Friday, December 5, 2008

Jerry Eugene Silva

As much as I love the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, etc, I rarely run to them. I just find it's easier for me to run to random studio albums from whoever. But today I ran to some Jerry...

Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia - desert jerry design (image sorta from 1978)100Days---Day064--middle

24 years ago tonight...

Jerry Garcia Band -- December 5, 1984
Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Eugene, Oregon

aka 12/5/84 aka 12/05/84 aka 12-5-84 aka 12-05-84 aka 84-12-05 setlist & mp3 download (not a SBD)
(Michael Hedges opened)

1st Set: not known to exist

2nd Set: I'll Take A Melody, Get Out Of My Life,
Dear Prudence, Gomorrah-> Midnight Moonlight

Within minutes it's evident Jerry's got magic this show... or at least this set. He and John Kahn had recently wrapped up a 9-night swing through the Northeast and it feels like he's happy to be back to the electricity of the Jerry Garcia Band. This show is the third night on a 7-night Bay Area-Northwest swing and there's definitely some good energy and emotion here. Dear Prudence is just as beautiful as ever. Jerry gets in such a zone. That acoustic stuff from the month before is nice but... man, this is nice! Oh, and screw The Beatles' version. I'm sorry but any song of theirs by Jerry just kicks John, Paul, George & Ringo's collective butts. And more butt-kicking comes in the form of Midnight Moonlight. Mmm!

This might only be about 46 minutes long but it's a great listen. Audio Quality could even be considered around 4½ stars, especially when graded solely against other Auds.

Source: Audience> unknown
specifics but quite possibly
10th row Dead Center

Audio Quality:
12/5/84 Jerry Garcia Band

As of 12/5/08 there is no
Garcia at the Internet Archive.
JGB -- Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Melvin Seals, David Kemper, Jaclyn LaBranch, DeeDee Dickerson Download Right Here: JGB 12/5/84 Silva Hall Very Small not a STEAL YOUR FACE but a Cats Under The Stars dealie


freakypete said...

hey zoom, thanks for this show.
never got to see the jg band but was listning to them the night he died and love them as much as the dead. (almost more, i was never crazy bout bobs extravagancies.)
we're watching 'family guy' right now but i bet you hate that 'i need a joooooooo!'
its all quiet right now in britain, few dead in aff mostly marines no kick back from mumbai...yet. (when i said unwinable i was talking bout aff as we've been chased out before the scots regiments including my own 'black watch', took the brunt of it with the parras and before that the russ who are pretty hard)
we need better policing and intelligence led action, intnat coords on intel and s.o. action.
and seen as we all got problems of our own, committment to expenditure we can justify (like the right boots amo and r.t. would help!)i know this has nothing to do with the show but you often talk about things not to do with and you dont have to publish as this is just for you.
loved the bookworm cartoons and monty python are the bollocks.
cheers pete.

Zoooma!! said...

Cheers backatchya, Pete.

I dig Jerry's stuff almost as much as the Dead. I do dig Weir, though, and am lookin' forward to putting up some more Ratdog that isn't at Yesterday I almost put up a Weir-Wasserman show from '92 but I might be able to score some pictures from that night and that'll make for a better post so I'm gonna hold off. Not a lot of Weir here but I do try to give almost equal attention to Jerry, as much (or close to it) as I do the Good Ol' GD.

P.S. can't go wrong with Family Guy! I've been taking a break from it but there've been times when I've watched everyday. Funny f'in' stuff!!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, thanks for the comment, enjoy the Jerry (and the Dead!)

Zoooma!! said...

P.P.S. glad ya dug the videos, too :)

Bucephallus said...


LSDAmerica said...

Many thanks for this!

Sugarmag said...

Hey Sweetie! I totally agree, I would rather hear Jerry over the Beatles any day. Love Dear Prudence.

RDOwens said...

Thanks for the show. I do believe this is the first I have heard this show.

You are correct, the Dear Prudence is lovely. I just recently read that Prudence is Mia Farrow's sister, who joined the Beatles on their trip to India, where this song was written.

Anyhow, Jerry always shines with this. It is definitely the highlight of this set.

Zoooma!! said...

Bucephallus & LSDAmerica -- you're welcome, you're welcome!

Sugarmag -- Thanks for doing the upload, Babe!!!

Thanks for the info, RDOwens. I did not know that. And thanks for your comment!! I'm glad you dig the tunes!

Annie said...

Michael Hedges was awesome.Ever heard his stuff? He was from Mendoland, and the 11th anniversary of his death just happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty for not thanking you for this.

So, well, I guess it's not so hard to say thank you.

Eh, thank you.


Larry Here said...

Was at this show. Don't remember much, other than I loved Jerry Band a lot! Midnight Moonlight! Hult was a great place to see Dead and Jerry Band stuff. Saw Starship there around this time as well. Even that was fun. Downloading now...

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated