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Happy Birthday (sort of) Sugarmag!

Grateful Dead Terrapins by Stanley Mouse100Days---Day081--middle
5-25-93 Cal Expo Amphitheatre or Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA setlist and mp3 download, 320 kbps

When the idea of 100 Days of the Dead first occurred to me back in late August/early September, it was intended to not only be about posting a fairly significant amount of shows over the last 100 days of the year, but also about somehow raising some money for a few charities that are important to me and I hope might touch your heart, as well.

Okay, well, that didn't go over as planned but the idea to get people to give a few bucks is still very much with me... that idea is ALWAYS with me. I don't dig selfishness. We're all selfish, maybe that's human nature... but do we all have to be selfish to the point where the lives of others means nothing? Too many people in this world suffer... and they don't have to. The thing is, we can't rely on governments to fix things and help everyone.
Governments are corrupt and broken and just plain stoopid so they aren't going to get diddly-squat accomplished. It's up to us to help each other.

So check it out, if you're sitting there reading this, please think about checking out the REX FOUNDATION. Rex is the Grateful Dead's very own non-profit charitable organization so it's kinda exactly in line with this blog and these tunes, eh? Don'tchya think?! Yes, it is, I'm a-tellin' ya!!

"The Rex Foundation aims to help secure a healthy environment, promote individuality in the arts, provide support to critical and necessary social services, assist others less fortunate than ourselves, protect the rights of indigenous people and ensure their cultural survival, build a stronger community, and educate children and adults everywhere."

Yes, I know, many of us have already given significantly to the Grateful Dead over the years, and some of our dollars have probably gone to the Rex Foundation. But here in the end of 2008 and on into 2009, they're not done yet. They're pushing forward and hoping to be able to give even more in the future. What they want to achieve can't be done without the generosity of many, without your generosity. For a long time they gave us so much GRATE music that continues today with Grandpa Phil and Grandpa Bobby carrying on and brothers Mickey & Billy still drumming to their heart's delight. Many of us listen daily to the Good Ol' GD, we're so blessed with so much sweet music from them. It's time to bless back!

Look, I'd be willing to bet, even in this Christmas/holiday season, that everyone reading this has an 5 extra bucks that could be used for something greater than ourselves. One does not need to donate a hundred dollars. You don't even gotta give 20 bucks to help make a difference. Organizations welcome every single dollar they receive... yeah, donating even just a dollar or two is a good thing.

Check out Rex or won't you please think about giving today to something else that might mean something to you? Thanks! There are so many great non-profits out there doing great things to help others in need... they can't do it alone. Last time I checked, just to make sure, money doesn't grow on trees. It's up to us to make a difference.

Sugarmag's birthday tunes!

Grateful Dead - May 25, 1993
Cal Expo Amphitheatre, Sacramento, California
Rex Foundation benefit

1st Set: Bertha, Greatest Story Ever Told, Jack-A-Roe,
Wang Dang Doodle, Loose Lucy, Queen Jane Approximately,
Lazy River Road, Let It Grow-> Don't Ease Me In

2nd Set: Eyes Of The World-> Looks Like Rain, Way To Go Home,
Truckin'-> Drums-> Space-> The Wheel-> Throwing Stones->
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Johnny B. Goode

Encore: Rain

Recently I decided, if I have time, and if it's possibly, to give a listen to an AUD source for a show as well as the Soundboard. There's something about a really good AUD that can make me feel more like I'm there. No, with those sources you can't usually hear distinctly pick out Phil's notes on bass or Bobby's rhythm guitar so perfectly complimenting Jerry's lead... but AUDs can be good. Soundboards we usually expect to sound better, in general, right? That's not so much the case with this show.

I've listened to this show about 4 to 5 times now and often I'm listening to the AUD source back to back with the SBD. I've even been stopping the AUD at some random spot in the song and super-quickly starting the SBD at right about the same exact spot to have a great comparison... and what I've determined is the Schoeps AUD source is just as good as, if not better than, the Soundboard. Seriously. (The other AUD source at the Internet Archive for this show is a FOB (Front of Board) Schoeps Mk2 and it's supposed to be just as good or better than the other AUD!) The difference in the two sources is the soundboard appears kind of stale. The AUD brings life to the recording while all instrumentation is essentially exactly the same. Nothing's lost on the AUD and the soundboard isn't terribly crisp so nothing's really gained there.

Highlights of the first set for me are Queen Jane and Let It Grow. There's something so nice when Jerry does NOT sing... he gets to essentially sit back and just play. Lazy River Road is sweet, though. Kind of a mellow set, Bertha doesn't rock the way it should, not a lot of emotion, and then GSET on the soundboard feels stale, just like Lucy. On the AUD all three of these songs have more life to them thanks to the crowd groovin' to every note.

Eyes is gorgeous! I almost feel that to say any more won't/can't possibly do it justice. Just... fantastic! In the following Looks Like Rain, finally it feels like we have Phil presence. He completely steps up and enjoys some spotlight time... but Bob steals it back soon enough 'cause this is his song, after all. Neither Way To Go Home or Truckin' impress much -- Eyes is definitely the first half highlight.

A fairly long Space leads into an always fun exit from Space -- The Wheel. I've gotta say I've been very impressed with Vince on keys this show. Through most of the music here, because of the recording(s), it's almost like a rhythm & bass guitar-less show.
Occasionally we get to hear a dose of Phil and some of Bob's rhythm but for the most part it sounds like it's just Mickey & Billy, Jerry's lead and Vince's keys... and it's been nice. He sounds perfect.

Throwing Stones is my post-Drums highlight. For awhile it's just as normal as ever but it's got a heckuva charge to it. Bob's voice sounds a little shot but he gives it his all just like he did in LLR earlier in the set. And Jerry just goes into auto-pilot -- so nice. I think that's what truly makes the song, not so much Bobby on this night.

Overall, a fun show, kinda mellow but well played. Vince freakin' shines on keys and there's barely a blown lyric to be found! Only the fourth Rain closes it out and another really good song for Vince to have a good part in. A nice first night at Cal Expo 1993 and the show being a Rex Foundation benefit makes it even better!

Happy Birthday, Sugarmag!

Source: Soundboard>
Master DAT> DAT> CD

Audio Quality:
5/25/93 Cal Expo @

the SBD for Listening Only
and 2 AUD sources for downloading

...or Download The SBD Right Here

GD May 25, 1993 Cal Expo -- Part 1
Part 2 -- GD 5/25/93 Cal Expo
aka 05/25/93 aka 5-25-93 aka 05-25-93 aka 93-05-25


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Thanks Zooma,

Some great tunes from Cal Expo

thanks for sharing this golden show.


LSDAmerica said...

Many thanks Zoooma!

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Dang - I was at this show!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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