.C.
  19. 2/15/73 Madison
  20. 9/26/73 Buffalo
  21. 11/4/73 Old & In The Way
  22. 11/17/73 UCLA
  23. 10/5/74 Jerry-Merl
  24. 11/13/76 JGB
  25. 6/23/77 JGB
  26. 10/14/77 Houston
  27. 11/6/77 Binghamton
  28. 12/8/77 JGB
  29. 4/14/78 Virginia Tech
  30. 10/20/78 Winterland
  31. 10/27/79 Cape Cod
  32. 11/30/79 Pittsburgh
  33. 11/28/80 Lakeland
  34. 10/10/81 Bremen
  35. 9/21/82 MSG
  36. 12/3/83 JGB
  37. 11/3/84 Berkeley
  38. 11/23/84 Hunter,Jerry
  39. 10/31/85 Columbia
  40. 11/20/85 Oakland
  41. 11/8/87 Berkeley
  42. 7/7/88 Jerry Acoustic Band
  43. 10/1/88 Shoreline
  44. 10/12/89 Meadowlands
  45. 3/25/90 Albany
  46. 3/17/91 Landover
  47. 11/7/91 JGB
  48. 3/16/92 Philly
  49. 5/25/93 Cal Expo
  50. 11/9/93 JGB
  51. 11/12/93 JGB
  52. 10/13/94 MSG
  53. 4/30/02 Robert Hunter
Each of these dates is on Rapidshare and the list doesn't even include anything that was previously put on Divshare.

All 53 shows have been downloaded at least 1 time in the last 4 days. . .

Those downloads have gotten a Grand Total of 2 comments.


That's not good.

*** The people who do comment, those of you who have expressed appreciation -- there's no problem with you!! You're great!!

It's all the rest who should really think about occassionally typing a word of Thanks.

Some music now?

3-31-73 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY

I really wanted to put this up today but if dozens of people are going to download it and only 3 or 4 will comment then I don't feel like putting forth the effort. Good show. Too bad.


Adam said...

I agree Zoooma; 3/31/73 is a good show. For many years, my only slice of this show was the portion played on the Grateful Dead Hour (Truckin' through Rider). There is a lot of ground covered in that 50 or so minutes that does not get onto the "official" set list (like the NBFBM Jam). It's a simple but wonderful example of the music playing the band; they just seem to go wherever the music wants to take them. It isn't rushed. It isn't forced. It is just plain nice. Now, everyone show a little love! Adam

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the show. I do want to say "Thank you!" sicerely for sharing so much great music. I haven't DL'd - I have a lot of Dead official releases, Dicks Picks, downloads - but, I always check it. Enjoy a wonderful hoilday season!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you decide to put this one up. I love '73, and I haven't heard this one.

For CD artwork for this, as well as many other shows, go here:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I used to trade quite a bit back in the seventies and it's nice to hear such great stuff again. You've definitely improved my nights at home in the office.

bobbi said...

I'm sorry...I've NEVER commented. I don't remember downloading anything lately and I pretty much consider you a Jarhead with some seriously indoctrinated PTSD from your very own person Sgt. Hartman but DANG!. All that toonage and four comments? THE place to go for the tastiest Dead for our very own Chris...I mean Holiday present?
Here's to you, man. Keep up the good work. Don't panic.

sean said...

I'll say it again: Thanks for all of the good music.

I have been scrolling through some of your posts, and you seem to have a Jersey connection. Did you grow up here?

Anonymous said...

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OldRockr1 said...

I don't know if it is on that list or not, but I did download the Old & In the Way show and it was excellent. Manny thanks and Happy Holidays.


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